Welcome to Harold Smith's Libertas Homepage
To celebrate Harold Smith's 70th birthday his family organised his very own web site....

As you might imagine from the host name Libertas these pages will concentrate on issues relating to freedom of information, and in particular to treason at the time of Independence in Nigeria.

Over the next few months the Libertas pages will be campaigning for an end to British Government cover-up of the squalid destruction of democracy in Nigeria which cost two million lives.

Libertas More British Honour: A Plea for Information Regarding the Nigerian Civil War (3K)
More Open Letter to Former Prime Minister James Callaghan (4K)
More Open Letters to Robin Cook (28K)

Harold Smith, an Oxford graduate, was a civil servant in Nigeria in the late 1950s; as Nigerian 'independence' drew near, he became aware of election-rigging and other events, which led eventually to the Civil War in which an estimated two million (some say three million) Africans lost their lives.
    More of Harold Smith's writings are online, part of his attempt, with his wife, to publicise the issue; these few pages and graphics mirror his website as it was originally—RW


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