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A Selection of Articles from 'The Spokesman' and 'The London Bulletin' about 1970

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Summary: Before his death, Bertrand Russell established his Peace Foundation (see his Autobiography Vol. III), which published books, pamphlets, and at least two magazines, 'The Spokesman' and 'The London Bulletin'. With permission of the Foundation (except *), I've scanned in a few early articles. Russell's fervour in trying to expose the USA's war crimes, something still censored today, contrasts with the fact that Jews support them and made fortunes from them. It is this distinction which convinces me that Russell was a 'useful idiot', assisting Jews without knowing, rather than a conspirator—Rae West.     v. 31/07/2016 17:45


How I was Deported from Britain, by Ralph Schoenman (pubd. March 1969)*
    Ralph Schoenman's successful 1999 libel case against Bryan Magee*
Bertrand Russell's brief Obituary of Ho Chi Minh (pubd. Sept. 1969)
Russell Stetler on the American Empire (pubd. Dec 1969)
Bertrand Russell interviewed by Ralph Miliband (pubd. March 1970)
Mark Lane: Whose Responsibility for War Crimes? & Jimmy Robertson Interview (March 1970)
Bertrand Russell's Last Message, on Israel and its expansionism (pub Apr 1970)
Arnold Toynbee on Russell
The Final Passion: David Horowitz on Russell's last years
Letter to Harold Wilson [the then British Prime Minister] from Russell (+ Gerald Scarfe cartoon)
War Crimes and the Vietnam War by Gabriel Kolko
Mark Lane on the BBC Misrepresenting J F Kennedy's Murder (November 1970)
Andreas Papandreou: How the CIA 'Stabilised' Greece for NATO
Noam Chomsky: In Defense of the Student Movement
Terry Whitmore & Vietnam war crimes interviewed by Mark Lane (pubd May 1971)
Prof Keith Buchanan on the American Empire (June 71-Jan 72) with files
The Pentagon Papers reviewed by Christopher Farley
Edward Said: 'U.S. Policy and the Conflict ... in the Middle East' (March 1973)
The Pentagon Papers by Noam Chomsky

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