Two sites which check for youtube 'restrictions' are:-

If you try them, you'll get something like this:

world map
The map shows results for a typical video of mine. As far as I know, these restrictions are not from Youtube, but from the 'chosen people' doing their permanent trick of deceit. I first noticed this in about Jan 25th 2018. Many of my youtubes have been banned in this way.

I've loaded some of the videos on other websites, or on my own website, so they can be viewed, with a bit of irritation in changing sites.
Some youtubes are restricted by Youtube; as far as I know this depends on a complaint, often one of the Chosen-by-God, who doesn't think God is working hard enough. A good example is my Talk by David Irving in Manchester, 2013 ( published August 2013 and therefore about 4½ years online before being suppressed by Youtube—it is still there, is you know what to search for.
Another example is my video on 'Professor' Eric Hobsbawm, talking about the Jewish coup in Russia. ('Russian Revolution'). At present this has been moved to Bitchute.

More news perhaps later. But note that Youtube, Google etc are likely to tighten up and censor more and more.

© R West 2018-01-28 First upload