Shakespeare Authorship Controversy.   The “Millennium Man”?

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Hedingham Castle interior. Click for brief account
Interior of Hedingham Castle, showing the Great Hall and Norman arch. Home of the young Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford.
Photo: M. Fowler. (Click pic for account of castle)
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Introduction & Overview of Case for de Vere
David Roper on the Stratford Monument
Coded Sonnets Dedication? Dr. John Rollett et al.
Derran Charlton: biog notes, and his reply to Kathman
Charles Burford: Importance of This Issue
Anglo-Spanish War   |   J I M Stewart
Arthur Maltby, Christopher Dams, Eddi Jolly
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Tourism   |   Rogues Gallery
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MAGNIFICENT NEW Theory! October 2017!!
Edward de Vere is by far the most plausible candidate for the authorship of the ‘Shakespeare’ canon. Find out why and investigate the sad mire in which the academic world has been stuck for several centuries.
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