The [Claimed] "World Food Shortage": a Communist-Zionist Plot   by   B Jensen (1947)
One aim stated in the 'Protocols of Zion' is destroying independent farmers and peasants, because of their self-sufficiency. And gaining control over all aspects of life, including food and land tenure arrangements. This booklet was published in 1947 by the Britons Publishing Society. It starts with the Jewish coup in 1917, and proceeds to the Second World War, with abundant detail of Jews, notably in the U.S.A. and U.S.S.R., Germany, Italy, Britain, France, Denmark, Poland, making a clear case for their international secret collaboration. There's some material on Jewish activity in Abyssinia, Brazil, China, and so on. The title is misleading: shortages were announced to further Jewish ends. In this book, food concerns are subservient to its discussion on Jews; the book was prompted by a promotional campaign claiming food shortages, using this as a reason for more controls now that war was over.
      The author, Jensen (or Jenzen) relies largely on English-language newspaper sources (including Farmer's Weekly), and also books by diplomats and biographers, and a triumphalist book by Bentwich (Wanderer in War) on destroyed Germany, with passages of Talmudic viciousness. The build-up to Palestine is described (and a second volume was in preparation, The 'Palestine' Plot). The twists, turns, and contradictions in Jewish utterances are described, and their targets: at one time Czarist Russia, then 'Hitlerland' Germany, later on the British Empire. One constant was propping up the U.S.S.R., with money, equipment for their giant concentration camps, weapons, cheap food extracted from Europe, farcical trials at Nuremberg, and the rest. Jensen assumed that the Jewish atomic research was genuine; the days of huge scientific frauds was in the future. Jensen assumes German cruelty was largely an established fact, rather than a deliberate set of lies to distract from Stalin and gain sympathy for Jews. And Jensen is ambivalent about German trusts, seeing them as unfair competition. He includes material on the financing of Hitler, and notes Hitler's policy as partly coincident with Jewish interests.
      At the time this book was written, the 'Labour' Party had just won an election, often wrongly described as a 'landslide' for Labour. It's interesting to read Jensen on links between Jews and people like Attlee and Dalton.
      Jensen (in my view) makes some assumptions which he doesn't defend, for example that there was, as a fact, not a shortage of food in 1946, and that marketing boards, monopolies, cartels, 'agencies' are always damaging, and that Jews fomented all wars. The original book may have had footnotes on sources.

Well worth reading to show that there were wide-awake people during the world wars aware of the parasitic control of governments by Jews for what they thought of as their own ends.
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THE "World-Food-Shortage":
a Communist-Zionist Plot

Documentary Evidence
Collected and Edited

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First Edition February, 1947
Second Edition, May, 1947

The World-Food-Shortage a Communist-Zionist Plot.
1917: Year of Jewish Triumph
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"For it is not glory, it is not riches, neither is it honour,
but it is freedom alone, that we fight and contend for,
which no honest man will lose but with his life."

Declaration drawn up by Bernard de Linton, Abbot of
Aberbrothock and Chancellor of Scotland, on 6th April, 1329. {2}
WE have reached a turning point in our history. In that year of Disgrace, 1946, bread-rationing, an outstanding feature of the modern Totalitarian State, was introduced into Great Britain.

There have been famines and shortages in the world since the world began, but there never has been, and is not now, a World Food Shortage.

The World Food Shortage is a myth, and this myth has been steadily "plugged" by all the official channels of publicity, from Government White Papers and Controlled Press to the B.B.C., Cinema, "Educational" Literature, etc., etc., since Mr. Churchill's Labour-Coalition Government came to power in 1940.

All these Agencies have agreed with the official Parties, and large-scale organisations, such as the Trade Unions and the Co-operative Combines, about the "necessity" for continuing "controls" during the transitional period following the war. Obediently they repeat the formulas issued by the political club known as Political and Economic Planning (Chairman, Israel Moses Sieff) whose organ, "Planning," stated in March, 1946, that food imports into Great Britain should be limited and food rationing be continued after the close of the transitional period "during which world shortages will constitute an automatic restriction."

The real opposition now emanates from individual Britons, whose native sense of fair play has been outraged.

All our hopes are now pinned to the "small Baconian ships," to the spirit which animated the sportsmen who in their thousands set the sails .of their little vessels and headed for the beaches of Dunkirk in 1940; to the individual initiative of farmers, bakers, grocers, lorry-drivers, teachers, doctors, and above all, to the housewives of Great Britain, against each and all of whom the ' Socialist' Monopoly-State is waging ceaseless war.

In the following pages the reader will be offered a glimpse of the aims at the destruction of Western Christian civilization, and is now approaching climax.

The chief reason for the devastating success so far enjoyed by the conspirators is the deep secrecy in which their actions have been shrouded. But as the conspirators are approaching the end of their journey and stand on the threshold of their promised Land: the Universal Police-Terror State of World Revolution, they simultaneously find themselves face to face with the danger of universal exposure. It is, in truth, life-and-death race between the 'international' world-controllers and their opponents, the patriots of the British Empire.

On your individual action, Gentile British reader, depends the out come of this the most momentous of all struggles of your long and honorable history.
"The system of private ownership and administration has been strangled, consciously and purposely, by international finance, in order to obtain control of the land, and every land agitation, from Henry George to Lloyd George, and after, has been financed by bankers not the kind of people commonly called bankers, who are mostly technicians, but international gangsters using bond issues in place of firearms."
C.H. Douglas: The "Land for the (Chosen) People" Racket.
"In a world of completely organised territorial sovereignties he (the Jew) has only two possible cities) of refuge: he must either pull down the pillars of the whole national state system or he must create a territorial sovereignty of his own."
Lord Eustace Percy: "The Responsibilities of the League," p. 153. {4}

1917: Year of Jewish Triumph.
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In his brilliant memoirs, M. Paleologue, the last French Ambassador to the Imperial Russian Court, points out that every Russian war since the battle against the tyranny of Napoleon the 'Great,' has brought the Russian people a deep domestic crisis, ultimately affecting the tenure of land. The unfortunate Crimean War resulted in the abolition of serfdom in 1861. The conveyance of the land to the 'Mir,' (an idea sedulously fostered by the Masonic 'idealist' politicians and their backers) and not to the individual peasants, had the result of "imbuing the Russian peasant with the essentially communistic notion that the land belongs, legally to those who cultivate it" (Maurice Paleologue: "An Ambassador's Memoirs," V.I., p. 267) and was therefore a subtle attack on the idea of real personal ownership. By 1900 the failure of the 'Mir' was obvious to all, and in 1906, M. Stolopyn, one of the most gifted of Russian statesmen, issued ordinances aiming at transferring the land gradually to the ownership of individual peasants. M. Stolopyn was subsequently murdered by Nihilists, and the Nihilist movement in Russia was guided and dominated by Jews.

During the years preceding the outbreak of World War One harvests were plentiful and Russia exported large quantities of wheat. 1914 was perhaps the last year of plenty, in the western sense of the word, that the Russian people have known. In 1915 M. Koulomzin, an experienced statesman, said to the French Ambassador:
"In my view the whole future of Russia depends upon ... the establishment of peasant proprietorship among the rural masses. The effects produced by the reforms of 1906 are already very substantial. If God keeps us from absurd adventures, I believe that in fifteen or twenty years the system of private property will have completely ousted that of communal ownership among the peasantry."
But God only helps those who help themselves, and the Russian moujiks, fatalists to a man, were very easy victims of the machinations of the Devil (who is a State-monopolist determined to root out the very idea of private ownership, whether in land or anything else), and even while M. Koulomzin was making his optimistic statements, Russian farmer-soldiers were dying in their hundreds of thousands on the battle-fields for lack of the ammunition which Messrs. Vickers-Maxim, England, {5} failed to send. This arms-trust had been financed by Sir Ernest Cassel (a native of Cologne, Germany) who retained control of its policy. Sir Ernest was the intimate friend of the New York Banker, Mr. Jacob Schiff (a native of Frankfort, Germany), the leader of the Pan-Jewish fight against Czarist Russia, and chief financier of the 'Soviet' experiment.

The year 1917 marked the depth of defeat and despair of the Allied Powers, as well as the height of Jewish achievement. The fall of Imperial Russia in the early part of the year meant the disappearance of Jewish civic disabilities and the dispersal of liberated Ghetto-Jews towards the East and the West. This, again, meant the gradual spreading of the plague of Bolshevism, i.e., the setting up of Jewish-controlled Terror. From the outset permanent famine and food-rationing were two of the outstanding features of the immense areas controlled directly by the Jewish bureaucracy of Moscow, and, ultimately, by the Jewish International Banking Houses of Wall and Pine Street, New York. The leading Jewish firm was Kuhn, Loeb & Co., which had arranged, in agreement with its German associates, for the shipment of the requisite number of Bolshevists into Russia, and subsequently monopolised the contracts for the industrialization of Soviet' Russia.

Half-way between the 'Provisional' or Masonic revolution of February-March, 1917, and the final, or 'Communist' revolution of October-November, Mr. Sidney Webb, the ostensible founder of the London School of Economics (which Sir Ernest Cassel had financed with a view "to training the bureaucracy of the Socialist State of the future") wrote an article entitled World Famine. The article appeared in the "New Statesman," and its writer maintained that there was a great risk of the war being followed by unemployment, famine and revolution, and suggested that the extensive controls of importing and exporting, etc., set up during the war by the Allies, should be enlarged at the Peace Conference to include both ex-neutrals and ex-enemies, to be put under the future League of Nations.

Dealing with the same proposals, Mr. Zilliacus (the son of a Swedish father and an American mother, he occupied an important official position in the League of Nations during the Armistice period and now represents 'Labour' in Gateshead), writes in his Gollancz-published book, "The Mirror of the Past," that
"Labour opinion went even further than the Liberals in demanding economic cooperation, control of raw-materials, etc., and in pressing for some form of international parliamentary representation" (p. 207).
About the same time the Fabian Society, of which Mr. Sidney Webb was a founding member, and to which all key politicians of successive 'Labour' Governments have belonged, issued a study by Leonard Woolf, the Jewish Civil Servant, which bore the significant title International Government. {6}

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The ostensible sponsor of the League of Nations was Professor Wilson, an American High Mason, the nominee of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., whose senior member was Jacob H. Schaff, [sic] the pro-German financier of the 'Russian' revolution. Contemporary highly-trained British observers at the Peace Conference commented that Wilson was obsessed with the launching of the League.
"There will be much trouble about the League, as President Wilson is apparently trying to make a sort of world government and is going much too fast."
(Repington "War Diaries," Vol. II., p. 495.)

At the Paris 'Peace' Conference (1919-edition) the chief financial advisor to the German delegation was Dr. Carl Melchior, partner of Max Warburg, whose brothers Paul and Felix were partners of Jacob Schiff, in Kuhn, Loeb & Co. The chief economic advisor to the American delegation was Bernard M. Baruch, the dictator of the all-powerful War Industries Board, and an associate in business of Jacob Schiff. The British economic delegation was headed by Lord Cunliffe, former Governor of the Bank of England, and a partner in the international Jewish banking house of Goschen (ancestral city: Leipzig, Germany).

Mr. Lloyd George, referring to the Peace Conference, wrote in his memoirs:
"They [the international bankers] swept statesmen, politicians, jurists, and journalists all on one side and issued their orders with an imperiousness of absolute monarchs who knew that there was no appeal from their ruthless decrees."
A few days before the Treaty was signed, Jacob Schiff, who had continuously urged a speedy ratification of the Covenant of the League, wrote to a friend:
"Unless we all get together ... and coordinate requirements, both in materials, etc., and credits, in a large way, with a view of properly controlling European requirements as well as the resources of our own country, we shall before long get to a point where, for obvious reasons, we shall become impotent and be no longer in a position to adapt our great resources to the needs of Europe."
Cyrus Adler: "Jacob H. Schiff: Life and Letters," p. 248.
Here is contained a complete statement of the policy carried out ever since by International Revolutionary ('Socialist') High Finance. The League served the double purpose of training the International bureaucrats (the Cecils, Toynbees, Noel-Bakers, Zilliacuses, etc.) needed for the final implementation of this policy, as well as serving as a smoke-screen behind which suitable arrangements could be made for the scheduled continuation of the Global War. {7}

We know that a speedy ratification of the Covenant of the League was "virtually Schiff's last aspiration."—(Cyrus Adler); that Mr. Henry Morgenthau, Sen. (ancestral city: Mannheim, Germany) was attached to the U.S. Peace delegation "in a capacity suited to his versatile accomplishments," while the German-American-Jewish diplomat, Mr. Oscar Straus, "was among the unofficial delegates ... he was chiefly active in connection with the Covenant of the League of Nations which bears the impress in all its main provisions of his rich political experience and his wise spirit of conciliation."—(Wolf: "Essays in Jewish History.").

We know that President Wilson's alter ego was Col. Edward Mandell House; that Clemenceau's omniscient secretary was M. George Mandel-Rothschild; that Mr. Lloyd George's private secretary was Sir Philip Sassoon, whose mother was Aline de Rothschild, of Paris. We know that the Rothschilds control the price of gold in the city of London; that the first act of the League was to hold the Brussels financial Conference which drew up the principles of "financial recovery and stabilization according to the tenets of capitalist statesmanship of those days: balanced budgets by retrenchment; return to the gold standard, etc." (Zilliacus: "Mirror of the Past"); that there was a Rothschild connected with the League of Nations Commission responsible for the financial stabilization ' of Austria, an operation from which that unhappy country never recovered, and which played straight into the hands of the Pan-German 'Hitlerite' plotters of the Anschluss. We know that there was a Jew at the head of the political department of the League: Professor Mantoux, the interpreter and only outside person present at the meetings of the Big Four; that there was a Jew, Lord Levy-Lawson-Burnham, the owner of the "Daily Telegraph," etc., in charge of the Press Bureau of the League, while another Jew was President of the Council. The League was, in fact, as a Zionist writer has expressed it, a "purely Jewish conception," and we will leave it at that.

Of the many subsidiary 'international' agencies formed to assist the League, one of the most important, from the British point of view, is what was first called the British, and later, the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs. This institution was founded in Paris (!) through the efforts of Mr. Lionel Curtis, a lifelong advocate of 'Federation,' with the blessings of his fellow Progressives, the Toynbees, Beveridges, Keyneses, Nicolsons, etc. The Charter of the Institute gives as its first aim and object the advancement of "the sciences of international politics, economics and jurisprudence" and no one will be surprised to learn that an organisation of so vast ambitions was to be richly endowed by the leading Jewish Industrial Trusts and Banking Houses such as N. M. Rothschild and Sons; Reuters Ltd.; J. M. Schroeder and Co., and their Gentile fellow-traveling associates: the Rockefeller Foundation, the Carnegie Trust and the Prudential Assurance Co.

The Royal Institute of International Affairs was to prove one of the chief centres of the insidious, stealthy propaganda which aimed at the undermining of our National Sovereignty, and its director, Professor Toynbee, is the classical exponent, as we shall see, of the sinister Fifth Column doctrines of 'Internationalism.' {8}

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The theme of world famine was immediately after the Peace Conference elaborated by Mr. Maynard Keynes, who had been a member of the British economic delegation, in his widely publicised work: "Economic Consequences of the Peace." The picture painted by Mr. Keynes was very sombre indeed, but, fortunately, the world famine so fervently prophesied by the Liberal-Labour intellectuals, failed to materialize except in the territories controlled by Revolutionary' governments, behind, as we now should say, the Iron Curtain of Sovietism.' A few years after Versailles the world was faced with a glut of wheat the like of which had never been seen. The brilliant French political writer, M. Andre Chéradame, writes in the "Mystification of the Allied Peoples":
"Among all the Entente economists, there is no doubt that Mr. John Maynard Keynes, British economic adviser at the Peace Conference, is entitled to the palm as the champion blunderer ...

Mr. Keynes made himself the promoter of a formula of economic peace with Germany. This formula was so favourable to Germany's foreign trade that, without a doubt, it is largely responsible for the industrial crisis now (1922) affecting all the Allied countries." (Our emphasis.) (p. 45).

The enormous increase in productive capacity (which resulted in the glut of food which Mr. Keynes had not foreseen) constituted the most serious threat to the power of the International Financier-Socialists, since an abundance of goods and services render superfluous those controls for which financiers and their Socialist hirelings are apparently prepared to sacrifice even their own grandmothers:
"They were a little anxious," said Mr. Otto Kahn, the German-American partner of Schiff, "but soon got the matter in hand."
The situation was firmly dealt with, partly by financial, partly by socialist-bureaucratic methods. As the 'democracies' were gradually transformed into 'Socialist' dictatorships, the somewhat complex financial mechanisms (arbitrary issue and cancellation of credit, arbitrary price-fixing, etc.) were more and more supplanted by socialist-bureaucratic methods (Orders-in-Council, forms, licences, permits, coupons, points, etc.).

Before the advent of the New (Commu-Socialist) Deal administration the American farmer had been kept in his place by prices:
"During the period when Baruch was unofficial adviser to Republican Presidents there arose what amounted to a real farm revolt: There had been a simply appalling situation in the Middle West as {9} a result of the inflation of farm-prices following high grain prices during the war."
Carter Field: "Bernard Marines Baruch: Park Bench Statesman," p. 213.
and again:
"Thus the farmer was robbed of his purchasing-power. This was premeditated: the farmer had to be ruined and kept ruined if America was to be financially subjected and eventually bolshevised ... by mid-year 1921, all of the agricultural sections had been paralysed. Their undermining had been started and has been continued right down to the present time."
G. M. Coogan: "Money Creators," Chicago, 1935.
Since Jacob Schiff's death, 1920, Mr. Bernard Baruch has occupied the double-position of Chief Confidential Permanent Adviser to the White House, and leader of American Jewry. He is the son of Dr. Simon Baruch, a native of East Prussia. As early as 1913 he was recognised as the key person by politicians who wanted access to President Wilson, and Mr. Baruch shared with the 'father' of the League of Nations the belief "in the need for greater control by government over business and finance." Mr. Baruch has never experienced any difficulty in getting his way with governments, and the further governments went to the 'left' (i.e., the more inexperienced they were in the ways of the wicked world which Mr. Baruch knew so well) the better he was pleased.

During the Armistice years Baruch, had the casting vote in the nomination of directors for the Federal Reserve Board, an institution which determined the world price level, a level which everywhere militated against the agricultural sections of the populations. The Federal Reserve Bank had been modeled on the German Reichsbank, and launched in the U.S.A. in 1913 by Paul Warburg, a native of Hamburg, Germany, and a director of Kuhn, Loeb & Co. Of this Central Bank Mr. Louis McFadden, a member of Congress, said (June 10th, 1932):
"Those twelve private credit monopolies were deceitfully and disloyally foisted upon this country by bankers who came here from Europe and who repaid us for our hospitality by undermining our American institutions. Those bankers took money out of this country to finance Japan in a war against Russia. They created a reign of terror in Russia with our money in order to help war along. They instigated the separate peace between Germany and Russia, and thus drove a wedge between the Allies in the World War."
And Major Douglas comments in "The Big Idea," p. 14, as follows:
"It took about five years of skillful propaganda, backed by unlimited funds and the full influence of Masonic Lodges; but the result was {10} the Federal Reserve Board, with practically complete control over the U.S. monetary system, and Warburg at its head—just in time for the war. Or possibly the war awaited its consummation."
During the two wars the Federal Reserve Board, in the manner of a great industrial Trust, opened up branches in almost every country in the world, and this was done with the full co-operation of Mr. Montagu Norman, the American-trained Jew-descended permanent Director of the Bank of 'England.' In this task the International Jewish financiers worked hand-in-glove with the Internationalist Liberal-Labour bureaucrats and economists of the London School of Economics, the Fabian Society, and the Royal Institute of International affairs, etc. Sir Otto Niemeyer, often in the company of Professor Guggenheim-Gregory, who was a Sir Ernest Cassel reader of Economics in the University of London, visited British Dominions and South American republics, leaving behind him everywhere a trail of 'Central' Banks.
"In 1930 the keystone of this system was set in place; a super central bank, the Bank of International Settlements, was founded. A full examination of this world system of finance may be studied in The Monopoly of Credit by Major C. H. Douglas."
"Australian Social Crediter," 1946.

Dr. Carl Melchior (the partner of Max Warburg of Hamburg), whom we have already met at the 1919 'Peace' Conference, played a prominent part in its establishment, and Sir Otto Niemeyer became a director, and later the Chairman of this institution, whose headquarters was at Basle, Switzerland, at a convenient distance from that other international spy-shop, the League of Nations at Geneva. About the same time Sir Otto Niemeyer and Professor Guggenheim-Gregory visited New Zealand and Australia.
"Then we find that when Otto Niemeyer came to Australia to advise us to have a depression, Dr. Guggenheim-Gregory, of the London School of Economics, came with him to help do the dirty work."
(A Tasmanian broadcast by James Guthrie, 1946).
The sum total of the efforts of International World Finance (ancestral country: Germany) working through a world-price-system controlled by the World Federal Banking Combine, and assisted by an International Socialist Bureaucracy, was to re-arm the ex-enemy countries as well as Russia; to weaken individual, medium and small producers of all countries; to undermine first the idea, and then the reality of National Sovereignty in the remaining 'democratic' countries, and to strengthen centralization of control of Industry (world cartelism) and Labour (world trade-unionism) in preparation for the Universal Totalitarian Police and Terror State: 'world socialism' (ancestral country: Russo-Germany). {11}

One must needs admire the perfection of the co-ordination of all these 'international' forces. In this same year of 1930, Professor Laski, the star performer of the London School of Economics, sixty-seven of whose pupils adorn the present House of (Very) Commons, addressed the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London:
"It follows there must be constructed in the state a revolutionary party, that this revolutionary party must be prepared to take over the reins of power, that it can only maintain itself in office as a result of dictatorship, that the strategy of dictatorship is the organized control of the whole machinery of social life ...”
"International Review," January, 1931.
In the following year Professor Toynbee (another of the 1919 'peace' delegates) now a director of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, delivered a speech at Copenhagen which offered further glimpses of the workings of the International Conspiracy to deprive countries of their political frontiers, and individuals of their rights.
"In plain terms we have to re-transfer the prestige and the prerogatives of sovereignty from the fifty or sixty fragments of contemporary society.

"I will merely repeat that we are at present working, discreetly, but with all our might, to wrest this mysterious political force called sovereignty out of the clutches of the local national states of our world. And all the time we are denying with our lips what we are doing with our hands."
At that very moment innumerable German technicians were working behind the Iron Curtain of Sovietism discreetly, but with all their might, perfecting that Russo-German war-machine (as they are at this very moment of writing, September, 1946) which was turned against the remaining 'local national states' of Europe in 1939 consequent on the Russo-German Pact of Everlasting Friendship.

In the same year Sir Otto Niemeyer founded still another Central Bank (Brazil), and on December 15th Mr. McFadden commented in Congress on the working of this International Federal Reserve System:
"Through the Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Reserve Banks over 30,000,000,000 dollars, over and above the German bonds that have been sold here, have been pumped into Germany ... so many ... that they dare not name the total.

"Do you know that Germany has been lending our money to Soviet Russia as fast as she could get it out of this country from the Federal Reserve Board Banks? Do you know she is the author of the Five Year Plan; that she has armed and supplied Russia with our money?"
These were the depression years. They were years of ruin and disaster for the world's producers, farmers, industrialists, distributors and {12} workers. They were years of immense triumph for the 'International' Centralizers of Banking, Industry and Labour. The little man, and the middle man, was everywhere liquidated in his thousands. The significant thing to remember is that the depression was deliberately engineered by Federal Reserve action, and that it ended in the setting up of Totalitarian state-controlled administrations in all the major countries of the world. The World Press was chiefly concerned during these years (as were all the International Agencies we have mentioned) in keeping up the artificial distinction between 'Democracies' and 'Dictatorships' and in concealing the fact that the open political dictatorships were all financed and built up by groups of men mainly resident in the democracies.'

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"Russia with the ideology of communism, Italy with the ideology of fascism, Germany under the banner of national socialism, and the United States under the New Deal, have had to resort to remarkably similar measures in meeting the fundamental problem."
Clark Foreman: "The New Internationalism," p. 133 (1934).
"For Tugwell [leading New Dealer] is a collectivist in the sense that J. P. Morgan is a collectivist, in that he realizes that technological advance tends towards larger and more elaborately interrelated units. We have been developing this sort of collectivism in America for generations, and some of the very people now howling the loudest against collectivism ' are the big bankers who have actually been fostering and developing the collective system."
"The New Dealers" (Simon and Schuster, New York: 1934).
It may or may not be an accident that during the depression years the Governor of the Federal Reserve Bank was- Mr. Eugene Meyer, who in 1915 had been the partner of Bernard Baruch in financing an important Alaska Gold Mine. When the depression was called off, hundreds of thousands of American farmers had been ruined. Mr. McFadden revealed the object of the ruthless policy pursued by Wall Street:
"The International financiers sought to bring about a condition of financial despair and anarchy so that they might emerge as the rulers of us all ... then you will see a dictatorship controlling industry and production, as we now have a dictatorship controlling money and credit."
President Roosevelt was elected, so we were told by the World Press, to give his country (and the world) a New Deal, and he was determined to chase the money-changers from the temple. The dollar sign, so the story went, was to be taken down. There was a grain of truth in this:{13} the financiers having obtained by financial methods virtual control of the economic life of the country, now proceeded to further consolidate their position by acting more and more directly through Government officials in charge of the various Public Bodies, or Governmental Monopolies, which the Roosevelt administration set up.

But this was only a change of tactics; the Grand Strategy remained the same, and the old policy-makers retained control. Mr. Eugene Meyer, and his Federal Reserve, was asked, for the time being, to take a back seat (but he has recently had a victorious 'come-back' as Director-General of the 'new' International Bank, founded in 1946 at Savannah, U.S.A., an institution which has been well received in the official U.S. Press, Mr. Eugene Meyer, Jun., being the editor of the "Washington Post"). President Roosevelt asked for and received dictatorial powers (see Major C. H. Douglas: "The Brief for the Prosecution," p. 31), and embarked upon a vast programme of state-controlling legislation. Mr. McFadden, for many years Chairman of the U.S. House of Representatives Banking and Currency Committee, stated in Congress on June 8, 1934:
"The people of the United States have been propagandized into a belief that the National Recovery Act is a product of the political genius of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. There is no greater popular fallacy ... It required 15 years of hard work on the part of Mr. Baruch and his associates to foist this act on the American people,and it was only through their sufferings over a period of great stress that he was able to do it ... It might be added that practically every year since the war Baruch has been going to the Army War College and giving our future generals lectures along these lines."
This connection between the originator and financier of American planning and military generalship should be noted, as also the appointment of General Johnson as the head of the New Recovery Act. At the time of his appointment the General was still on Baruch's Wall Street pay-roll, but the connection was subsequently severed, lest the American people should find out, before it was good for them, that they were being dealt a New Deal with a very old pack.

Next in importance on the Presidential programme was the A.A.A., i.e., the Agricultural Adjustment Administration, whose general counsel was Jerome N. Frank, the Jewish pupil of the Austro-American pro-Soviet Jew, Felix Frankfurter, who, according to Mr. McFadden, "has been furnishing most of the legal brains for the New Deal outfit."
"In America, under the A.A.A., six million surplus pigs were slaughtered and thrown away."
"Daily Express," London.
Mr. Wallace, Roosevelt's Vice-President, supervised, as a corn expert, the immense crop reductions demanded and enforced by the A.A.A. officials. (See "The New Dealers," quoted above.)

In December, 1933, Mr. Frank delivered an Address before the Association of American Law Schools on "Experimental Jurisprudence and the New Deal," at Chicago. Of this address Mr. McFadden says: {14}
"A reading of this address shows the contempt of the Frankfurter lawyers for the Constitution of the land, and an expressed determination to obviate and avoid constitutional barriers in the administration of the nation's affairs." (June 8th, 1934.)
It looked as though the fate of independent farming in the U.S.A. was sealed.

But the planners had not reckoned with the Constitution: when in 1935 and 1936, the N.R.A. and the A.A.A. were declared unconstitutional, the decisions of the Supreme Court were in each case arrived at by majorities of six to three, and in both cases the two Jewish Judges, Brandeis and Cardozo, were in the minority in support of the ' New Deal.'

Mr. Louis Brandeis, born in Bohemia, had been the leading Zionist agent who in 1917 pressed Wilson to induce the British to offer to the Jews a 'National Home' in Palestine. A devoted pupil of Mr. Brandeis, the Jew A.A. Berle (subsequently an important 'New Dealer') wrote in 1918 a book entitled "The Significance of the Jewish State," which was dedicated to Brandeis. The book elaborates the central Zionist idea first propagated by Herzl in his "Judenstaat" (Jewish State). Berle regards the Jew as "the barometer of civilization," and dwells, in the manner of Mr. Harold Laski, and other Gollancz-writers on this country, on the inability of Christianity to avert war or "to do a single thing towards mitigating its worst effects." He pictures the "rational lied Hebrew State" controlled by the "finest body, collectively, of intellectual force and discrimination which the world knows."
"Almost from the beginning land and industries, public resources, mineral and otherwise, could be nationally administered, and all this would make a most novel and striking page in statecraft."
In 1933 came the great opportunity for Messrs. Berle, Frankfurter, Brandeis, etc., to put their ideals into practice. As Mr. E. H. Peterson writes in the "Underlying Causes of Our National Depression" (1934):
"The Roosevelt administration ... has selected more Jews to fill influential positions than any previous administration in American history. In-shaping the policies of the New Deal, Jews are being accorded an unparalleled opportunity of serving their country in its hour of need ..."
(Mr. Peterson is quoting the "Jewish Examiner," October, 1933)
Every one of the Roosevelt state-controlling' policies helped to strengthen existing Combines and Trusts. (When the second world war came, official Americans stated that wherever they found a Monopoly they found a scarcity of the goods, or services, monopolised. It is now well-known that the immense inefficiency of the New Socialist Deal had resulted in the near-ruin of America's economics life by 1939, when the European war gave the Roosevelt administration a new lease of life.) But we shall here content ourselves with examining one specific government monopoly which has received wide publicity in the World Press, and been immensely applauded by Socialist 'Progressives' everywhere. {15}

The launching of the Tennessee Valley Authority is another proof of the observed fact that 'they' can do things in the U.S.A. between wars which they can only do in Great Britain during wars. A government monopoly, the T.V.A. has remoulded the territories under its control, on the Egyptian model: he who controls the sluice-gate controls the Life of the Valley. While the T.V.A. purported to be a flood-control and land-reclamation scheme, the area permanently flooded by the new dams greatly exceeds the biggest area ever temporarily flooded before the dams were built. But the real, although unpublicised results were achieved: 13,000 farmers, mostly of British stock, were liquidated, and a vast slice of American territory sovietized and its population subjected to the totalitarian powers entrusted to the T.V.A. The Chairman of the T.V.A. is David Lilienthal, a German-American Jew, who was one of the incorporators of those many Public Boards and Corporations which President Roosevelt at the outset of his Presidency registered in the State of Delaware, a State noted for the laxity of its Corporation laws, and its subservience to the DuPont de Nemours Arms Trust, which was founded by a Jewish family, and whose headquarters are situated there.

The T.V.A., to put it briefly, was born in the shadow of the most powerful arms-trust in the world, was launched as part and parcel of a military defence scheme, the prospecting being carried out by officers of the U.S. army. The T.V.A. territory proved the ideal place for the hush-hush work undertaken during the second war by 'American' scientists engaged in Atomic research work.

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"Many serious people in England feel that this Fabian organization (P.E.P.) practically controls the British Government and that this Government will soon be known as His Majesty's Soviet Government.

It is asserted that both Prime Minister MacDonald and his son belong to the organization, and that the movement is well financed and well organized and intends to practically sovietize the English-speaking race.

About three months after the passage of the National Recovery Act of the United States, when Israel Moses Sieff was urged by members of his committee to show more activity, he said: Let us go slowly for a while, and wait and see how our plan carries out in America."
Congressman Louis T. McFadden, June, 1934.
While American and British farmers were "being ruined and kept ruined," Baruch acquired landed property in the U.S.A., bought hunting lodges in Scotland and Hungary where politicians from all over the world "came to shoot and stayed to talk." ("Empire News," September 24th, 1939.) Russia was not the only country in which Baruch-boys, masquerading as National politicians, pursued policies of vigorous 'dekulakization,' but the liquidation of the propertied farming community, the backbone of any country, and any national economy—("as {16} landed proprietors they can still be harmful to us from the fact that they are self-sufficing in the resources upon which they live")—had naturally to be carried out with due regard to national peculiarities.

It is well-known that from the early days of the New Deal, Messrs. Baruch, Frankfurter, etc., kept in close touch with Mr. Israel Moses Sieff, one of the leading, Zionists in England. Mr. Sieff has referred to the New Deal as 'our plan in America,' and Major Douglas has characterised Mr. Sieff's organization, Political and Economic Planning, as the "head-quarters in Great Britain of the New Deal." On June 8th, 1934, Mr. McFadden stated in Congress:
"During the past several months Bernard M. Baruch, Felix Frankfurter, and the New York Jewish lawyer, Samuel Untermeyer, have made several visits to Europe and spent considerable time there. There is justification for the belief that they have contacted with members of the British Fabian group and are familiar with their plans. The same system in a somewhat adapted form has been placed upon the statute books in the United States, and the iron hand of world control is fast being closed upon American agriculture, labour and industry."

"An interesting bit of information has come to me in this connection to the effect that this Fabian Group (P.E.P.) has close connection with the Foreign Policy Association in New York City. This Foreign Policy Association was largely sponsored by the late Paul M. Warburg, and has received the close attention and support of Bernard M. Baruch and Felix M. Frankfurter."
Commenting on this last passage the Annual Report of the Alberta Social Credit Board, 1945, says:
"Here again we trace the background of a socialist organization down to its roots in a powerful financial house. For many years P.E.P. has been openly and secretly engaged in the promotion of the Principle of "planning": the centralization of power through the creation of Industrial monopoly, and the centralization of financial power on national and international levels."
In the following passage taken from Mr. Sieff's organ, "Planning," is found the directives for that supremely well-organized attack to which British agriculture has been exposed since 1931.
"The development of an organised system will lead to a profound modification of the dairy farmer. Whether we like it or not, the individual farmer will be forced by events to submit to far-reaching changes of outlook and methods. He will receive instructions as to quantity and quality of his production."
The Farmer
Major Douglas, in commenting on these proposals in The "Land for the (Chosen) People" Racket, p. 22, says:
"The full beauty of these proposals only becomes revealed as they are carefully examined and thoroughly understood. {17}

The first point to notice is that the rights of ownership are expressly mentioned and are not abrogated, they are transferred. To anyone who has taken the small amount of trouble necessary to penetrate the conjuring trick of 'Public' ownership, it is obvious that the powers will be transferred to anonymous bondholders, who will exercise them through bureaucrats, whose advancement will depend on their alacrity in anticipating the wishes of their masters. But 'nationalisation' is recognised as an awkward threat to grinding taxation, so that 'Public Bodies' and 'Land Trusts' (Forestry Commissions, National Trusts and out-and-out Land Companies) are to be interposed." Mr. Sieff's proposals were carried out by the nominally Conservative Governments from 1931 onwards. Through the various Marketing Boards the international plotters issued their commands to British farmers during the thirties with the disastrous results we know.
" ... the marketing boards sat in London and imposed penalties on producers ... the boards were the creation of unemployed lawyers, who were as dangerous in a community as sharks in a bathing-pool.

Since October 30th, 1936, two-hundred-thousand acres have gone out of cultivation. We have two-hundred-thousand fewer pigs and five million fewer fowls in the country than before. Also, six hundred and four farmers and small holders have gone bankrupt. The fine of £5 an acre imposed on farmers who want to grow more potatoes still stands.

There will be no herring fishing this week-end by the Campbeltown fleet—biggest on the West Coast of Scotland. 'Strike' has been declared because the Herring Board restrictions on catches, which cause hundreds of thousands of fish to be cast to the sea-gulls every day."
"Reynolds" Correspondent.
The programme of planned sabotage and destruction of essential foods was pursued by Financier-Socialist governments in every country in the world, as no person who lived through the amazing Poverty-Amidst Plenty period of the long Armistice is ever likely to forget. In 1938, "Planning" declared that "Only in war, or under threat of war, will a British Government embark on large-scale planning." The required war came in September, 1939, but the real chance of the plotters did not come until the end of the phoney war, and the access to power of Mr. Churchill's Labour-Coalition. Every one of Mr. Churchill's men was selected from the charmed circle of Jewish Big-Business-Chainstore-Trade-Union-High Finance. Lord Woolton, a former chairman of the Jewish firm of Lewis, Ltd., was made the Minister of Food; Sir Isidore Salmon, of Messrs. Lyons, acted as Adviser on Catering to His Majesty's armies: the wastage of food, both in the Army and elsewhere during the war was, as everyone knows, on a colossal scale. Mr. Hudson was appointed Minister of Agriculture. Mr. Hudson had occupied important positions in the successive Finance-dominated Governments of the {18} inter-war period. He was a well-known figure in the international world of play and fashion. Under his rule there was instituted those War Agricultural Committees which now began to carry out the P.E.P. suggestions for giving instructions to the British farmer as to quantity and quality of his production." As the war years passed British Agriculture was slowly but surely nationalised by stealth.
"Amongst the major devices for alienating the control of the land from its pre-war owners and tenants, was the War Agricultural Executive Committee. Its operations have been marked by injustice, extravagance, and administrative inefficiency ... it is detested by every farmer who has not found a seat on it."
"The Social Crediter," August 10th, 1946.
From a booklet, "Living Casualties," published by the Farmers' Rights Association, and dedicated to the memory of George Raymond Walden, aged 65, of Borough Farm, Itchen Stoke, Hampshire, who was dispossessed by the Hampshire War Agricultural Executive Committee, and who, while defending his home, where he had lived all his life, and his father before him, was gassed and shot to death, we quote the following:
"The present Minister of Agriculture has stated that only a fraction of one per cent. of British farmers were dispossessed during the war, but in talking of dispossession it should be realized that there are more ways of turning a man out of his farm than by serving an eviction order upon him. For every farmer dispossessed by direct eviction, there are many others who were jockeyed out of their holdings by two more subtle methods which, from the Ministry of Agriculture's point of view, have the advantage that they made it seem that the Ministry have had no hand in the affair, but that the farmer gave up his land of his own free will.

In the first of these methods, the victim is interviewed by the War Agricultural Executive Committee and told that he must arrange to give up his land, or otherwise they will have him evicted. Faced by these alternatives, nine out of ten farmers accept the first. The reason is obvious. By taking this course the farmer can at least sell out at market prices and salvage probably a good proportion of his capital from the shipwreck. Should he decline to go, and wait to be evicted, he must face the prospect of having everything seized by the Executive Committee, who will offer a price which is only a small fraction of its true worth. It is possibly superfluous to add that in neither case, whether he moves upon threat or waits to be evicted, is any compensation paid to the farmer for disturbance or loss of income.

The second method of concealed eviction employed by the Ministry is that of issuing a spate of Compulsory Orders upon the destined victim. These orders may be impossible of fulfilment by the farmer."
Nothing proves more conclusively the continuity of policy pursued by successive, variously-labelled British governments, than the carrying {19} over into 'Peace' time by the 'Labour' government of specific war-measures as the War Agricultural Committees, and nothing proves more emphatically the fundamental soundness of the technical mechanism known as the Compensated Price adopted under force of circumstances by British Governments during the war (and erroneously referred to as 'subsidies'), than that in spite of the enormous corruption and inefficiency of the War Agricultural Executive Committees, British farmers have succeeded in making the country two-thirds self-sufficient in food: for the first time since the first world war they have for a number of years been offered remunerative' prices. But it was clever of our international policy-makers to insist on referring to this universally successful mechanism (first advocated by Major C. H. Douglas in 1919) as subsidies,' and to pretend that they were derived from taxation, as this would enable them (or so they hoped) to continue to play 'country' against 'town,' and to take away the subsidies from the 'country' through the instrumentality of town-controlled governments at any time the farming community should prove rebellious against continued sovietization of British agriculture.

If we want a still further proof of the continuity of the plot against native British culture, there is that peculiar institution known as the Scottish Hydro-Electric Board:

In the U.S.A., in the U.S.S.R., in Great Britain, and elsewhere, the liquidation of the independent farmer can be seen to go hand in hand with the industrialization and militarization of the natives. And everywhere the propaganda work is done by Socialist 'Progressives.' Mr. Julian Huxley, formerly of the London Zoo, writing from the Queen Anne's Gate headquarters of P.E.P., sent many letters to the Press during the war in advocacy of the T.V.A. experiment. At the same time Mr. Tom Johnston, the then Secretary of State for Scotland, who has written as much against monopolies as any man alive, conferred with the Directors of the I.C.I. (cartel-partner of the I.G. Farben, which directly financed Hitler), and the Du Pont de Nemours (who did their best for the Mikado's war-machine) about the best ways of keeping the inhabitants of Scotland fully employed 'post war.' The Hydro-Electric Board, long heralded by "Planning," was launched, so we are told, with a view to bringing industry to the Highlands, for the benefit of the agricultural community, etc., etc., and at the time of writing—post war—the Hydro Electric Board, whose Chairman is none other than Mr. Tom Johnston, now retired from politics, is busily planning out of existence, with the help of German slave labour, the indescribable beauties of the Lochs and Glens of Scotland. In the year following the war the consumption of electricity has, as Major Douglas predicted in 1943 (vide: The "Land for the (Chosen) People" Racket) steeply declined, while there is a growing realization that no benefits will accrue from the activities of the Board to the local populations, agricultural or otherwise, but that the bulk of the electricity produced (when produced) will be transmitted to the South for the benefit of the I.C.I., which will be able to save their coal for 'other purposes.' {20}

'Forced by events,' and at the threat of being evicted by the War Agricultural Executive, British farmers have been compelled, during the war, to use enormous quantities of those artificial fertilizers of which the I.C.I. has a virtual monopoly, and it is commonly acknowledged by agricultural experts that this enforced chemical farming has gone a long way towards taking the heart out of the soil of Great Britain.

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"The objective of World Domination is quite certainly sponsored by Germany, and in particular, the German Great General Staff. But behind them, we can perceive the movement of forces whose controllers have very different ideas as to the ultimate Sovereignty ..."
C.H. Douglas: "The Brief for the Prosecution," p. 27.
Early in 1933 Hitler, Hess and von Papen were received in audience by Baron Kurt von Schroeder, the kinsman of Baron Bruno von Schroeder, of the London firm of J. H. Schroeder and Co., which, with Messrs. N. M. Rothschild and Sons, Reuters, Ltd., and the Imperial Chemical Indus-tries, have financed the Royal Institute of International Affairs. The Schroeders belong to one of the most powerful Jewish banking houses in the world. Baron Kurt von Schroeder lives at Cologne, and is the foremost financier of the German Heavy Industries.

One of the 'heaviest' of German Industries was, and is, the Rhenish-Westphalian Syndicate, which in 1917 had been the agency used by the leading Jews of Germany to further the shipment of Lenin and Co. into Russia (see the Sisson Report, American State Papers), and years later it was the Chief Director of the Rhenish-Westphalian Syndicate who introduced young Hess to Herr Thyssen, the Westphalian industrial magnate, and this in its turn paved the way for Hitler's alliance with the Industrial Junkers which culminated in the Cologne meeting in 1933.

Several writers, both 'Nazi' and otherwise, agree that the meeting between the leading Nazis and the Jewish armaments-financier was of decisive importance. (See Fritz Thyssen, "I Paid Hitler;" and Paul Winkler: "The Thousand Years Conspiracy.")

Now, the Rhenish-Westphalian Syndicate, with which Baron von Schroeder is connected, is a constituent member of the vast Community of Interests (Interessengemeinschaft) known as the I.G. Farben, whose headquarters, are at Frankfurt-on-the-Main, the ancient capital of Jewish High Finance, and the ancestral city of the Rothschilds, Schiffs, Schusters, Speyers, etc.

The history of the I.G. Farben, its world-wide ramifications, its support of successive German governments of this century, is brilliantly set forth by two American writers, Messrs. Joseph Borkin and Charles A. Welsh, in "Germany's Masterplan." This amply documented work disposes of any theory that Hitler was a rebel against International Industry-High-Finance, or that it was his rebellion which brought world Jewry in {21} the field against him. The I.G. Farben is best described as the most technically perfect conspiratorial trust in the world, and it was covering the world with an immense spy-web of German politico-industrial fifth-columnists decades before Hitler was ever heard of.
The successful outcome of the Cologne meeting meant, in fact, that I.G. Farben had decided that the Nazi ' Party was the best available political agency in Germany through which their world-embracing schemes could be effected. This, again, meant that the enormous industrial territory controlled by the I.C.I. in the British Empire, and by the Du Pont de Nemours in the American hemisphere, was to a large extent to serve as a financial-industrial hinterland from which the Nazi war-machine and war-economy could be built up, seeing that the I.C.I. (founded by the German-Jewish family Mond-Melchett) and the Du Pont Combine (founded by an early American-Jewish family) were cartel-partners of the I.G. Farben.

The Nazis were Socialists, and the nationalisation of industries was an aim with which the I.G. Farben (in common with Jewish combines everywhere) was in full agreement. It is so much easier to eliminate competition and take over your neighbours' business by instructing your agents in the 'government' to pursue a policy of rationalization, or concentration, of industries you want to liquidate, than to fight them in what used to be called 'the open market.' The German situation at the time of Hitler's accession to power is aptly summed up by Mr. Clark Foreman in "The New Internationalism" (p. 118):
"The cartels of Germany had been regulated by pre-Nazi governments to protect the interests of the public, but with the ascendancy of the Nazis the cartels have been regarded as a fundamental part of the regime. On July 15th, 1933, two laws were passed by the Nazis which authorize compulsory cartelization of any industry, if necessary, in the interests of the State." (Our emphasis.)
Dr. Schacht, the American-trained banker-politican, and the friend of Mr. Montagu Norman, who had achieved fame and power by the assistance of the Jewish financiers of the Weimar Republic, was made Director of the Reichs Bank. Goering, who had come through the lean years as an employee of Jewish combines like the Lufthansa and Bavarian Motorworks, was made Minister for Air. Herr Rudolf Hess, the Deputy-Fuehrer, who landed in Scotland in 1941 in an American-produced aeroplane, was reported by the radio at the time to be the son of an Alexandrinian Jewess. The inspirer of Hitler's Geo-political programme of 'Lebensraum,' Export or Die,' Guns before Butter,' etc., was General von Haushofer, who was married to a Jewess. Hitler's private physician was a half-Jew, as was also General Milch, head of the Luftwaffe. According to many reports from various sources Hitler himself was the illegitimate grandson of Baron Rothschild, of Vienna; and Jewish writers, like Cecil Roth, have furthermore pointed out that the Linz Programme, which formed the basis of the policy of the German-Austrians, had been produced by the Jew Victor Adler, and that, in consequence "the programme {22} of the movement which is now [1934] menacing the existence of German and Austrian Jews, was in the first instance drawn up by Jews." (C. Roth: "Jewish Contribution to Civilization," p. 275).
When in due course the 'Hitlerian' programme of Guns before Butter culminated in the Second World War, the I.G. Farben once again, as in 1914, dominated the scene:
"The audit of I.G.'s contributions to Germany's martial designs is long (p. 17) ... at the outbreak of war in 1939 I.G. surpassed any single industrial group in the world in its scope and influence, and the diversity and range of its interests, and in the magnitude and comprehensiveness of its affiliations " (p. 23).

"The German army at this very moment [1943] travels in tanks and trucks propelled by I.G.'s synthetic fuels, and shod with Buna rubber" (p. 28).

"I.G.'s plans for post-war reconstruction are already provided for in its agreements with non- German concerns. Reports from France and other occupied countries indicate that I.G.'s own staff has followed in the wake of Hitler's armies for the purpose of acquiring outright ownership of the entire European chemical industry" (p. 30).
(J. Borkin and C. A. Welsh: "Germany's Masterplan.")
The important key-position Jews remained in Germany throughout the Nazi period, and are still there. Thus in 1940-41, when Herr Fritz von Thyssen fled from Germany, all his vast properties in Westphalia were 'confiscated by the Government,' the official 'Nazi' Receiver being none other than Baron Kurt von Schroeder, of Cologne.

Perhaps the real nature of Hitler's Policy is now becoming clear: the leading Jewish Combines, disguised as national industries, 'pursued policies of re-armament which culminated in a second world war. That war offered an immense opportunity of large-scale planning' (i.e., alienation of native property) in every country in the world, and this opportunity was fully exploited by the international Jewish fifth column which everywhere had been immensely strengthened by 'refugees from Hitler's tyranny,' most of whom were convinced that the country of their adoption should be induced to 'nationalise' this and that industry, and place them and their fellows-elect in position of power and irresponsibility in the enlarged bureaucracies of the 'State.'

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"For them (the peoples of the Soviet Union) we cherish the warmest paternal affection. We are well aware that not a few of them groan beneath the yoke imposed on them by men who in very large part are strangers to the real interests of the country. We recognise that many others were deceived by fallacious hopes. We blame only the system with its authors and abettors who consider {23} Russia the best prepared field for experimenting with a plan elaborated years ago, and who from there continue to spread it from one end of the world to the other."
Encyclical Letter from Pius Xl., Divini Redemptoris, on Atheistic Communism.)
"It may be remembered," says Major C. H. Douglas, "that the Russian farmer who was planned, did not like it, and was 'liquidated'in millions by Mr. Sieff's co-racialists."
(The "Land of the (Chosen) People Racket", p. 21.)
A year after the "Russian" Revolution had installed a predominantly Jewish administration in Russia, the situation in the towns was desperate:
"All business became paralysed, shops were closed, Jews became possessors of most of the business houses, and horrible scenes of starvation became common in the country districts."
(British White Paper, 1919.)
The policy of collectivization of Russian agriculture was carried out in several distinct stages, according to the best military strategy. The final attack began in the late twenties, and when the policy of dekulakization had been completed, millions of native peasants had been up-rooted from their native soil. The famine which was the pretext for the murderous onslaught against the kulaks, was deliberately engineered by the Kremlin, in the same way that the Economic 'Blizzard' was deliberately engineered by Wall Street, and we note that when leading members of the Financial House of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., of New York, visited the Soviet Capital during these wars of Civil War they were received with Royal pomp, the Soviet troops, whose caps were adorned by the five-pointed Star of David, lining the streets as they passed. Eugene Lyons, a former Communist, writes in "Stalin, Czar of all the Russias ":
"One must have witnessed Stalin's absolutism, in close up, as the writer has done for six continuous years, to believe it ... I recall a nightmare period when terror reigned in 70,000 Russian villages. Even Sidney and Beatrice Webb [aunt of Sir Stafford Cripps], apologists for the Kremlin brutalities, have admitted that 1,000,000 peasant families—some 5 million men, women and children— were at that time uprooted and dumped in distant wildernesses and deserts to survive if they could."

"I saw trainloads of the wretched victims being dragged to their doom in filthy cattle-cars. As an expression of Stalin's power this wholesale destruction of human life was deeply impressive. Far more impressive, however, was the ease and abruptness with which Stalin called off the nightmares temporarily ... He disposes of a few million human lives more casually than any herder disposes of his cattle ..."
Now the Jewish term 'Goy' means 'cattle' and is used by the Talmud, which is the fundamental document of Judaism, and is known as the 'portable Fatherland of the Jews,' to designate a non-Jew. The Talmud says:
"Those who do not own the Torah, must all be killed. {24} Whoever has power to kill them, let him kill them openly with the sword, if not let him use artifices till they are all done away with."
(vide: "Choschen La-Mischput," 425, 5.)
Stalin is married to a Jewess; his two brothers-in-law, Lazarus and Moses Kaganovitch, were, before the war, ministers of Transport and Industry, respectively; Litvinoff represented Russia in the U.S.A.; and Maisky, another Jew, represented Moscow in London. The great majority of Soviet diplomatists between the wars were Jews

All the key positions in the Soviet police were held by Jews. M. Stolopyn (son of the murdered Czarist minister) wrote in "Contre-Revolution," July, 1937:
"Since the beginning of the discontent in the Red army, the guard of the Kremlin and the responsibility for Stalin's personal safety is confided to the Jewish colonel, Jacob Rapaport. All the internment camps, with their population of seven million Russians, are in charge of the Jew, Mendel Kermann, aided by the Jews, Lazarus Kagan and Cemen-Firkin. All the prisons of the country filled with working men and peasants are governed by the Jew, Apter. The News-Agency and the whole press of the country are controlled by Jews."
The last statement is confirmed by Mr. Douglas Reed in his book, "Insanity Fair."
"The censorship department, and that means the whole machine for controlling the home and muzzling the foreign press, was entirely staffed by Jews, and this was a thing that puzzled me more than anything else in Moscow. There seemed to be not a single non-Jewish official in the whole outfit, and they were just the same Jews as you met in New York, Berlin, Vienna, and Prague—well-manicured, well-fed, dressed with a touch of the dandy."
We next offer the testimony of the American writer, Mr. William B. Ziff, who cannot be accused of anti-soviet proclivities. In 1944 he states in "The Gentlemen Talk of Peace," (p. 164):
"The U.S.S.R. is an absolute dictatorship in the hands of hard-fisted capable men who did not hesitate to place before the firing squad, almost all the heroes of the original revolution, or to liquidate by starvation the three million kulaks, whose recalcitrance had threatened the success of the national agricultural policy ... the central fact which cannot be relieved by diplomatic pleasantry is that the great economic trusts of the Soviets are not only subsized by the state — they and the State are identical." (Our emphasis.)
At the outbreak of the War in 1939, when the two Trustified ('Socialised') Jew-directed States, Russia and Germany; assisted each other in liquidating the national Sovereignties and frontiers of the countries at their borders, the Jew, Soloman Abramovitch Lozovsky, a former Secretary-General to the Profintern, the Syndicalist International, {25} and a member of the Executive of the Comintern, was appointed permanent head of the Moscow Foreign Office, and principal adviser to Molotov. His chief aim in life, stated the "Catholic Times" at the time, is the overthrow of the existing order. This Jew occupied the top key-position in the Russian Radio during the Russo-German military hostilities, and all the news of those enormous Russian 'victories' which the World Radio and Press continued to plug, were released by him. As no Allied observer, military or otherwise, was allowed anywhere near the battlefields (Mr. Ziff: "even in the midst of a war in which we are mutually engaged, the Anglo-Americans have little real knowledge of the Soviet equipment, numbers or disposition of their armies".) Mr. Lozovsky was obviously in a position to paint such battle-pictures as would best serve his cause. As a result of his releases, the native Russians—who continued to die in their millions—were informed that they fought a lone battle against the German Beast, while the outside world received a less crude yet sufficiently pro-Soviet picture, to enable the World Press and Radio to assist the world's masses in making the false deduction that Russia's victories were in a large measure due to the Soviet scheme of things, and the Communist philosophy on which it was built. We can all recall the alacrity with which Jews everywhere in the world, from Hollywood to Vladisvostock, flung themselves into the task of consolidating the Soviet Myth. Mr. Norman Bentwich, who is a professor of International Relations in the University of Jerusalem, as well as a prominent member of the Anglo-Jewish community in London, has recently published a description of his wartime travels in the Cause of Zionism. "Wanderer in War" (Gollancz, 1946) is one of those 'give-away' documents which intellectual middle-class Jews with their curious mixture of conceit and naivety, are constantly pouring out to the hurt of their own 'Cause,' and the benefit of those who are anxious to get to grips with the problem posed by the universal presence of their co-religionists. As "Wanderer in War" will undoubtedly come to rank as one of the foremost sources of 'antisemitic' inspiration of this year, we shall not hesitate to quote liberally from its pages. May Jehovah and Professor Bentwich forgive us.

Mr. Bentwich helped to found, soon after Russia's 'entry' into the war, the Anglo-Jewish-Soviet society which helped to fan the flames of the pro-Soviet delirium which swept the country in those days. There is a faithful echo of the ecstatic nonsense which was pumped out by all 'official' and unofficial publicity agencies at the time, in the following passage, on p. 80:
"The English workman was enthusiastic for the Soviet Union ... he was beginning to think wistfully that the Red Army would win the war for us. In fact, after a little, we, the Americans and the Russians were bound together in invincible alliance ..."
and then follows a sentence which obviously must have been spoken "off the record" and slipped in by a mistake, as sometimes happens when the sons of Israel imagine themselves to be on the point of achieving their goal: {26}
"... bound together in an invincible alliance; and also in the Lease-Lend system of international Communism. War is a forcible teacher and a forcible conciliator."
'Forcible Conciliation' and 'Enforcement of World Peace' are conceptions peculiar to the Race to which Professor Bentwich belongs. As a result of successive 'conferences' held by the representatives of this 'Invincible Alliance' at Teheran, Yalta and Potsdam, we have lived through more than a year of increasing Sovietization of Europe: the Invincible Alliance has in every way consolidated the victories over National Sovereignties and ratified the destruction of National frontiers achieved by Hitler's armies. The result of moving the Soviet Iron Curtain into the center of Europe (in preparation for the next World War-Revolution) has been admirably summed up by Mr. Norman Jaques, in a speech delivered in the Canadian House of Commons, 1946:
"Finally, why should Peace bring starvation to millions of people who have survived six years of war? One reason lies in the fact that these former Poles, Finns, Latvians, Estonians, Czechs, Ukranians, Serbs, Rumanians, and others, having lost the protection of their national sovereignty, have become the victims of international power-politics, of those who are planning world government ... that was what was planned at Yalta and Potsdam ... former national boundaries were removed, and millions of people—men, women and children—are being driven from their homes like cattle ..."
The extension of the 'Soviet' territory means the extension of the principle of chattel slavery. Immeasurably worse off than before their liberation from serfdom under Gentile Masters, the Russian moujik, and his fellows throughout Asia and Europe, have become the helpless victims of an alien, omnipotent and soulless State-bureaucracy. Now, as in 1917, the State-bureaucracy of Moscow is in the hands of the Jewish agents of the International Financial Houses. On this point Professor Bentwich is sufficiently explicit: as a result of the many national frontiers abolished by the Russo-German armies during World War Two:
" ... the Soviet Union contained far the largest and most significant Jewish European community—again, as before the last war, over one-third of Jewry, which though it had largely abandoned traditional observance, was consciously proud of its Jewish achievement for humanity in the Socialist State. British Jewry was now the second in Europe. And British and Soviet Jewry had links through Palestine." (Our emphasis.)
"Wanderer in War," p. 175.

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"The Jewish merchants from Stamboul went into the Tartary country, the Caspian district, and Judaeized the Kharzar Tartars. The result is that when you see thousands and thousands of Polish, Russian and Roumanian Jews they have neither the Semitic wisdom nor the {27} blood. They are Tartars, and the Arabs today are constantly confronted with this Tartar invasion."
Dr. George Kheirallah, before the Standing Committee on External Affairs, Canadian House of Commons, July, 1946.
"It might be supposed that Social Credit had little or nothing to do with the Palestinian question. So far from this being the case, it is probable that Palestinian Zionism, in its present form at least, on the one hand, and both the philosophy and technique of Social Credit, on the other, are absolute incompatibles."
"The Social Crediter," May 25th, 1946.
If we regard the Jewish People as a Universal Fifth Column (and every day brings further proofs to justify such a view), the first large-scale infiltration in modern times into the Arab territory known as Palestine took place in the middle of the 19th century, when the Rothschild family 'planted' agricultural colonies in Palestine.
"Negotiations were started by the Rothschilds with the Sultan of Turkey, considerable sums of money were expended, and by the 1880's a certain number of agricultural colonies had been founded in Palestine and peopled by immigrants from Poland and Russia. These colonies were not successful economically and were only kept going by regular subsidies from the Rothschilds, but it was a beginning."
John Marlowe: Rebellion in Palestine," p. 36 (London: 1946).
In its article on Modern Commerce the "Jewish Encyclopedia" states:
"The centre of viticulture was Hebron, where the oldest and best wines are still found; but since the Jewish colonies were established the centre of that industry has been removed to Rishon-le-ziyyon, near Jaffa, where the Rothschild wine-presses were located. The export of wines and cognac is chiefly from the Rothschild vine-yards ... etc."
Towards the close of the century Baron de Hirsch, who was a member of the Inner Frankfort Banking Cabal dominated by the Rothschilds, and who was associated with the Alliance Israelite Universelle (concerned with planning the Jewish exodus from the Old to the New World), formed an International Organisation, incorporated under English laws and known as the Jewish Colonization Association. It was to this organization (which in reality was but the Anglo-American face of the Alliance Israelite), that Edmond de Rothschild ceded ' his eight Palestinian colonies in 1900. This meant that even at this early moment the Rothschilds found it expedient to pursue their interests in Palestine through what is best referred to as an 'accommodation address.' That they continued to take a lively interest in Palestine is proved by the fact that in the early part of the 1914-war (when it appeared still unsettled whether the Jews were to receive their National Home in Palestine, and their League of Nations, at the hands of the Central Powers or from the Allies, and when, in fact, steps were taken, on both sides of the firing line, to create an atmosphere suitable for the acceptance by prominent {28} politicians of these two Jewish war-aims) we find Edmond de Rothschild approaching Lord Bertie with a view to preparing the ground for discussion of the National Home project. At the same time Dr. Weizmann, an Anglo-Russian Jew who had been employed by the Mond-Melchetts in Manchester since the early years of the century, succeeded (so runs the popular story) in 'converting' the head of the Rothschild European Dynasty to the Ghetto dream of returning "next year to Jerusalem." Colour was lent to this pleasing Myth of Jewish enthusiasts fresh from the Russian Ghetto winning over the financial Princes in Israel to their idealistic' scheme, by the aloofness the latter had observed towards the exoteric Zionist movement since its inception. The ruling Elders of Synagogue, Finance and Press continued, in fact, publicly to deprecate the idea of a territorial realization of the Jewish State right down to 1916 and 1917, when they 'suddenly ceded' to the pressure of the Ghetto-Zionists, just as the Gentile Allied administrations (which were all and sundry advised by the Elders of Israel) suddenly, in the depth of their despair in that dark year of 1917, 'realized' that if World Jewry could be "won over" to the Allied Cause by an offer of a Home in Palestine, all would be well.

Actually the matter was presented in this prosaic quid pro quo light only to the Gentile politicians concerned. The world in general was treated to still another pleasant Myth, enthusiastically publicized by the world press, and repeated by Jewish and pro-Jewish writers ever since: Professor Weizmann, who besides being a Zionist-politician, was also a chemist, had been engaged by Mr. Lloyd George, a former solicitor to the Zionist organization, to undertake "vital chemical research." Weizmann's solution for the production of acetone (a solution already found by British chemists who could find no 'official' market), was so vital to the victory of British arms that a grateful England, personified by our Welsh-Zionist solicitor, asked Weizmann how he could remunerate him for his services. "You can do nothing for me but to give my people Palestine," was the 'modest' reply. While this particular Myth was retailed for public consumption only, and while that other Myth of the shrewd bargain between the Allied Governments and World Financial Jewry was reserved, temporarily, for the Allied politicians, we get a big step nearer the truth in the letter written by Jacob Schiff to a Jewish friend, Mr. Friedman, some time before the formal appearance of what is best described as the Rothschild Declaration. Mr. Schiff says (September 25th, 1917):
"I do believe ... it might be possible to obtain from the Powers the formal assurance to our people that they shall obtain autonomy in Palestine as soon as their numbers there become large enough."
In these lines is embodied what is now regarded as the Weizmann-Zionist policy, a policy which both the official Zionists and their unofficial backers of many aliases have been at some pains to "deny with their lips." But while the majority of Zionists may sincerely believe that a straightforward territorial Palestinian State dominated by a majority of Jews is the ultimate objective desired by the Elders of World Banking who have financed their 'ideals' all these years, the real objective {29} can be imagined from a letter written by Mr. Louis Marshall, the legal officer of Kuhn, Loeb & Co., and a leading attacker of Gentiles who have attempted to disclose the Jewish World Plot. Mr. Marshall's letter was written to a fellow Jew, Max Senior (Sept. 26th, 1918):
"The Balfour declaration, with its acceptance by the Powers, is an act of the highest diplomacy. It means both more and less than appears on the surface. Zionism is but an incident of a far reaching plan; it is merely a convenient peg on which to hang a powerful weapon."
The demand of the Holy Land for the Chosen People is one 'incident,' and the agitation in every country for the Land-for-the-People is another 'incident,' of the same far-reaching plan. It is easy to demonstrate that the universal 'Socialist' Land-for-the-People agitation has been carried out in most countries by Communist Jews from that traditional nursery of conspirators and agitators, the so-called Jewish Pale of Settlement, comprising the Western border provinces of Czarist Russia, which, as we have seen, was abolished by the Revolution of 1917. It is even easier to prove that the bulk of territorial Zionists, and all the shock-troopers of the Jewish invasion of Palestine, also hailed from the former Jewish Pale of Settlement: Weizmann, Sokoloff, Rutenberg, etc., were all 'Russian' Jews. Mr. Marlowe writes:
"The Jewish immigrants to Palestine after the 1914-1918 war were from the war-scarred and famine-stricken areas of Eastern Europe [former Jewish Pale of Settlement.—Ed] ... mostly young and mostly workers. From the beginning the principle of immigration was economic absorptive capacity. [Churchill's phrase—Marx's philosophy.—Ed.] This in practice meant that capitalists or people disposing of liquid capital of over £1,000 were allowed to come freely; that qualified professional men were allowed to come in more or less free provided they possessed the means to set themselves up in their profession; that labourers—people without capital—were allowed to come in according to annual quotas fixed between the Palestine Government and the Jewish Agency ... the third category [the 'labourers'—Ed.] were very carefully selected by the Agency's branches all over Europe.."
"Rebellion in Palestine," p 84.
Of the origin' and constitution of the Jewish Agency, Mr. Marlowe writes (p. 54):
"The Jewish Agency, which was a Zionist suggestion originally, and in whose constitution the Mandatory Government has no voice, was to act both as a liaison between International Jewry and the Jews of Palestine vis-a-vis the Administration of both Palestine and World Jewry."
There is nothing corresponding to this 'Agency' in the administration of the Arabs, nor does the native population of Palestine possess an Arab bloc of some forty members in the 'British' House of Commons.

That the 'Russian' revolutions of March and October, 1917, and the Rothschild Declaration which followed in November, are intimately connected {30} manifestations of the same policy has been indicated by the Jews themselves. Professor Bentwich observes ("Wanderer in War", p. 175):
"The Russian Revolution and the Declaration concerning the Jewish National Home, were born in the same month, November, 1917 ... Soviet Russia and Palestine represent the most striking achievements in our time of reconstruction for peaceful needs."
There are, in fact, so many striking similarities between these two 'peaceful achievements' that we are justified in considering them as a twin-experiment: the Sovietization of Russia, and the Trustification of Palestine, are both attempts by the same international minority to enforce its will on native majorities.

There could have been no 'Russian' Revolution, and no subsequent monopolisation by the leading International Jewish Financial Houses of all native property inside Soviet territory, without the existence of a vast body of congenital sadists and murderers such as the lawlessness and social instability of the Jewish Pale of Settlement had tended to produce:
"Many of the Jewish workers coming to Palestine were imbued with a virile class-consciousness derived from their sympathies with the Left movements of the countries of their birth and upbringing."
"Rebellion in Palestine," p. 86.
And there can be no 'Palestine'-Soviet Revolution and subsequent annexation of native property-rights of the populations of the Middle East, by a Bureaucracy entrenched in Jerusalem and taking its orders, like their racial cousins in the Kremlin, from Wall and Pine Street, New York (which events will form the opening gambit of the Third World War, if all goes well) without the transplantation on to Palestinian soil of a sufficient number of Russian ' Jews. The Jewish trek from Russo-Poland which has been continuous since the promulgation of the Rothschild Declaration, follows directives which, as always, are contained in the private correspondence of world bankers. Jacob Schiff wrote in the autumn of 1917 to a Jewish friend:
"With the revolution in Russia which has done away with the so-called Pale ... there can be little doubt that the Jewish inhabitants will gradually disperse over the entire enormous dominions Russia covers. Desirable as this will prove in general, it will not unlikely tend to end the development of Jewish culture and the Jewish ideals which the 'Pale' brought forth, because the Pale possessed of necessity the character ... of a Jewish centre from which Jewry the world over drew to a very considerable extent the spiritual nourishment it ever needs for continued existence."
It is difficult to over-estimate the significance of this passage when we consider that for more than forty years Jacob Schiff (who, in 1894, had been appointed Chairman by the B'Nai B'Brith of the Russian Revolutionary Party of America) had informed the world that Russian Ghetto-Jews lived lives of degradation and misery, suffering under the {31} unbearable legal disabilities imposed by a despotic Czarist government, yet here we learn from the leader of the Pan-Jewish campaign against Czarist Russia that these abhorred Ghetto conditions were necessary "to the development of Jewish culture" and that the Pale was a spiritual centre from which world Jewry drew their inspiration, and that, therefore, the establishment of a new Monster-Ghetto, another Pale of Settlement, was necessary to the furtherance of the 'ideals of Judaism.'

The outstanding feature of any Trustified 'state' is a vast bureaucracy. Hardly had Jerusalem 'fallen' to the British than the leaders of the Jewish communities laid the foundation of the Hebrew University on Mount Scopus, a rather odd beginning of what was presented to the world as the consolidation of a chiefly agricultural experiment for the benefit of uprooted members of a notoriously wandering race.

Early in 1918 there arrived in Palestine a certain Jewish Commission who, much to the consternation of the British Military authorities, constituted themselves as 'the link' between the local Jewish, and the Occupying Forces. The Commission was headed by none other than the son of the former owner of the Jewish 'colonies,' Major James de Rothschild, in whose suite was seen such prominent Jews as Leon Simon (of that British Government-Monopoly, the Post Office); and the Hon. Edwin Montagu (Minister for India, and cousin of Sir Herbert Samuel, the first High Commissioner of the Palestinian Mandate); and Mr. Israel Sieff (P.E.P., Marks and Spencer, British Zionism, etc.) all of whom were to play prominent parts in the double task of building up a Zionist Monopoly-State in Palestine, and of disrupting the national economy of Great Britain, the country of their adoption. Their virtual first act was to enforce, with much severity, on the local Jews (mostly of the Yiddish-speaking variety) the daily use of Hebrew. Hebrew had till then been the language of the Synagogue, and we note that the Hebrew University was to turn out hundreds and hundreds of Jewish advocates—(Professor Bentwich: "One wondered how they all could find work. But the expansion of the Government bureaucracy during the war helped")—and that the two youthful murderers of Lord Moyne (who the year before his death had had the temerity of suggesting a real, as distinct from a power-political, solution of the Jewish question, and had even gone so far as to mention Madagascar) refused to speak any other language than Hebrew, which was the only one in which they could properly express their ideas.

The agricultural aspect of the Palestinian experiment is peculiarly interesting. As the years passed, and Palestine became a Mandate conferred by the League of Nations upon Great Britain, the original Commission of prominent Jews was changed into the Jewish Agency (Rothschild, Samuel, Mond, Weizmann, etc.) which, in its turn, was transformed into the Extended Jewish Agency (in order to include Louis Marshall, legal officer of Kuhn, Loeb & Co.; Justice Brandeis, of the Supreme Court, New Deal, and other "American" members of the Super-national Jewish Cabinet known as the Sanhedrin). As these administrative changes gradually led to the establishment of that virtually autonomous Jewish Government which Mr. Silvermann, 'Labour' member of the {32} British House of Commons, maintains is the real government to which Palestinian Jews owe allegiance, it became ever more apparent that the Jewish agricultural experiment in Palestine was unlike any other ever attempted by tillers of the soil. Production of lemons was curiously intermingled with training in the throwing of bombs. The growing of oranges went hand in hand with the cultivation of such
"wholly new ideas as 'Labor Zionism,' and the Religion of Labor .. exciting the interest of those who have otherwise little in common with any aspect of Judaism, but Jewish Knowledge interested in new social phenomena."
"Encyclopedia of Knowledge”
The great 'reformer' of Palestinian agriculture was Pinhas Rutenberg, a veteran of the 'Russian' revolution, who
"carried through the enterprise of the Jordan hydro-electric scheme and thereby revolutionized agricultural and industrial life Of the country ... by his own efforts raised a capital of a million pounds for the initiation of his enterprise, and induced the British Government to resist an attempt to wreck the concession—which led to a long litigation in the Court of International Justice at the Hague—and finally carried through the scheme to a successful conclusion."
Norman Bentwich: "Wanderer in War," p. 47.
This statement represents the Jewish view of a very highly controversial subject. Here are the opinions of Gentile observers:
"How the Dead Sea Concession came to be acquired by a Russian Jew, Moise Novomoisky; and how the rights to harness the waters of the river Jordan and the river Oudja for the supply of electricity, came to be acquired by Pinhas Rutenberg, who is also a Russian Jew, would have provided Jack London with a stirring theme."
"The Jewish Problem," 1944.
The author of these remarks, Mr. John Engledow, refers to the statement of a Government White Paper of 1919 to the effect that "the supply of potash in the Dead Sea, may be considered, for practical purposes, inexhaustible," and continues:
"The entry of Turkey into the war of 1914-18 as an ally of Germany prevented further investigation, and it is significant that a virtual world monopoly of potash is held by Germany through the Farben-industrie [the I.G. Chemical Trust of Frankfort on the Main] and its associates in the United States, France, England, etc. The development of the deposits of potash in Palestine would end that monopoly, but no action has been taken to expedite the exploitation of those resources." (Our emphasis.)
We are here tempted to remind the reader that Alfred Mond (Lord Melchett) regarded the I. G. Farben as the perfect example of a Cartel, and stated that the German banks had financed the German Cartels with a view to overcoming the threat of over-production (see "Industry and Politics"); that he in 1926, after a visit to New York, founded the Imperial Chemical Industries which began to exchange personnel and scientific discoveries with I. G. Farben (mainly responsible for Hitler's {33} re-armament), and Du Pont de Nemours (chiefly instrumental in building up the Jap war-machine), that he in 1929 was instrumental in creating the Jewish Agency; on which occasion he addressed a New York Zionist audience in this manner:
"... has it ever occurred to you how remarkable it is that out of the welter of world blood there has risen this opportunity? Do you really believe that we have been led back to Israel by nothing but a fluke?"
("The Jewish Chronicle," Nov. 8th, 1928.)
Certain well-informed writers like Mrs. L. Fry are of opinion that the real holder of the Dead Sea Commission was Lord Melchett (see "Waters Flowing Eastwards"), or, in other words, the Chemical World Cartel of sabotage and destruction whose activities are so well set forth in Messrs. Borkin and Welsh's "Germany's Masterplan."

In a Memorandum on the Development of Industries, compiled by Dr. A. Homer for the Anglo-American Committee of Enquiry on the Jewish problem in Europe and the Future of Palestine—held in January, 1946—reference is made to the vast oil and mineral resources of the Dead Sea region and beyond. In an article which appeared in "The Patriot," August 29th, 1946, Dr. Homer states:
"Long ago I came to the conclusion that Financial Jewry (both Zionist and non-Zionist) was furthering the aspiration of fanatical Zionism for its own ends, namely, in order to gain possession of the colossal Oil and Mineral resources of Palestine and "Greater Palestine," known to exist particularly in the "arid Regions" stretching south of Hebron to the Gulf of Akaba; and that they would be kept fallow until such a time as they could be developed for the aggrandisement of Financial Jewry, preferably under the aegis of a Jewish state."
Giving evidence before a Standing Committee on External Affairs of the Canadian House of Commons, on July 26th, 1946, Mr. K. Hulusy Khairy, Director of the Arab Office, Washington, said:
"The Jews live in a closed economy. The whole economic planning of the Jews in Palestine is directed toward one single objective, namely, the disposition of the Arabs and the gradual alienation of their lands, and the conversion of the country into a Jewish State ... Villages have been razed to the ground, their homes and mosques and their cemeteries entirely wiped out, and their names (which in some cases had historical associations) officially erased from the map and replaced by the Hebrew names of some of the new Zionist colonies; this acquisition of land by Jews has led to such congestion in the rural districts that the present average holding in Arab hands is, as has been ascertained by many British commissions of inquiry, no longer sufficient to provide the holder with even the bare needs of subsistence."
Professor Bentwich's father, one of the original Zionist negotiators of the Rothschild National Home project, had acquired a tract of land {34} at Gezer in the Judean foothills with a view to founding an Anglo-Jewish pioneer settlement thereon. Unfortunately,
"Young Jewry in England was not prepared to come out and work the soil; and the shareholders of the company, who were entitled to a plot, did not take up their holdings. During the Second World War the land was transferred to the Jewish National Fund, the public body which to-day holds the greater part of the Jewish domain."
"Wanderer Wanderer in War," p. 124. (Our emphasis.)
From this we conclude that individual farming and private ownership of land has disappeared from the Jewish sector of Palestine as it has from 'Soviet' Russia, and that the term the 'Jewish Domain' is but a euphemism for a gigantic Land Trust. This monopolistic enterprise would appear to possess the usual unpleasant—'closed shop'—characteristics of the Trustified State.

Asked by Mr. Leger during the sitting of the Standing Committee referred to above: "Are the Arabs who work for the Jews well paid?" Mr. Khairy answered:
"I will tell you this. It is a curious fact. In 1933-35 [when Hitler introduced his Closed Shop— Arbeitsfront—in Germany.--Ed.] I was the district officer in Jerusalem and at the time we had a very serious problem which was known then as labour picketing. The Jewish Labour Organisation organised a campaign to drive out by force Arab labour from Public Work—all Government works within the Jewish area as well as from Jewish-owned property in Palestine."
The last years preceding World War Two were marked by successive waves of terrorist crimes, but with the outbreak of war a 'truce' was called. Phinas Rutenberg, the revolutionizer of Palestinian agriculture, was made President of the Jewish National Council and we note that lemons and oranges, important products of Palestinian collective farming, ceased to arrive in England owing to a lack of shipping which, however, did not prevent a very lively traffic in Jewish Immigrants. Asked by the Royal Institute of International Affairs (by then safely ensconced in All Souls, Oxford) to write an account of what had happened to the Jewish refugees during the two first years of the war, Professor Bentwich discovered that:
"nearly a hundred thousand were in Palestine; over a hundred thousand in the U.S.A., and a nearly equal number were absorbed temporarily in Great Britain ... Our pockets of refugees, together with the few thousand who escaped from the countries of Western Europe over-run by the Nazi horde, could be regarded as the advance guard of an international force for freedom" (p. 25)
And while Mr. Herbert Morrison, the Socialist Home Secretary, imprisoned, and kept imprisoned, without charge or trial, hundreds of patriotic Englishmen who had fought and been wounded and decorated in World War One, the British Government "left at liberty almost all the refugees." (Bentwich, p. 20). Let us now observe the International Freedom Advance Guard at work, as reported by Professor Bentwich: {35}
"By 1943 it was possible for the alien soldier to volunteer for almost any branch of the services. Seven hundred dentists and doctors were absorbed. And so in the mixed Jewish and Gentile islets, which evacuation and the spreading war-industries had thrown up, the aliens sowed their intellectual seed. Here in Britain we received 700 University Teachers and absorbed them (p. 29).

"2,000 young Jewish men and women ... were admitted to England in 1939 as agricultural pupils, to complete their training in this country before emigrating to Palestine. They cultivated English soil by day, and Jewish history by night. Several training schools were maintained ... in country mansions [which the taxation-death-duty policies initiated by the Rothschild-Mond-Samuel-dominated Liberal Party had gradually emptied of their original Gentile owners.—Ed], which had been opened to the refugees during the generous outburst of 1939 ... Whittinghame, the home of Lord Balfour, had been given by his heir and nephew [Grand Master of Scotland— Ed.] for a purpose dear to the author of the Balfour Declaration. "Boys and girls of the Youth Immigration for Palestine, brought from Germany and Central Europe in 1939, formed little Jerusalems, so to say, in England's green and pleasant land. While they waited to go to Palestine, they could be pioneers, and spread their example of a productive socialist life in the country of their sojourn. They were members of the Agricultural Labourers' Trade Union." (Our emphasis.) (p. 32.)
It is a curious reflection that these youthful tillers of other peoples' soil are now leading "productive socialist" lives in Palestine conscripted into a Labour-Military 'Closed Shop' chiefly concerned with preventing Arabs from tilling their native soil, and with terrorising the British administration into yielding to their insistent demands for the admission of ever more' productive socialists' from the Ghettoes of Eastern Europe. In the meantime, British farm-hands, the trade union colleagues of the departed Zionists, are finding to their dawning surprise that the 'Labour' government whose advent to power was assisted considerably by the propaganda of the 'refugees' from the East, as well as by their racial cousins in the Yankee armies which settled down in England's green and pleasant land while British soldiers were defending freedom in both hemispheres, is every bit as preoccupied with the towns to the hurt of the country as any Government which has reigned since the Whig-banker Revolution of 1688 opened wide the gates of Great Britain to the Jews of the Continent.

In the Zionist cause Professor Bentwich traveled widely during the war. On a joint mission for refugees and the British Ministry of Economic Welfare he paid a visit to Belgium to assist his co-racialists to get their belongings out of doomed Europe.
"I was introduced to the Diamond Club at Antwerp. It was in a large measure a Jewish Club ...some of its leading members were the Zionist leaders of Belgian Jewry; and when Belgium was overrun and the Club broken up a few months later, two thousand Jews, escaping just in time, were able to take their skills to Palestine."
"Wanderer in War," pp. 38-41.
In December, 1939, Professor Bentwich visited Italy to meet the heads of the Jerusalem University who were on their way to America. In Rome he found time to pay his respects to Georgio Del Vecchio, a Jew, and presumably a Zionist, who was director of the International Institute of Civil Law and
"among the prominent followers of the Duce in the early days of the Fascist regime, when Mussolini had appointed three Jews to the Commission which amended the Italian Constitution, and had chosen a Jewish Finance Minister and a Jewish President of the Court of Cassation. He [Del Vecchio] was, too, the only University Professor enrolled in the party before the March on Rome." (Our emphasis.) (p. 37.)
The Fascist party had, as a matter of historical fact, been financed by the two Jewish monopolists, Counts Volpi and Pirelli, who between world wars are well-known figures in the City of London. Mussolini's Abyssinian adventure was, in part, financed by the Paris Rothschilds,and his Abyssinian expert was a Jew. (On being "liberated" from "Italian" Occupation by the "British" the Abyssinian Emperor, the Lion of Judah, was suitably provided with an Allied Staff of Advisers who were mostly of Professor Bentwich's race. Professor Bentwich himself advised—in between other engagements in the Middle East—the Emperor on the sort of Constitution he was to have. Professor Kamrat, a Jew, was put in charge of Education; the Jew, N. Marien, appointed Minister of Justice; the Jew, Dr. Schalit, Minister of Health, while the Jew, E. Ullendorff, manages official "Abyssinian" propaganda. The American Minister in Addis was the Jew, Felix Cole. In Eritrea, the Jew, M. Greenspan was made Public Prosecutor. Professor Bentwich had the pleasure of finding former pupils of the Hebrew University placed in key-positions everywhere in British East Africa.)

Towards the end of his reign Mussolini was said to have imitated Hitler's 'anti-semitic' policies, but this would not appear to have prevented 'international' organisations from flourishing on Italian soil. In the grounds of the Villa Borghese was found the International Agricultural Institute
"which was the creation of a Russian-born Jew, and was one of the first achievements of permanent co-operation ... the road leading to the villa in which it was housed bore the name of its semitic founder, Lubin, with the description: philanthropist."
"Wanderer in War," p. 3"5.
Unfortunately, Mr. Lubin's philanthropical efforts for establishing eration among the tillers of the world's soil did not prevent a second conflagration in which the sons of the soil of all countries were ruthlessly conscripted into monster war-machines (produced by Combines controlled by Mr. Lubin's and Professor Bentwich's co-racialists). {37}

But the work he has directed from his idyllic Italian Villa will no doubt have been of sufficient permanency to enable him to provide current World Food Congresses with enough World Agricultural Statistics to allow the governments of the world to come to their traditionally lugubrious conclusions. (See White Papers by the 'Labour' Government on World Food Shortage I. and II., 1946).

During a trip to the States on Zionist business, Professor Bentwich found that Isaiah Berlin, a Russian-born Jew, associated with All Souls, Oxford, was employed by the British Embassy at Washington "as a link between British official correctness and the five million Jews." He interviewed Mr. Winant, the former Director of the International 'Labour' Office at Geneva, and wartime American Ambassador to the court of St. James, on the Jewish Question.
"The Jews, he [Mr. Winant] agreed, were a link between the peoples ... an equal status for the Jew in every country must be one of the fundamental issues of the peace" (p. 68).
In view of the fact that the Jews have acquired equal status in every country in which their leaders' have staged Revolutions for that purpose, and that they have used this equality to expropriate Gentile property which they have pooled into Monopolies now embracing the entire globe and through which they launch global wars with ever shorter intervals, it is interesting to learn of the identity of Mr. Winant's early mentors.
"He owed more than he could say to two Jews; to Louis Brandeis and Felix Frankfurter, who had helped him in his early career to understand the causes of the common people." (Our emphasis.)
In passing, we note that the first wartime British Ambassador to Washington was Philip Kerr, Marquess of Lothian, an intimate associate of the Curtis-Toynbee 'Chatham House' clique, and an advocate of the Wall Street-Bloomsbury scheme known as 'Federal Union'; the second was Viscount Halifax, who, as Lord Irwin, was Viceroy during a most critical stage in the history of India, and whose son has married into the Rosebery-Rothschild family; while the present representative of this country in the U.S.A. is Archibald Clark-Kerr, Lord Inverchapel, who was Ambassador to Moscow during the second world war and worked with Dr. Chaim Weizmann in setting up the Zionist movement during world war I ("Newsweek," July 8th, 1946.)

Professor Bentwich's aim in America was to win the Jewish Community to the British Cause, but in that he failed:
"My appeal to the Jewish population, that vast mass of two million in Greater New York, to make them understand that Britain was saving the world, was not very successful" (p. 73).
The reasons for this are both obvious and fundamental. We have tried to show that Communism and Zionism are a twin-experiment. The Zionists who launched the campaign for the Jewish National Home were at the same time the 'Communists' who planned and hailed with enthusiasm {38} the downfall of Czarist Russia. Further, the Nihilist-Communists who planned and executed the terrorist deeds against the Czarist administration were the same people who under the aegis of the secret Jewish Government began to terrorise the young British administration in Palestine.

Communism has from the outset been anti-British in every corner of the globe, and since 1917 the universal Jewish Fifth Column have turned their traditional powers of invective from Russian to British Imperialism. The British 'mismanagement' of the National Home became increasingly that standing 'National' grudge without which the Jews seem unable to subsist as a communal entity.

Sir Ronald Storrs, the first Governor of Jerusalem, observed, when travelling in the U.S.A., after the last war, that he was struck
"by the thoroughness with which the caricature of the British officer had been disseminated. Several American Jews expressed surprise that I was 'not the same' as they had read in their newspapers. In 1934 a Jewish wheat magnate of Chicago told me that he had been ... sharply rebuked by a traveling Zionist leader for attributing a measure of Palestinian progress to the British administration."
"Zionism and Palestine," p. 86.
Chicago has, to an even greater extent than New York, been the headquarters of the world-wide Jewish campaign against the British Empire. It was in this gangster-infested city that the Jewish secret world society, the B'nai B'rith,flourished, and it is the B'nai B'rith hierachy (easily identifiable through Jacob Schiff with the Kuhn-Loeb Combine) which inspire and direct the emotions of world Jewry with the results we are experiencing. It was at a B'nai B'rith meeting held in 1929 that Mr. Emmanuel Shinwell, of East End Polish-Jewish origin, declared that the Jewish members of the House of Commons pursued an identical policy with regard to matters of race. There are some 40 Jewish Members in the present "British" House of Commons, and with one or two exceptions they all belong to Lord Rothschild's 'Labour' party, a circumstance which may go some way to explaining the gentleness with which His Majesty's Government deal with problems of the Jewish Terror in Palestine.

It is true that the official 'truce' between the Jews in Palestine and the British administration during the early part of World War Two, was to some extent reflected in the U.S. official press which—for the duration—adopted a suitably pro-British tone. Thus Professor Bentwich found Mr. Eugene Meyer, Junr., the Editor of the "Washington Post"
"whole-heartedly for American support of Britain; as were leading Jews of the capital, Justice Frankfurter and Henry Morgenthau" (p. 76).
But it is highly instructive to watch how the leading Jews and the leading Jewish newspapers in America and elsewhere flung to the winds all pretence of pro-British feelings when the detonations from the Palestine Powder keg began to reverberate round the world. In April, 1945, the "New York Post" carried the following whole-page advertisement inserted by the New Zionist Organisation of America {39} :
"Two young Jews were hanged in Egypt for the shooting of a British Minister. The executioner was an Egyptian ... But the hand that guided the hangman was British ... they cannot hang all the Jews. They cannot force the Jews of the world to give up their hope for the continuation of Jewish history and their struggle for freedom and national redemption. Resistance to Great Britain is bound to flare up everywhere. The peace of the world is threatened. America may also be involved. It is therefore in the interests of America to call Britain to order, and see that justice shall be done to the Jews in Palestine and peace shall reign in the Holy Land." (Our emphasis.)
These pungent sentiments and not too veiled threats were signed by Col. Morris J. Mendelsohn, the President of the New Zionist Organisation, who adds, in brackets, and very small print, that "By a ruling of the Treasury Department, all contributions to the New Zionist Organisation of America are tax-exempt." It is no doubt a pure coincidence that the Financial Secretary at the time was Mr. Henry Morgenthau, Junr., father of the Sovietization-Plan for Germany, author of the 'Bretton Woods' agreement, which places Wall Street in control of the financial policy of the world, and a relation of Mr. Herbert Lehman, of the Palestine Corporation and UNRRA. A year later, July, 1946, we find that amiable official organ, the "Washington Post," adopting the tones of the Yiddish gutter-press of the East-side Ghetto:
"The British Army is engaged in cruel action towards the Jews in Palestine, and the persecuted and homeless Jews of Europe ... the British Army is not engaged in suppressing terrorism in Palestine; it is itself engaged in a campaign of terrorism. It is terrorising a peaceful and hardworking people whose constructive achievements have aroused the admiration of the civilized world, etc., etc."
This particular 'advertisement' was inserted in the "Washington Post" and presented "as a Public Service" by the International Latex Corporation, a sufficiently transparent 'front' seeing that the owner of the "Post" is the very same gentleman, Mr. Eugene Meyer, who started his career in the international banking firm of Lazare-Freres; was a gambling partner of Baruch's on the New York Stock Exchange; was made head of the non-ferrous metal division of that infamous organisation, the War Industries Board, which provided the British armies with enormous quantities of dud ammunition, and whose supreme chief was Mr. Bernard Mannes Baruch; who next was made head of the War Finance Corporation, and in 1930 was appointed Governor of the Federal Reserve Board, "the most corrupt institution in the world" (Mr. McFadden, Speech in Congress), and finally, in 1946, to crown a triumphant career, has been made "Boss Banker to a Hungry World" ("Newsweek," July, 1946), or, in other words, President of the 'new' World Bank which is to finance the Planning of the world's food production and distribution, and to further, in a general way, what Professor Bentwich so aptly calls "the Lease-Lend system of international communism." {40}

In Palestine, Professor Bentwich had the opportunity of witnessing the Preparations for the outbreak of the Third World War. He noticed the transformation of an originally agricultural community into that heavily-increasingly urban society which invariably emerges wherever Jews settle in large numbers.
"An unwelcome change in the landscape, inside and outside the towns, was the erection of fortress-like police barracks, sixty of them dotted over the land. In some places they served not only as police-stations but as government."
"Wanderer in War," p. 49.
The militarization of the country went (as everywhere else) hand in hand with its industrialization, and it is noteworthy that while our Communist-Zionist intellectual condemns the former he applauds the latter.
"Industry has leapt forward in the year. Heavy and light industries for the war-effort were multiplied, particularly at Haifa, where the oil-pipe line from Iraq had its outlet, and the refinery of the Iraq Petroleum Company destined to be one of the biggest in the world, was in full swing."
Dr. Homer remarks that the Jewish province proposed and discussed in the British House of Commons on July 31st, 1946, would include (1) the fertile regions; (2) the distributing centre for the Oil from Iraq and Saudi Arabia, and (3) the regions essential to the Sea-Water project for obtaining a large-scale production of cheap hydro-electric power, whereas the District of the Negeb, which contains oil and mineral riches, would be-administered, for the time being, by the Central Government, i.e.. under British control so long as Britain was the Mandatory Power.

A few days later, Mr. Churchill, that staunch Zionist who was the favourite political protégé of Sir Ernest Cassel, and is the intimate friend of Mr. Bernard Baruch, impulsively suggested that "we quit Palestine if the U.S. do not share our burden." Sharing the burden in the sense of taking open and well-defined responsibility is the last thing "America" (i.e., the Financier-Zionist-Communist clique whose Gentile front is Mr. Truman) want, since their immediate concern with the National Home is to use it as an instrument for welding World Jewry together in a Unity of Hatred against the British Empire and all it stands for, and Mr. Churchill's suggestion is therefore to all intents and purposes an indirect invitation to Moscow, to make herself at home in Jerusalem. The Moscow radio, at that moment, came out openly in favour of the Jewish terrorists, and thus ranged itself, in the eyes of the world, on the side of the Jew-controlled press of New York.

Very closely connected with the militarization of Palestine are the various plans for large-scale 'hydro- electric' development of Palestinian agriculture. Sometime during the year 1943 there arrived in Palestine
"An American delegation representing Big Business ... at its head was Robert Nathan, formerly the Chief Lieutenant at the War Supply Board. He looked like a prize-fighter ... one of his comrades was an expert engineer of the Tennessee Valley Authority."
"Wanderer in War," p. 130. {41}
Why, exclaims our Zionist-Communist Professor, "should Palestine not have a Jordan Valley Authority to rival it?" And why, expostulated Professor Laski, in his first speech after the Labour victory 1945 (significantly addressed to 'America'), should the new government not model its Socialist Reconstruction on the T.V.A. experiment?

The "American" T.V.A. Act of 1933 was, we repeat, part and parcel of the Roosevelt Commu-Socialist New Deal, and its Chairman was David Lilienthal, a German-American Jew. The British T.V.A. project—better known as the Hydro-Electric Board for Scotland—was sponsored by Mr. Churchill's Conservative-Labour-(P.E.P.)-Coalition and is designed to monopolise the waterpower of the Highlands of Scotland for the benefit of the Imperial Chemical Industries. The present Chairman of the Hydro-Electric Board is the 'anti-monopolist,' ex-'Labour' Secretary of State for Scotland, Tom Johnston, who believes in a modified form of home-rule for Scotland. In Wales, the home-ruling' National Party has published several pamphlets devoted to the advocacy of a T.V.A. for Wales.

"National Message," the organ of the British Israelite Movement (whose large advertisement in the 'National' Press is reported to have been financed by the B'nai B'rith, the International Jewish Secret Society founded in New York), devoted in its July issue, 1946, a long article to the subject of the Jordan Valley Authority.
"The Jordan Valley project for irrigation and hydro-electric power would be of inestimable value to Palestine ... the present scheme now being so avidly pushed by Zionist circles, with the technical assistance of American engineers, closely resembles that put forward by Mr. Hiorth [a Norwegian engineer who had outlined his scheme for "The Cultivation and Electricification of Palestine, etc.," before the Victorian Institute as early as 1932.—Ed.]

"The Zionist scheme proposes an open canal of some seven miles from Haifa, to Mount Carmel, and a twenty mile tunnel through the plain of Esdraelon to the edge of the great chasm of the Jordan Valley."
The Dead Sea (Potash Ltd., Chairman: The Earl of Lytton, who is prominently connected with the Judaeo-Masonic U.N.O., designed as a smokescreen behind which the Wall Street-Moscow axis can make their preparation for the third World War; and whose headquarters are at Lake Success, Long Island, U.S.A.); the Jordan Valley Authority (pushed by Zionists, assisted by technicians domiciled in the U.S.A.); Haifa (out-let of oil-pipeline from Arabia, forms part of the Jewish Domain or Land Trust, lavishly financed by Zionist bankers of New York, U.S.A.); the Hydro-Electric Board of Scotland (an auxiliary of the I.C.I., which shares a world monopoly in potash with I. G. Farben and Du Pont de Nemours, whose headquarters are in the state of Delaware). Delaware was the birthplace of the New Deal Corporation, from which grew the T.V.A.: the circle is closed and we are back in the native land of international organisations for the 'Enforcement of World Peace.' {42}

Behind the Iron Curtain which surrounds the territories governed by the T.V.A., German-American Jewish scientists have in recent years been engaged on Atomic research work. The Atomic Development Authority is the striking title which Mr. Bernard M. Baruch, the "American" member of the U.N. Committee on Atomic Energy, and the Great-grandfather, as one might say, of the New Deal set-up, which created the T.V.A., has given to his latest International Organisation for the achievement of 'World Peace:' His impassioned appeal for pooling the results of international Atomic research which was obediently applauded by the World Press, envisages the setting up of a Board possessing worldwide powers of inspection and expropriation. David Lilienthal, the Chairman of the T.V.A., has been suggested for the role of World Atomic Controller. ("National News Service," Washington,September, 1946.)

There is about all these world Financier-Communist arrangements a lack of that finesse on which the leading Jews have prided themselves, in their dealing with Gentile Governments since the days of Charlemagne. Mr. Baruch's almost hysterical appeal for a World Atomic Authority was immediately construed, by cynical observers, as an impatience to obtain access to that part of Canada where British scientists, engaged in Atomic research, are now, as always, leading the world in scientific advance. Is there any connection, these cynics wonder, between Mr. Baruch's almost indecent haste to obtain a world monopoly of 'the bomb' via A.D.A., and the disclosure by the Canadian Government of a Communist-Jewish (Samuel Carr, Fred Rose, etc.) conspiracy to deliver up British Atomic Secrets to Soviet Russia? For did not these disclosures mean that for the time being, at any rate, the Inner Wall Street-Zionist-Communist Circle would have to reckon without direct assistance from their Moscow associates?

However this may be (and there are some very 'phoney' aspects of this Atomic business) there is little doubt that the connecting link between the Communist spy-ring in Ottawa, the Moscow bureaucracy and Wall Street, is the world-wide conspiratorial movement known as Political Zionism.

Speaking at the Canadian-Arab Friendship Banquet at Montreal on May 26th, 1946, Mr. Norman Jaques said:
"There is, in this country, an organisation calling itself 'The Canadian Soviet Friendship Council,' whose avowed purpose is to promote friendship with Soviet Russia. It becomes clear, however, that the real purpose is to 'promote Communism among our people.' In fact this organisation was named by the Police as a field of Spy Ring activities. But that has not prevented the Soviet Friendship Council from holding meetings across Canada attended by all our best people ... now what is the key to the amazing official patronage of this organisation named in connection with the Spy Ring? May I remind you that the directors of the 'Communist Canadian Soviet Friendship Council,' are the same men who direct the Zionist {43} 'Canadian Palestine Committee,' or perhaps I should put it the other way round?"
And here is the verdict of the author of an article entitled In the Toils of the Snake, which appeared in the "Canadian Social Crediter," August 1st, 1946:
"It has been a matter for comment from time to time that Sir Ellsworth Flavelle is Chairman of the Canadian Palestine Committee of the World Palestine Committee and the founder of the Canadian Soviet Friendship League (named as an undercover Communist organisation during the recent Red Spy Ring trials). This should not be a wonder to anybody. It is all too plain, from the evidence of events, that Communism is the instrument of Zionism and Zionism is Communist. The policy and technique of both are identical."
Every country has its quota of Fred Roses, Doctor Mays, and Sir Ellsworth Flavelles, but in no country (outside of Russia) do the Zionist-Communists and their fellow-travellers predominate as in the official life of the U.S.A. According to the findings of the Dies Committee more than 700 federal employees holding key-positions in the Administration belong to the League of Peace and Democracy, which Congressman Dies stated was
"conceived in Moscow, delivered in Amsterdam, nourished in its infancy in America by the famous French Communist, Henri Barbusse; the American League for Peace and Democracy has from its beginning served the interests of the Soviet Government."
One of the greatest sensations in Washington of recent years was the revelation of the reputable American educator, Dr. Wirt, who stated in an interview that by invitation he attended a secret meeting of the "brain trusters" (leading light: Professor Felix Frankfurter, born in Vienna) in which the subject of "paving the way for a Communist Dictator" was freely and frankly discussed.
"Despite the revelations of the Dies Committee, we still have at least 680 communists in Washington on the government payroll who are "boring from within" and seeking the destruction of our government, and paving the way for a dictator."
Andrew Fabius: "The Rothschild Money Trust," 1940.
It is reported that the Communist-Zionist New-Dealers are on the way out, and that Mr. Henry Wallace is the last of the Roosevelt front-rank politicians, but we note that not so long ago the Washington administration refused to help the Canadian Government in disclosing the Ottawa spy-ring. Nor would the events in Europe since the ' liberation ' seem to indicate that there has been any real weakening of that old intimate alliance between Washington-New York and Moscow which was so vastly strengthened by the bloody events of 1917. {44}

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"We are the dupes of a deadly occultism. Ignorance of these unseen forces is happily on the point of being dispelled, to be followed by an extreme outburst of indignation.

"Current events in the world indicate that the dragon, having failed to achieve its desires by two world wars, and knowing that enlightenment is fast approaching, is making desperate and subtle bids for existence by winding its way through the nations, working every kind of mischief and strife in the name of good."
The Earl of Buchan, in Preface to "This Freedom," published by The Service for Economic Action.
Like the 'National Home' in Palestine, the Jewish-American Joint Distribution Committee is a legacy left to humanity by World War One, and would appear (like the Rothschild-Declaration of 1917) to be "but an incident of a far-reaching plan." In professional Relief and Habilitation circles the committee is affectionately referred as the J.D.C.:
"The J.D.C. had been engaged continuously in relief and reconstruction work in Europe since it was formed in the First World War to bring aid to war sufferers in Europe. It had maintained a large office after the war in Poland and Germany; when driven from Germany, in France; when driven from France, in Lisbon; and has spent during, the 25 years over 120,000,000 dollars ... was linked with philanthropic activities of every country of the Continent."
Bentwich: "Wanderer in War," p. 104.
The J.D.C., which was the forerunner of UNRRA in the same manner as the League of Nations was the predecessor of the U.N.O., has, it appears, for a quarter of a century been busy preparing for the UNRRA-invasion of the Continent. Professor Bentwich, who sympathised with all the 'international' intellectual movements sponsored in Great Britain during the war by P.E.P., the Royal Institute of Foreign Affairs, the League of Nations Union, etc. (all of which aimed at liquidating our National Sovereignty in favour of International World Organizations), was Vice-Chairman of an Executive Committee of Jewish Relief which linked up. with the J.D.C., on the one hand, and the nascent UNRRA on the other. This work brought him in touch with the Jewish representatives in the Allied Governments and Councils in London.
"The Czech Government was unambiguously well-disposed to Jewish rights, and the Jews recognized their good-will. The exiled Govern-ment Council with the largest Jewish element was the Free French. After the French, the Dutch Government-in-exile was the most con-cerned that Jewish units should help in the relief problems for the survivors ... several Jews held high positions in the Netherlands Civil Service. The Jewish (Relief) representatives of Jugoslavia were father and son. The senior Dr. Cohen had been the Court physician;, the junior was a secretary in the Cabinet of the Prime Minister." {45}
From this we gather that high-level politics and International Relief work were, from the outset, inextricably intermingled. All the Free governments-in-exile claimed to be in touch with 'underground' movements in their native countries, and it is therefore strange that they should have failed to inform the British Government and Press that the subject of Starvation-in-Europe, which occupied so much space in its columns, had no basis in fact. On the contrary, the exiled politicians helped to build up this great Myth, and from their subsequent activities when re-installed in their Liberated countries we are justified in saying that the Free (masonic) Governments-in-exile were all and sundry part of the Zionist-Communist world-conspiracy to fasten 'State' controls on the populations of our globe for—
"how do you impose controls unless by saying that there is not enough to go around?" International 'Relief' organisations and 'National' governments were in a firm alliance to carry to its final realization the Rothschild-Schiff-Baruch policy of properly controlling European requirements."
(Schiff, 1919).
UNRRA was born, we need hardly say, in the U.S.A. during one of those many World Congresses (Bretton Woods, Dumbarton Oaks, Hot Springs, etc.) where members of the International Jewish Banking Houses, assisted by their Gentile shop-front politicians, agreed with surprising swiftness and unanimity on setting up international machinery for global control of Finance, Armaments and Food. All the Governments of what came to be known as the United Nations ('Unity' being a key-word in World Masonry) issued, with equal swiftness, 'White Papers' explaining and endorsing these vast projects. There was about both the White Papers and the World Conferences a well-drilled crudeness reminiscent of the proceedings in the 'Nazi' Reichstag which indicated to certain observers that for the second time in our century the framers of International Control Schemes "were getting a bit anxious." And well they might, for a world food glut was, once again, almost round the corner. By 1945 the four great wheat exporting countries produced 46 million tons of wheat, while the estimated minimum production for 1946 is 55 million tons.

The largely agricultural province of Alberta, whose Social Credit Government has done more to safeguard the property rights of its citizens than any other administration in the world, and which has reduced taxation and public indebtedness at the same time as vastly improving its Social Services, contributed greatly to the situation which so alarms the ,gentlemen of the New York-Moscow Axis.

The Alberta Social Credit Board was the First Official Institution to publish realistic analyses of the world schemes formulated across the border. Of the international Security proposals put forward at Dumbarton Oaks in 1944 the annual report of the Social Credit Board of 1944 states:
The part that is to be played by the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Association (UNRRA) in the international plan is some-what obscured by the emotional appeal of its highly humanitarian purpose ... UNRRA could, undoubtedly, provide excellent machinery that could be used for cornering tremendous quantities of the {46} world's essential goods and materials. If this machinery is brought under the control of the international planners, and there are already indications that it has been, then it will prove to be one more effective means of controlling nations by the simple expedient of agreeing or refusing to provide them with the goods which they must have in order to survive. Just as the rationing of goods on a national scale has proven to be an effective method of gradually conditioning the people to a docile acceptance of bureaucracy and regimentation, so may UNRRA carry out a similar policy on a world scale ... the implication is clear. An international economic system is being created, and UNRRA is one of the agencies that is being employed to that end. "Without appearing" [in the fashion of Professor Toynbee and his friends] "to be engaged in carrying out this ulterior motive, the system must be imposed on the people by Stealth, so that the people and their governments will not realize that they are being enslaved until it is too late."
Since that Report was issued in 1944, UNRRA officials have, under supreme Jewish supervision, been active in every major country in the World, and the scattered local Black' Markets have been transformed into an oranised racket on a global scale.

The existence of a Black Market is, of course, merely proof of a faulty rationing system (as well as of the existence of Black Magicians) in exactly the same manner that the unsaleable surpluses of goods which during the wars were destroyed were proof of a faulty money-ticket accountancy system. But no amount of scientific proofs of the serious flaws in the orthodox price-fixing methods universally prevailing before the war could persuade the World Banking Fraternity, headed by Mr. Eugene Meyer, to increase the world's purchasing power, and the continued existence of rationing side by side with vast Black Markets in every country in which UNRRA officials have been active, is proof positive that Mr. Eugene Meyer is no more interested (as Boss Banker to a Hungry World) in scientific distribution of the world's goods and services than he was when Governor of the Federal Reserve World System, which determined the world-price level during the wars, with ruinous results to the farming community. Then, as now, the Meyers, Baruchs, Morgenthaus, Cohens, Rothschilds, Schiffs, Schusters, Lehmans, and La Guardias, and their Myriads of Black Magicians throughout the world, are determined to "overcome the threat of overproduction" by every means in their power. Their most important weapons are now, as always, prices, and 'controls,' the financial and socialist-bureaucratic methods.
" One of the most important and delicate problems which UNRRA will have to tackle will be the stabilization of prices and the setting up of some type of price control in liberated countries and the control of black market operations."
"The Financial Post," Canada.
The only scientific price-control is one which will enable the consumers to satisfy their needs of existing production. The Compensated Price technique of the Social Credit Proposals have, as we have seen, {47} been employed with complete success by British Governments during the war and have enabled British consumers to buy certain essential foods below the price of production. The stabilization of prices, on the other hand, is a mechanism designed to prevent consumers from obtaining their goods at the ever lower prices to which continuous improvements in productive processes entitle them, and is of the Devil. By fixing prices at arbitrary levels and controlling or rationing goods, UNRRA officials are carrying out traditional Jewish policies dating back into the early stages of our civilization.

The staff of the UNRRA has been trained at Maryland University, U.S.A., by the Jewish Dr. Frank Munk. The French representative is the Jew, Alphand. The Deputy-Director of the Welfare Division is the Jew, Greenstein; the Chairman of the European Council of the Joint Distribution Committee is the Jew, Dr. J. Schwartz. The Jew, A. J. Rosenman, was the deputy-chief of the Balkan UNRRA Mission early in 1945. The Chinese sector of the UNRRA is under another Jew.

Mr. Sol Blum, a key-position New-Dealer and member of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Senate, was made the liaison officer between U.N.O. and UNRRA. He is a Jew of Russian extraction.

When the Allied troops, at the command of the German-American General 'Ike' Eisenhauer, landed in Europe (the first "American" to jump ashore being the Jewish Lieutenant Rosenbloom) they found the larders of Starving Europe abundantly stocked. Hitler, that wicked man, had been impelled, long before his betters on the other side of the firing line, to modify orthodox price-fixing methods and to pay compensated prices to food-producers both inside Germany as well as in the countries whose sovereignties he abolished. The result was, as on the other side of the firing line, excellent, from a purely economic point of view.

UNRRA, however, followed in the wake of the 'Liberating' armies and gradually the picture began to assume the general sombre outlines retailed (and desired) by the Press of the United Nations.

Denmark, the Larder of Northern Europe, had before the war under Socialist auspices established an Export-Import Control Authority, called the Valutacentral, the director of which was Dr. Cohen, of the Danish Ministry of Finance. The corrupting and disrupting influences which emanated from this Jew-occupied economic bottleneck went far to ruining those sections of the Danish farming community which had not already been put hors de combat by an uneconomic price-level. By common consent the German occupation brought to Denmark (as to Norway) something in the nature of an economic renaissance, and at the time of 'Liberation' the productive apparatus of Denmark was intact, and rationing unknown. The Liberation-authorities lost no time in implementing the ration-schemes which had no doubt been elaborated by the personnel of the London School of Economics, P.E.P., 'Chatham House,' and their American counterparts, in the leisured seclusion of the Universities of Oxford, Cambridge and Maryland. The first important {48} result was, as everywhere, the emergence of a flourishing Black Market which in time will wither and die, as 'international' price-arrangements have already forced Danish farmers to reduce their stocks. 'Lack of Transport' was the reason given by the Allied authorities why the contents of the Larder of Europe could not be distributed to the populations of Starving Europe. But the real reason was, as my Gentile readers will have guessed, entirely political. It was not until the Danish Government had been forced to open the doors of its Larder to Soviet Russia (which now possesses a virtual monopoly of the chief grain-producing territories of the Continent) and it was not until a pro-Soviet ex-Communist politician had been appointed as British Minister of Food for the purpose of introducing the Soviet mechanism of bread-rationing into Great Britain, that Denmark finally came to terms with her oldest and best customer. Even so, Mr. Strachey, of the Laski-Gollancz Communist Publishing Trust, hastened to declare that the quantities of Danish bacon, eggs and butter, for the shipment of which he had made arrangements, would not necessarily improve British rations. Nor have they.

In Norway, the prosperous period of the Occupation came to an abrupt end with the return of the Government which was more interested in prosecuting Quislings and re-introducing an orthodox financier-socialist price-structure. than in promoting the welfare of its agricultural population, and price-squabbles between the different parties have since been the order of the day in the Norwegian Parliament, dominated now, as before the war, by Mr. Hambro, a member of the International Jewish financial house whose headquarters is in the City of London.

In Belgium 'Liberation' put a full stop to a flourishing Black Market, which had enabled the Belgian town-dweller during the Occupation to obtain access to the products of the Belgian farmer to the advantage of both. The finance minister of the post-'Liberation' government (which has done its utmost to prevent the native population from expressing its desire for the return of their legitimate King, Leopold of the Belgians) is M. Gutt, a Jew, who is at present the Director of the International Monetary Fund, which is a subsidiary agency of Mr. Eugene Meyer's World Bank.

The "resurrection" of France (whose Fall began with the German-Jew-engineered Revolution which liquidated the Monarchy and exiled the native aristocracy while bestowing equal status on the local Jews) was a complete, if temporary, triumph for the Communist-Zionist subversive elements, which have been in the ascendant at least since the 'Dreyfus Affaire' convulsed French Society and converted the Third Republic into an Eldorado for financial and political gangsters. The French Rothschilds have financed every political upheaval and 'government' since the departure of Napoleon (who had been financed by their ancestor, Mayer Amschel, of Frankfort), and they now began to exercise absolute sway over the increasingly scandalous politicians, members, as a rule, of those Revolutionary Grand Orient Masonic Lodges (whose upper degrees merge {49} into Alliance Israelite Universelle), which everywhere on the Continent have worked hand-in-glove with the ruling Financial House preparing the way for Communist-Zionist administrations &aagrave; la de Gaulle, Benes, Tito, etc.

We have noted Professor Bentwich's remark that the Free French Government-in-exile contained the largest element of Jews; we recall that General de Gaulle set up his war-time headquarters at Algiers, which is one of the world centres of Grand Orient Freemasonry, and that the 'French' liaison officer between Algiers and Washington was M. Mendes-France, a jew of Sephardic origin, while de Gaulle himself was treated to those estatic civic receptions in New York and Moscow which are mainly reserved for the select political agents of the Inner Circle.

On its arrival in France, provisional government began provisionally to 'nationalise' this and that industry to the consternation of the majority of that section of Frenchmen who had stayed at home, but to the great delight of the Zionist-Communist elements which had figured so conspicuously (according to the World Press and Radio) in the French Resistance movement.
"In France the (Zionist) movement which went underground during the German occupation, has now re-emerged under the direction of volatile Marc Jarblum, a Socialist and war-time Resistance fighter. It has 35,000 members ... the same is true of Czechoslovakia, Sweden, Switzerland and Belgium: strong Zionist movements.
"Second Exodus" "News Review," August 22nd, 1946.
The universal presence in the 'Liberated' countries of Europe of these highly-organized, well-drilled Communist-Zionist 'Resistance Fighters' accounts, to a large extent, for that utter barbarity and general sub-human atmosphere which pervaded the many 'trials' at which the so-called 'collaborationists' were condemned to death and life-long imprisonment. While the contemptible trial of Marshal Petain, the hero of Verdun, whose chief crime it was that, having been through one World Liquidation of Gentiles, he wanted to save his countrymen from a second 'Victory,' showed the depth to which a once Christian nation and its Judiciary can be reduced, there is, from our point of view, perhaps even more significance attached to the sentence of life-imprisonment conferred upon that gallant Royalist and brilliant writer, Charles Maurras, who for half a century has exposed the ramifications of the Judaeo-Masonic world plot with some of whose more immediately important aspects we are here dealing.

On her return after a busy and well-subsidized exile in the United States, Madame Tabouis, the French Jewess and international columnist, observed that the de Gaulle regime of regimentation and prison rations recalled the days of the Revolutionary Terror. M. Mendes-France had been appointed to the post of Minister of National Economy; M. Mayer was Minister of Transport, and M. Giacobbi (Jacobs) had been given the portfolio of Minister of Food. France has this year enjoyed a good harvest, but retains her bread-rationing system à la Russe. {50}

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"The German period of Jewry has now come to an end, and the Anglo-American period has begun. Now that 54 million Jews are active within the Anglo-American sphere, and a further 84 million in Eastern Europe see in it the promised land, the Jews are deliberately, though under compulsion, leaving the German sphere of culture and entering into that of the Anglo-American." (Emphasis in original.)
F. R. Bienenfield: "The Germans and the Jews," p. 245.
From the moment Lieutenant Rosenbloom jumped ashore in Normandy (to the accompaniment, so to speak, of the D-Day verse which that rabid German-baiter and Jew-screener, Lord Vansittart, had composed for "The Times," the chief 'Internationalist' organ in Great Britain), the tempo of the war-like events quickened enormously. Splintering their ' liberating' way through the lovely villages and fields of Northern France, the Jewish-starred jeeps and tanks of the invading armies soon reached the fatherland of Dialectical Materialism.

On attaining Cologne, the native city of Sir Ernest Cassel, and Baron Kurt von Schroeder, the leading Jewish-Nazi banker, the 'Americans' installed as burgomaster the Jew, Herr Winkler, fresh from the German underground," and in his capacity of Lord Mayor Herr Winkler lost no time in ordering the bombed-out natives—to the gloating delight of the Metropolitan press of this country—to clean out the sewers of their city. In Frankfort-on-the-Main, the German-American Supreme Commander 'Ike' Eisenhauer made the miraculously unmolested central offices of the I.G. Farben-trust his military headquarters. (Ever since the first generation of Rothschilds had financed both sides in the Napoleonic Wars from this fair city, the key positions in its Municipality and Police have been in the hands of the Jewish agents of the Rothschild family.) Then began the denazification ' of American'-occupied Germany, and from that moment to this the 'American' authorities have faithfully carried out the directives contained in the famous memorandum, J.C.S. 1067, which had been drawn up under the supervision of Henry Morgenthau, Jun., and is popularly known as the Morgenthau Plan. Mr. Demares Bess wrote in the "Saturday Evening Post" (January 26th, 1946):
"Although the Potsdam Declaration technically superseded the American directive J.C.D. 1067, in practice this directive never has been superseded, so far as Americans are concerned. We still are committed to apply in our zone a blue-print which was designed for the whole of Germany, but which never was accepted by any of our Allies. This directive is chiefly concerned with tearing things up, and in the absence of any common policy for the whole of Germany, our particular zone is threatened with 'planned chaos.'"
In the spring of 1946 were held the first 'democratic' elections in the American zone, and it is a curious reflection that the American authorities excluded not only the Nazis, but also the parties of the Right, which is (as Dr. Otto Strasser puts it) "as if in an English election, not {51} only 'Fascist' candidates were banned but also Conservatives," all of which goes to show that Messrs. Baruch-Morgenthau-Rosenman of 'American' Monopoly-Finance still agree with Messrs. Stalin-Tito-Beres-Mendes-France-Attlee of Monopoly-Socialism that the important thing is to attack the classes representing National Tradition and Organic Continuity while still further increasing "the power of the government over business and finance" (Baruch: anno 1913), and that the much publicised Byrnes-Bevin contra-Molotov verbal skirmishes are to be considered only as window-dressing for the gullible.

In their sector of Germany the 'Russians,' whose armies had first penetrated East Prussia under the leadership of the Jewish General, Chernyakhovsky, adopted far cruder methods for achieving the same result: the disruption of German economic life as a first step to creating a United 'Soviet' Germany directly administered from Moscow, and ultimately controlled by the Wall Street Inner Circle. Wedged in between these two sovietizing forces of the Wall Street-Moscow Axis, the British administration attempted, as in the case of Palestine, to make the best of a distasteful job, or, to put it bluntly, to administer with a maximum of humanity a completely diabolical policy. Equally free from the sexual sloppiness of the Hollywood-conditioned Yankee soldiers, and the sexual brutality of the 'Russian' hordes, the British Tommy proved, as always, his country's best Ambassador. Even our pro-Soviet wandering Zionist Professor Bentwich, who had followed the conquering armies into Hitlerland, is not blind to this fact:
"our soldiers, it was said, were protecting the enemy from our Allies."
"Wanderer in War," p. 196.
In the same manner British soldiers and officers have, and always will, protect the native populations, as far as is in their power, from the worst excesses of the anti-human policies pursued by the 'human' incarnations of that Hebrew Providence which was worshipped in the world's synagogues on the occasion of the German debacle. Professor Bentwich attended 'Divine' service in a Hampstead synagogue. The Rabbi and most of the congregation were "refugees from Nazi oppression," and most of them had "been integrated into our war effort." This added a piquancy to the proceedings which inspired certain elevated thoughts, summed up by Professor Bentwich as follows:
"The fifth anniversary of the war brought a spectacle of retribution, such as the Hebrew prophets might have proclaimed. It was impossible not to see the working of Providence before our eyes. The world history of our times was manifest as world justice,the divine judgment on man."
"Wanderer in War," p. 188.
In order to see with his own eyes the wonderful manifestations of world justice dispensed by his Hebrew Providence, Professor Bentwich, who, as a Zionist, would appear to be in possession of an international passport, went to Germany on the official ticket of lecturing to 'our' forces ("the army experiment in Adult Education was opening a new chapter in preparation for citizenship, national and supernational"). He {52} was struck by the misery, of the eternal trek of people, uprooted from their homesteads and farms:
" The German trunk roads, on which I drove from place to place, gave another example of terrible retribution ... the procession of slow horse-drawn farm-carts bearing families on top of their goods and chattels and bits and pieces of their farm, which marked the disintegation of ordered social life" (p. 191 ).
And, with that disarming naivety of the middle-class intellectual Jew with which readers of Jewish "apologies" will be acquainted, Professor Bentwich proceeds to console himself and his readers with a bit of what might be called Talmudic mathematics: for every Displaced Jew, "our" Providence demands X uprooted Gentiles.
"The Germans, particularly of the Eastern Marshes, were forced to be a gipsy people, in retribution for the effort of the Nazis to exterminate Jews, Poles and gipsies. The hopeless emigrants were looking for a place in western Germany to lay their heads. The agony of eight million German Displaced Persons was equal to the past agony of the millions of foreign Displaced Persons in Germany.'
Professor Bentwich is very careful not to mention the exact number and the particular race of the "foreign Displaced Persons" whose past agony demands the present tribulation of eight million wandering Germans, to say nothing of those other millions of Gentiles in almost every country in the world whose homes have been destroyed and relatives killed in the pan-Jewish Crusade against the 'German antisemites,' and of whom Professor Bentwich makes no mention whatever. But as no-one outside the editorial offices and episcopal palaces of Great Britain is prepared to accept the round number of six million Jews which the 'American' Counsel at Nuremberg (a macabre Grand Guignol Farce, stage-managed from behind by Judge Samuel Rosenman of the New York Kehilla) claims to have been liquidated, it is quite safe to say that we are a good way beyond the "eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" of the Old Testament, and well into the labyrinthine computations of the Talmud, the reading of which adds perspective to the term retribution of which Professor Bentwich and the Hebrew prophets are so fond: "Those who do not own the Torah, must all be killed, etc." Compare this with the statements of Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, etc., that the "Capitalist" countries must be embroiled in war to hasten the coming of the World Revolution, and with Professors Bentwich's, Laski's, Frankfurter's adulation of the Soviet Experiment and their complaisance vis-&agarve;-vis the millions of Gentile murders which it has involved.

Professor Bentwich did not get as far as Berlin, "the city which had become quickly the centre of European anarchy," but he learnt that some seven thousand Jews had flocked to Berlin and that they were divided
"... between the Jews of the professional classes in the English zone of Charlottenburg and the proletarian Jews in the Russian zone of the eastern quarters" (p. 193).
The presence in Berlin of this large number of that class of proletarian Jews which has figured so prominently in every anarchist-nihilist-Communist-Zionist {53} subversive movement in every country since the Revolution of 1917 opened the doors of the Russo-Polish Ghetto, would seem to account for the state of perpetual civil-war—reminiscent of New York and Chicago-&mdashwhiich has reigned in Berlin since the fall of the Nazis.

It was in this atmosphere of lurking terror that the Big Three met in July, 1945, to attend the first 'Peace' Conference. The newly-elected Mr. Truman (advised by the late President Roosevelt's intimate advisor, Justice Samuel Rosenman, who went from the Conference to consult with General Eisenhauer at his I.G. Farben-Headquarters, Frankfort-on-the-Main), and the recently self-elected Generalissimo Stalin (surrounded by his reinforced personal guard presumably still headed by Col. Jacob Rapaport, and advised by Molotov, whose technical assistant on Foreign Affairs is Soloman Abramovitch Lozovsky), and the newly-appointed 'Labour' Prime Minister Attlee (London School of Economics; Fabian Society; advised from behind by Messrs. Laski, Israel Moses Sieff, Sir George Schuster and Nathaniel Victor Mayer, third Baron Rothschild, whose ancestral city is Frankfort-on-the-Main) came to a 'satisfactory agreement' which, judging from the subsequent events, must have contained all the traditional elements contained in that long series of imperious Diktats which ever since the days of Frederick the Great (whose Seven Years War of constant attack had been financed by the Jewish firm of Ephraim, Itzig and Co.) have gone out from Potsdam, the sanctum of Prussian militarism.

The 'Polish' Government, dominated by Jacob Berman, Moscow's local Jew-agent; the 'Czechoslovak' Government, headed by Benes, a Grand Orient Freemason, whose Cabinet contains several Jews; the 'Jugoslav' Government, under the Communist Dictator Joseph Broz-Tito (assisted by a Jewish Vice-President, Moishe Pyade; by a Jewish Supreme Judge, Dr. Berkani; and advised on Foreign Affairs by M. Levy); the 'Hungarian' Government once again, as during the Red Terror of Bela Kun, dominated by a Jewish Cabinet; the 'Ukranian' Government, whose Foreign Secretary is the Jew, D. Z. M. Manuilsky, an associate of Bela Kun on the Komintern, and perhaps the most useful of Moscow's obstructionists at International 'Peace' Conferences; one and all of these Governments have, since 'Potsdam,' done everything in their power to dispossess and uproot the native owners of the land and tillers of the soil of Europe, regimented the populations and created vast armies and bureaucracies. In this they have been materially assisted, as is now universally recognized, by UNRRA, and this takes us back to Relief, Rehabilitation, and Professor Bentwich, who in 1945 made a tour of the 'Nazi' horror camps and conferred with their 'Liberated' inmates.
"It was poetic justice that refugee officers in our forces, and also in the American army, were appointed commanders and assistant commanders in those terrible concentration camps which were occupied by the Allies in 1945" (p. 28).
We do not know if it is allowable to identify these "refugee" officers of the Occupying Forces with the "dynamic leaders" of the following {54} passage, which seems to us to contain as apt a description of a state-bureaucracy anywhere as anyone could wish for:
" Belsen ... as they had no work, their activity was concentrated on talking, debating, planning ... the dynamic will of a few leaders who were thrown up in the community was tremendous, like a form of Atomic human energy. Under that leadership the insistent and persistent demand of the large majority was to open the gates of Palestine to Jewish immigration. They refused to understand any reason for the delay or for limitation. Their society was teeming and tense in a way which made Tel Aviv seem in retrospect a tranquil retreat."
"Wanderer in War," p. 193.
Tel Aviv, however, is not so tranquil as it used to be, and the clandestine arrival and infiltration into Arab territory of an ever swelling flood of the human Atom-bombs of the Russo-German horror camps, has made the Jewish cities of Palestine and the Jewish districts of every town throughout the Levant ("Zionist underground movements exist in all Arab countries" - " News Review," August 22nd, 1946) as 'teeming and tense' as any Tartar-Jewish intellectual could wish for.

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" Next Year in Jerusalem ...."—Traditional Hebrew Chant.
"The Jews might become the dynamite which would blow up the British Empire."
V. Jabotinski, Board of Deputies, Zionist, at Warsaw, 1931. ("Times," 30/12/31).
Owing to the courageous revelations of Major-General Sir Frederick Morgan, Chief of UNRRA in Europe, who in January, 1946, stated his belief that European Jews had a positive plan for a second exodus, and that there was an unknown Jewish organisation behind it, a series of events have been set in motion the importance of which it is difficult to overestimate. One of the immediate results was a partial abandonment by the World Press of the silence it had till then preserved on the Zionist World conspiracy. Between General Morgan's first statement in January (which cost him an apology to his chief, Mr. Lehman, of the Palestine Corporation, who, however, did not survive this victory, and yielded his place to a fellow Zionist, Mr. La Guardia) and General Morgan's second disclosure recently that UNRRA was being used as an umbrella for the activities of the Soviet Secret Police and other unlawful elements (disclosures which, cost him his job, quickly handed on to Mr. Meyer Cohen, of Washington), more space has been devoted in the 'National' Press to the Palestine issue and its various aspects than in all the years since the launching of the Zionist-Communist twin-experiment in 1917. This enables us to provide a series of close-ups of that Jewish trek from Russo-Poland-Germany to Palestine to which General Morgan (to the fury of {55} the Yiddish Press and world Jewish official spokesmen everywhere) first drew the world's attention. First, lest there be any doubt of the whereabouts of the Communist-Zionist High Command in ultimate charge of these sinister operations, we quote a comment of the leader-writer in "The Scotsman," on Mr. Truman's peculiar insistence on the admission of 100,000 Jews (neither more nor less) into Palestine:
"By his re-iterated advice that this country should, in contravention of its undertaking to the Arabs, immediately admit 100,000 Jews to Palestine he adds fuel to the fire."
"The Scotsman," September 9th, 1946.
President Truman, be it noted, often finds it necessary in times of crisis to confer with Mr. Bernard Mannes Baruch, of the United Nations "Atomic" Commission, and we have little doubt that this veteran financier-statesman is one of the final arbiters of the fates of the human atom bombs developed in the 'Nazi' concentration camps whose transport to Palestine Mr. Truman is prepared to finance, even though unwilling to take any responsibility for the consequences of their subsequent 'explosion.'

Here we give the word to the "News Review" (the weekly controlled by Odhams Press, founded by the Jewish Press magnate, the late Julius Elias, Lord Southwood, who was the leader of the 'Labour' Party in the House of Lords), which during the war was one of the foremost pro-Communist-Zionist periodicals in the country. Its 'conversion' to an acceptance of the theory of a world Zionist plot is as startling as it is symptomatic:
" No longer could it be doubted that the power behind the Jewish trek to Palestine was the shadowy organisation known to the world as Zionism. Maintaining no international secretariat ..."
(Why should it, as the U.N.O., the UNRRA, the UNESCO, the F.A.O., and the A.D.A., to say nothing of the World Banking Organisation who dominate them, possess vast international staffs chiefly devoted to furthering the policies of 'World Zionism' alias World Finance Commu-Socialism?)
"... but with a small office in Jerusalem attached to the Jewish Agency offices, the World Zionist Organisation is a collection of national federations, now operating openly or underground in 64 countries ... As President of both the Jewish Agency and World Zionism, Chaim Weizmann is ... intolerant of opposition within the movement, fond of conspiratorial methods; ... heading the Zionist movement in Britain is Lawyer Barnett Janner [M.P.—Ed.], once a Liberal [like the Rothschilds—Ed.], now Labour [like the Rothschilds--Ed.]. Though Janner is its titular head, its most colourful figure is mathematics Professor Selig Brodetsky, born in the Ukraine and brought up in London's East End."
August 22nd, 1946. {56}
Brought up in London's East End, and hailing, like Professor Brodetsky, from the Jewish sector of Russia are also Mr. Silkin, the Jewish 'Labour' Minister of Town and Country 'Planning,' a former director of Marks and Spencers; Emmanuel Shinwell, the Jewish 'Labour' Minister of Fuel and Power and 'nationaliser' (i.e., monopoliser) of the British Coal industry; Mr. Piratin, the Jewish 'Communist' member of the British House of Commons, and a leader of the Communist attack staged via the Squatters on British property, an attack which was assisted by the Metropolitan police and the W.V.S. organisation, the head of which is Stella, Marchioness of Reading (Mrs. Rufus Isaacs). Mr. Piratin represents the Jewish borough of Stepney, whose Council provided several of those enthusiastic Communist Councillors (Israel Rosen, etc.) who are expert leaders of 'the people' of the East End, whether it is a question of staging a demonstration against British policy in Palestine, or leading an attack upon the private houses of British property-owners. But we must turn our attention from racial Zionists in the British House of Commons: Messrs. and Mesdames Austin, Comyns, Diamond, Edelman, Follick, Gould, Guest, Janner, G. & S. Jeger, Lever, Levy, Lewis, Lipton, Mack, Messer, Mikardo, Morris, Orbach, Piratin, Samuels, Segal, Shinwell, Silkin, J. & S. Silverman, Solley, Strauss, Stross, Weitzman and Wilkes, all Jews; mostly members of Lord Rothschild's 'Labour' party, to their co-religionists now trekking their way from Russia, Poland, and Germany to Palestine, Cyprus and beyond.
"Most tortuous, and until recently most widely used, route was the Lodz-Munich Italy run, along which thousands of Jews from Poland and White Russia were brought to the Mediterranean. Collected around Lodz, south-west of Warsaw, the refugees were taken along a regular trekking route to a point close to the Polish-German-Czech frontier."
"News Review," August 22nd, 1946.
On arrival at the Czech frontier, a correspondent to the "Scotsman" (August, 1946) informs us, the refugees were received by Jewish-American organisers of the transition camp until they were ready for the next move.
"Crossing into the Russian zone of Germany, they were put on trains for Munich. In Munich [in the American zone] the refugees found an efficient organisation to receive them in camps evacuated by previous contingents. Supplies of UNRRA food and bedding were on hand. Sorted into communal units ... they passed into the Russian zone of Austria ... From Austria the route lay over the mountain frontier into Italy, punctuated by established hostels manned by Jewish organisations." (Our emphasis.)
"News Review," August 22nd, 1946.
And now let the "Picture Post," a periodical belonging to another Leftist-pro-Soviet-Wall Street Publishing Trust, Hultons Ltd., take up the thread:
"The organisation is largely in the hands of a special body attached to the Jewish Resistance Movement in Palestine. Most of the men {57} and women concerned in it were parachuted by the Allies into Eastern Europe and Italy during the war. Their job was to contact Jews and others, in order to prepare routes for escaping airmen and for such Jews as could get away. They have returned to the same countries as civilians, and their training in the Special Services of the British Army is now used to organise the Jewish Dunkirk to Palestine." (Our emphasis.)
"Picture Post," August, 1946.
And now we listen to Mr. Attlee, that life-long labourer in the Cause of a Zionist-Communist World Government, who in 1934 stated:
"We have absolutely abandoned any idea of nationalist loyalty. We are deliberately putting a world order before our loyalty to our own country."
After six months of silence, he endorsed the views for which General Morgan had been reprimanded by one of the chief members of the World-Order-Conspiracy;
"It is clear that the present illegal traffic is not a movement arising spontaneously among the European Jews but ... a widely ramified and highly organised movement, supported by very large financial contributions from Zionist sources ...

Identity and ration cards and travel documents are forged on a large scale: Food, clothing, medical supplies and transport provided by UNRRA for the relief of suffering in Europe are diverted to the maintenance of the underground railway to Palestine.

"There is evidence that the terrorist elements among the Jews has been reinforced from the ranks of illegal immigrants."
"News Review," August 22nd, 1946.
About the same time Mr. Attlee's Government published (also about six months too late) a White Paper on "Palestine: Statement of Information Relating to Acts of Violence." Unlike most other official documents we have seen, the Palestine White Paper is short and to the point. It is, in fact, too short. Why, one wonders, are the facts submitted
"not intended to be a complete statement of all the evidence in the possession of His Majesty's government. Nor are the specific instances herein referred to by any means a complete list of the incidents of violence and sabotage which have taken place in recent months?"

What keeps the government ' from putting the whole case before the public? The 'International interest'? Or is there still a war on? And if so, who is the enemy?
Perhaps the following official Jewish statement provides the beginning of an answer:
"Outstanding work in Psychological Warfare and the collection of vital information for Allied Intelligence was done with Jewish cooperation not only for the Middle East but also for Austria, Hungary, Rumania, Czechoslovakia and Yugoslavia. Many of the leaflets dropped by Allied airmen over Europe were prepared in Palestine, which in the years 1940-43 became one of the principal intelligence centres for the United Nations. From 1941 onwards, increasing {58} numbers of Palestine Jews were employed by the Allies Strategical Services."
"Palestine Information Bulletin," issued by the Jewish Agency, October, 1946.
The Government's reticence which till recently was reflected in the entire national Press, is all the more reprehensible when it is realized that a thorough and rapid exposure of the World Zionist Plot may yet prevent the outbreak of the Third World Revolution War, so confidently prophesied in the circles which were the beneficiaries of the two preceding instalments. But brief though it be, the White Paper contains more vital facts than any other we have seen, and should be studied by all. It confirms that Palestinian Jewry has been conscripted into a totalitarian-cradle-to-grave-organisation on the best 'Nazi' - 'Labour' model;
"Something in the nature of conscription is in force; a year's service being obligatory for senior school children male and female, between the ages of 17 and 18. The Jewish publication, 'Haboker,' stated that prior to 11th November, 1945, 'every movement must submit to the Jewish Agency's Recruiting Department in Tel Aviv a roster of its members, male and female, who must enlist.'"
We learn that every one of the military, or para-military, organisations in Palestine are under the ultimate control of the Jewish Agency which, as we know, is under the supreme direction of the Chief Confidential advisers to Gentile Governments, the Baruchs, Rothschilds, Mond-Melchetts, Isaacs- Readings, Sieffs, Schiffs, Warburgs, etc.

(We shall look forward to a Government White Paper which, in two or three years' time, will reveal this relationship known to all serious students of the Jewish Question, and to another official document devoted to the universal triumph of the principle of military conscription, everywhere introduced under direct Jewish supervision, whether in Prussia of 1730 or Great Britain of 1946, the military Hohenzollern dynasty and the British 'Labour' Party having more in common than is revealed at first sight.)

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"Joseph advised the king to look out a man discreet and wise, and set him over the land of Egypt "—(of course, only a Hebrew was fitted for such a post)--" and let him appoint officers over the land, and take up the fifth part of the land of Egypt in the seven plenteous years. And let them gather all the food of good years that come, and lay up corn ... in the cities." (Gen. xii., 34-35.) ... Immediately he put into execution the scheme long before elaborated, we may assume, with the aid of the powerful fraternity. He organized a wheat trust ... --just as, in our own day, Shapiro has done in America, Louis Louis- Dreyfus in France, and a Moscow Jew in Soviet Russia. Wheat in ancient Egypt was more of a staple than with us to-day, the man who fixed the price of wheat was the arbiter of {59} plenty and famine ... thus Joseph advocated what we call to-day 'planned economy' or 'regimentation,' along the lines of P.E.P. of Mr. Israel Moses Sieff and the Fabians in London, and of the 'New Deal' of Messrs. Brandeis, Frankfurter, Tugwell, and others in Washington."
Warron Weston: "The Father of Lies," pp. 78-79.
"Those who control the ration-books of the proletariat control their votes." Lenin.
The 'Labour' Government's Second Food Shortage White Paper (Cmd. 6879) was published shortly after the document dealing with the Jewish Terror in Palestine, and one can almost hear the sigh of relief with which the professional framers of White Papers turn from the sticky subject of Palestine to that vastly more congenial theme of the World-Food-Shortage.

Page after page is filled with "approximate consumption levels," "estimated shipments," "proposed ration scales," diagrams of "calories," and all the bureaucratic abracadabra to which ten years of P.E.P.—London School of Economics government have inured the hapless population of these islands. But even here, on their very own ground, the alien-inspired bureaucrats seem in their hurry to have lost some of their habitual cunning. Their pseudo-scientific verbiage is so heavily interlarded with wishfully adverse crop-and-weather forecasts, and so thickly studded with such phrases as "gravity of the current situation," "situation might turn worse than report indicated," and—this is the White Paper's signature tune--" precarious until after the 1947 harvest," that even a tyro in politics must begin to grasp the Big Idea: unless 'We' can keep the World Food Shortage Myth going for at least another twelve months 'We' shall be unable to maintain our World-Monopoly of Finance, Food, and the Heavy Industries, and 'We' shall have lost the final chance of establishing 'Our' Financier-Socialist-Communist-Zionist World Government.

There is no doubt about it. Our ancient enemy, the Father of Lies and all his brood in the world's bureaucracies, are in a great hurry when they hardly even trouble to hide their desires, and openly announce the approximate date—" after the 1947 harvest "—at which they expect them to be fulfilled. We have been warned, and every new International Conference and every fresh International solution of our troubles further underline the warning: it is now or never. The World Food Plot is nearing its climax.

The Director-General of F.A.O. is Sir John Boyd Orr, the British nutrition-expert who, during the Armistice years, realized that about a third of the British population was chronically under-nourished. He also observed (in common with everybody else who observed anything at all) that there was at the same time an abundance of food in the world, but he failed to draw the correct and obvious conclusion that this abundance of food did not reach the empty stomachs because their owners did not possess the money which would have bought the food on sale. It is evidently this failure (so characteristic of the professorial and laboratorial {60} world which has produced the Atom Bomb and handed it over, all nicely tied up in paper and string, to the world's power-maniacs), which has endeared Sir John Boyd Orr to the secret framers of the agenda of world congresses.

At Washington, the F.A.O. delegates approved, in May, 1946, an appraisal of the world situation which (White Paper II.)
"had been prepared by a number of technical groups drawn up mainly by British, American, and UNRRA officials working in collaboration with the Combined Food Board."
It was about this time that Mr. Eugene Meyer was appointed Director-General of the World Bank, otherwise "Boss Banker to a Hungry World," and his co-racialist, Mr. La Guardia, made Director-General of UNRRA. Mr. Bernard Mannes Baruch, although busy with his World Atomic Authority, was within reach and found also time, we presume, to interest himself in World Food. His approval was apparently bestowed upon the findings of the Washington Food Conference, for we read that:
" the Conference expressed general approval of the conclusions reached in the Appraisal of the World Food Situation, 1946-47, that the world food shortage will continue to be acute at least until the crops are harvested in 1947." (Cmd. 6879.)
Although the "Labour" Government, in its White Paper, is careful not to vouch for the accuracy of all the statistics upon which these lugubrious conclusions are based, it is with obvious and traditional relish (shades of the Webbs, Keyneses, Beveridges, Toynbees, and all their kidney) that it gives prominence to the final conclusions of the Washington Conference:
It was against this sombre setting that the F.A.O. Conference took up its task of formulating a plan for bridging the gap ... recommended that the wartime Combined Food Board (United Kingdom, United States, and Canada) should be broadened to include all the principal producing and consuming countries, and the New International Emergency Food Council has since been set up to coordinate the whole international movement of food supplies." (Ibid.)
The Combined Food Board, we need hardly add, operates from Washington.
" We are suffering a blockade which is being deliberately imposed on us with the assistance of careerist politicians of all parties. We used the blockade as a military weapon against Germany in 1914-1918 to break the spirit of the German 'home front '; the same weapon is now being used administratively against British housewives to break the spirit of the British people. Meantime Internationalist organisations are being created, immune from our laws, and not responsible to the British Crown, or to the British electorate, and they have been given control of our food supply. The principal internationalist {61} organisations which are being used for this subversive work are the Combined Food Board and UNRRA."
"Housewives' Voice," August, 1946.
The Combined Food Board has distinguished itself by being invariably and grotesquely wrong about its 'estimates' of the World Food Stocks, but has duly developed, as it was designed to do, into an International Ministry of Food, which determines and dictates the food policies pursued by the various 'National' Ministers of Food, mostly of the Communist-Zionist variety (Jacobs in France, Strachey in Great Britain). Assisted by the UNRRA (scheduled soon to be 'liquidated' —in the manner of the Comintern—a stratagem which will enable its compromised personnel to continue their price-stabilizing' and food-rationing efforts behind a new and fresher-smelling label) the Combined Food Board has succeeded in the space of a year in emptying the well-stocked larder of wartime Great Britain, for the benefit of the Police-Terror Regimes set up by Moscow behind the Iron Curtain.
"During the inter-war period it was the gradual encroachment of planners which gave birth to what we now know to be planned scarcity. Naturally, millions were underfed. Today we see the fruits of world planning—with the result that hundreds of millions are underfed. The marketing boards of the '30's have given place to world marketing boards such as the Combined Food Board. The result has been an intensification of starvation."
"Views," July 5th, 1946.
UNRRA is, once again, in the centre of the conspiracy, and provides the machinery, or the ' pipeline,' as our social engineers would say, through which flows the abundance of the West into the bleak terrorised regions behind the Iron Curtain. And, as always, 'British' Labour by contributing enormous sums (derived from taxation) is the pliant tool of the world plotters, is part and parcel of the global intrigue which for the third time in our generation forces John Smith, of Britain, to present his military enemies with the ammunition with which to blast to bits his home and his country.

The year 1946 has given us two 'British' White Papers on the world Food Shortage, and two International Food and Agricultural Congresses devoted to setting up international machinery for planning the distribution of the World's Food. We have never had less or worse food in this country. The first Conference was, as we have seen, held in Washington, and approved the pro-Soviet activities of the Combined Food Board-UNRRA administration, and the second Conference, which ought to have been held in Moscow, took place in the 'neutral' city of Copenhagen, which is reported to be a centre of Occultism and World-Freemasonry. During two successive world wars Copenhagen and Stockholm have sheltered Communist-Zionist clearing-houses of Finance, and News.

Midway between the Washington and the Copenhagen Conferences came the introduction of bread-rationing in Great Britain. Sir Ben Smith, who looked like an honest man, and who apparently shared Mr {62} Churchill's view that if the Liquidation of the British Empire were prescribed, somebody else would have to be found to perform that task, was succeeded by Mr. John Strachey.

For more than five years Mr. John Strachey was acknowledged as one of the chief intellectual inspirers of British Communism, and wrote continuously for the "Daily Worker" (penny edition). With Professor Laski and Mr. Victor Gollancz he headed the Left Book triumvirate, which determined the choice of the works to be published by the anti-Christian Left Book Club.

We were told by our fathers and grandfathers that nothing gives a better clue to a man's character than the company he keeps, and no Briton can afford to ignore the affiliations and associates of the gentleman who is now in supreme charge of the Nation's larder.

Mr. Gollancz hails from the Russo-Polish Jewish Pale of Settlement which, before the Revolution of 1917, contained the vast majority of the world's Jewish proletariat, and from which came many of the present leading organisers of the International Labour Trade-Union Cartel, such as the Sieffs, Marks, Laskis, Hillmans and most of the members of the numerous 'Rose' clan, including Fred Rose, the only Communist member of the Canadian House of Commons, now safely imprisoned, after a trial which involved employees of the International 'Labour' Office and graduates of the London School of Economics, and in which Jews figured prominently. Mr. Gollancz has, however, contributed in a more personal and direct manner to the solution of our present discontents by pressing for an immediate lowering of the Immigration bars of the British Empire in favour of the persecuted Jews of the Continent with particular emphasis on the possibilities in Palestine (vide Let My People Go) and, quite recently, by contributing another pamphlet in favour of the tightening of British belts for the benefit of starving Germany.

Professor Laski, also of Eastern European origin, is descended, like Karl Marx, from a long line of distinguished Rabbis. According to the "Saturday Evening Post" (May 18th, 1946) he considers his chief task is "to create the atmosphere in which Labour will get votes ten years from now," and the same source avers that sixty-seven of the Labour representatives in the present House of Commons once studied under Laski, and that Laski-students "today hold key-positions in six continents." Professor Laski, who till recently was Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Labour Party and who wants British Labour to stand "four square behind Soviet-Russia," wrote in a Left Book Club publication ("Faith, Reason and Civilization"):
"Christianity has failed, and the Russian ideal is taking its place as the inspiration of mankind, and as the standard of public morality."
Jehovah was ever a bloodthirsty Master, and the fact that the Soviet' experiment has involved the liquidation of thirty million native Russians, at a conservative estimate, has not entirely escaped Professor Laski, but he accepts "the ugliness of all these things"; and does not even attempt to excuse them."
("Faith, Reason and Civilization.") {63}

Whether our present Minister of Food-Shortage also "accepts the ugliness" of these things we do not know, but we note that in his advocacy of the Soviet scheme of things he succeeds in never mentioning the cost of the Russian experiment in human blood, sweat and tears. In a Gollancz publication Mr. John Strachey wrote:
"Just as Communism provides the only possible solution of the problem of the class conflict by abolishing classes, it also provides the only solution of the problem of the international conflict, by abolishing national sovereignties ... A Communist economy cannot possibly admit of national boundaries ... Communism does provide a basis upon which the world can be progressively unified ... we must never forget for a moment that British Communism is part of a world-wide movement, the successes, or failures, of any part of which quickly react upon the prospect of all its other parts" (p. 371)
and again
"A working-class dictatorship can alone open the way to Communism ... the assumption of the power by the workers can occur by means of revolution alone."
"The Coming Struggle for Power:" Gollancz, 1932.
During the investigations of the Communist-Zionist spy-plot held in Ottawa in 1946, one of the witnesses explained that his pro-Sovietism was kindled by the reading of Leftist literature and that he had perused "some of Strachey." Since 1932 Mr. Strachey has seen Sovietism fulfil all his expectations (national boundaries have been abolished by the dozen, millions of middle and upper-class persons, everybody, in fact, with an income and an opinion of his own, has been liquidated by the Gestapo-Ogpu of Russo-Germany, and the world has been progressively 'unified,' i.e., sovietized), while his undisguisedly subversive views have carried him, via the 'Labour' Party and the B.B.C., to one of the highest positions in the State.

Mr. Strachey shares with Messrs. Laski and Gollancz a profound admiration for Lenin, the hero of the "Russian" Revolution. It was to implement the Leninist-Sieff policy of controlling the 'Proletariat' by controlling their ration-books, that Mr. Strachey was pushed into the centre of the Food Drama stage. He had no doubt studied with care Mr. Israel Moses Sieff's directive contained in "Planning," for March, 1946.
"During the transitional period, world shortages will constitute an automatic restriction which will necessitate limitations of food-imports into Great Britain and a continuation of rationing."
Mr. Strachey almost immediately repaired to Washington and produced samples of those B.U.'s (to prove that 'We' were in earnest) which were introduced in Great Britain on July 21st, the Christian Sabbath, when most Gentile shops are closed in this country. A nation-wide revolt of bakers and housewives had compelled Mr. Strachey to modify his scheme on several points before it was ever introduced. The implementation of the scheme caused widespread chaos, and involved a vast {64} extension of bureaucratic machinery. Mr. Strachey explained that the scheme would be dropped as soon as it was safe to do so, and asked the protestant housewives and citizens to believe that no government would contemplate rationing bread unless it was absolutely necessary. Across the water, Mr. Strachey's Zionist-Communist colleague, Mr. Jacobs, of the French Ministry of Food, or his successor, announced that bread-rationing must continue, in spite of the excellent harvest. From Canada and America came the reports of bumper harvests, which have now been confirmed. From Russia came word that bread-rationing was being abolished, for the first time since 1917. The Russians had succeeded in coming to an agreement with the Danish farmers about imports of bacon, butter and eggs (where the British Minister had for more than a year failed), and now that the Russian demand has been met, Mr. Strachey came to an arrangement with Danish agriculturists, and some time later it is announced in Great Britain that there is likelihood of the butter-ration being cut:
"The whole of this food business is sinister in the extreme. Mr. Strachey announces agreements with Canada for wheat, and Denmark for bacon, eggs, and butter, but hastens to add that these large supplies will not improve our rations. Where is all this stuff going to at our expense? Unless there is some explanation which excludes unauthorised supplies either to Russia or Russia's satellites, it is beginning to look as though we are going to need a few treason trials in this country."
"The Social Crediter," August 10th.
After three weeks of bread-rationing Mr. Strachey produced at a 'Labour' rally in Dundee some miraculous figures of tons of flour saved, figures which were promptly repudiated by the master-bakers of England: "We are having wool put over our eyes and are being misled for political purposes." On the same day the British Sunday papers carried leading articles devoted to the coming F.A.O. Congress at Copenhagen. The "Observer" (owned by the Astor family, who are friends of the third generation of Schiffs of Kuhn, Loeb and Co., New York) declared itself beforehand as a supporter of the scheme that Sir John Boyd Orr was to propose in Copenhagen.

The scheme, according to the "Observer," aimed both at overcoming the World Food Shortage and avoiding the threat of unsaleable surpluses. Although the leader-writer did not explain exactly at what moment a World-Food-Shortage becomes a World-Food-Glut, his readers did gather that the last calamity was the greater of the two:
"The first thing is to create a reservoir which would take up a temporary surplus of food and hold it in reserve. This reservoir the World Food Board would provide."
"The Observer," August 18th, 1946.
And having "laid up sufficient quantity of corn in the cities," as Joseph would have said, it was necessary "to look out a man discreet and wise, and set him over the land of Egypt," or, in modern parlance, to create an international machinery of food control transcending national frontiers: {65}
"The Board, acting in conjunction with other international agencies such as the International Bank [Director-General: Eugene Meyer, of the Wall Street Stock Exchange and the Federal Reserve Board—Ed.] and the proposed International Trade Organisation, would help the poorer countries ... the plan is bold and far-reaching; it is not surprising to find the Governments approaching it cautiously ... . the most formidable obstacle will be the incursion on national sovereignty and economic independence which the plan involves.

"Here is an opportunity to make a first inroad on national sovereignty in a field ... where it can be done without calling on countries to make a dramatic surrender of their political independence."
"Observer," August 18th, 1946.
And then, against the 'sombre setting' of a city whose restaurants are filled with all the delicacies which have been denied to the native inhabitants of this country since long before the second world war for peace and plenty, Messrs. La Guardia, Strachey and Boyd Orr repeated all the sentiments and came to all the conclusions which the leader-writers of the world's press had so prophetically anticipated.

On that note of elevated idealism which also characterised the world-challenging harangues of the late Professor Wilson, Professor Boyd Orr propounded 'his' scheme on September 4th. He wanted "to stabilize prices on the international market, as well as the home markets, and build up a world reserve of food." This involved (yes, Gentile reader, you have guessed right) a World Food Board, and all these arrangements would maintain full employment, which would "lift the man on the land, and the man in the street, out of their poverty."

Not content with solving the trifling problem of the world's poor and hungry, Sir John (whose quiet ways and pipe-smoking habits have made him a success with our lesser scribbling brethren of the international mass propaganda-sheets known as newspapers) keeping his eyes steadily fixed on the ends of the earth, and giving expression to the little still voice within him, revealed the real aims of the World Food Congressionists:
"The carrying out of these proposals would do more than solve the problem of food and agriculture. It would help to bring about world unity."
And then, remembering that not all his hearers were members of the World Masonic Craft and ready to vibrate (' applaud') in set and traditional fashion at the utterance of the magic term of Unity, he hastened to add:
"We have reached a crisis in all our civilization. The World is so small that the nationals must agree or fight. Here is a plan that can bring no fear, but prosperity for all and international co- operation that would be the beginning of one world government."
Sir John, in other words, speaks to a Brief, and his clients (whether he knows it or not) are our friends the Permanent Confidential Advisers {66} to Governments, the Financier-Zionist-Communists of the Wall Street-Moscow Axis, for whom idealist Professors appear to be the perfect microphones.

Mr. John St. Loe Strachey jumped up to support Sir John's proposals for the world stabilization of prices and world government, and stressed the necessity of only such machinery being set up as would include the Soviet administration, which is not a member of F.A.O. We note that every one of the main speakers felt impelled to touch briefly upon the monetary aspect of distribution and then hastened on to the burden of their arguments: the urgent need for a world government. Mr. Strachey delivered himself of the following 'considered views':
"The gluts which ruined the world before the war were quantitatively often surprisingly small. [They were enormous—Ed.] Only a tiny increase in effective demand of the masses of the world is necessary to prevent them from occurring. [A doubling or a trebling of the average income would have been necessary to liquidate the 'gluts'—Ed.] We want to stabilize fluctuations, otherwise we shall be playing right into the hands of the stock-exchanges. The farmer suffers by fluctuation. The broker or the grain-agent make money whether the price is up or down."
"Farmers Weekly," September 13th, 1946.
Mr. La Guardia, who had flown to the Conference from New York, the world's greatest centre of centralization and corruption, showed an even greater concern for the farmer, and detestation for his exploiter "the broker," than his British colleague:
"It would be easy to stabilize prices in the way that the speculators and gamblers would like—but it would not do the job. This (plan) is putting the parasites out of the temple."
After which, these two new friends of the world's farmers, proceeded to endorse the proposals for a World Food Board, which, we have little doubt, will have its headquarters somewhere between Lake Success, Long Island (where UNO is established, and where the New York financiers have their week-end houses) and Wall Street, to be within easy manipulation of the Communist-Zionist-Financier clique which has created every Corner (I beg their pardon, 'Reservoir') in America since Levi Leiter cornered the wheat market in 1910; who have caused every 'fluctuation' on the world's Corn- and other Exchanges; have restricted and extended 'effective demand,' or purchasing-power, thus creating booms and slumps at will and scarcity amidst plenty (those wicked 'gluts' which Mr. Strachey says ruined the world between the wars) since time immemorial, and who are now perfectly willing to exchange the right to dominate a free world market for the far greater opportunity of being in supreme control of a Planned World Economy.
"Calling for the early establishment of the permanent international body on the lines suggested, Mr. La Guardia warned F.A.O. to be careful in its selection of international experts. 'I suppose they are {67} necessary, he said, 'but be sure you get a financial expert and not a pawnbroker in a custom-tailor suit.'
"Farmers Weekly," September 13th, 1946.
There is little danger that the select audience who listened to Mr. La Guardia's 'warnings' and 'impassioned appeals' will make the mistake of taking the distinguished members of the financial Jewish families; of Rothschild (ancestral city: Frankfort); Schiff (ditto.); Baruch (ancestral city: Schwersen, East Prussia); Warburg (Hamburg); Cassel and Schroeder (Cologne); Goschen (Leipzig); Schuster (Frankfort); Speyer (ditto.); Strauss (Mannheim); Mond-Melchett (Cassel); Beit (Hamburg); Hirsch-Hirst (Leipzig), etc., etc., for "pawn-brokers in custom-tailor suits" when these Permanent Confidential Advisers to Fluctuating 'Allied' Governments in due time will proffer their services, but Mr. La Guardia made it clear to his fellow Food Conspirators of the 49 nations, 'represented' at Copenhagen that the time for their acceptance of such 'expert' financial advice is short;
"With a wave of the hand, Mr. La Guardia swept aside the demands for postponement and caution ... . with upraised clenched fists [suitable combination of the communist salute and the masonic sign of distress?—Ed.] Mr. La Guardia shouted: If you don't do it now, it will be 1949 or 1950 before we get things going."

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"There never would be peace in Europe until the problem of the Jewish People in Europe was solved. And the World ought to know it."
Rabbi A. H. Silver, in Conway-Hall Speech, March 12th, 1942.
"If Zion falls, the British Empire falls with it."
Lord Nathan, present 'Labour' Minister of Civil Aviation,—"Jewish Chronicle," January 27th, 1939.
"There is scarcely an event in modern Europe that cannot be traced back to the Jews. We Jews are today nothing else but the World's seducers, its destroyers, its incendiaries, its executioners.'
Dr. Oscar Levy, in preface to "The World Significance of the Russian Revolution."
On the continent of Europe the policy of Sovietization and the up-rooting of the farming communities, whose material and mental stability are the greatest hindrance to a Centrally-governed World, continues. The miserable trek of farm carts goes on without ceasing. And yet, in spite of war, terror and famine (so strong are the centrifugal forces in human society), more than half of the world's population are still living on, and attached to the soil. {68}

Amongst the tillers of the soil in Europe there is no Food Shortage, as the Protocols of the Elders of Zion predicted there could not be ("they can still be harmful to us from the fact that they are self-sufficing in the resources upon which they live"), and as the 'Labour' Governments Times second FoodShortage White Paper confirmed:—
"it is true that in many of the hungry countries (sic) a higher level of consumption than the average is enjoyed by favoured individuals, including the farm population." (Our emphasis.)
Cmnd. 6879, July, 1946.
The Shortage of Food in non-Soviet Europe is largely confined to the towns; "... the ordinary town dweller cannot afford to augment his diet over the bare ration level to any great extent." (ibid.)

The chief concern of the Elders of Zion has always been with ways and means of turning a maximum number of the free "men of the land" into financially and bureaucratically enslaved "men in the streets" while keeping the two sections at loggerheads, through an unjust, i.e., un-scientific, method of price-fixing.

Now, we know that the citification, or industrialization (which is the same thing) of the world is a policy everywhere pursued by the world-planners; that it is amongst the industrial proletariat of large cities, cut off from the health-giving wind and rain and sun of the countryside that our 'productive socialist planners ' find the best soil for " sowing their intellectual seed "; that the Jewish people are unique in that they congregate almost exclusively in large towns; that most, if not all, social disturbances are town phenomena, and are everywhere dominated by members of the Jewish race.

Whitehall, we gather, has absorbed many of the socialist-legalist "refugees from Hitler's tyranny," and it is from Whitehall that the Government's attack on British fundamental industries, chief of which is agriculture, emanates:
"Above all, don't listen to any Government advice. Our rulers are not concerned with your well-being in the slightest degree ... . Be aware that the Ministry of Agriculture is not a Ministry for Agriculture, but it is the British farmer's greatest handicap, a much greater handicap than the weather of 1946."
A. G. Street: "The Farmers Weekly," September 13th, 1946.
Whitehall is within easy reach of the City of London, the stronghold of the Rothschilds, Schusters, Speyers, Schroeders, etc., etc., who since the Napoleonic wars have financed the progressive urbanization of Great Britain, its Empire, and the World. Within equally easy reach of Whitehall is 16 Queen Anne's Gate, the 'British' Headquarters of Political and Economic Planning, the Zionist-Communist Agency which inspires those 'British' White Papers, which invariably foreshadow further 'concentrations' of British enterprise. The Chairman is, as we have noted, Mr. Israel Moses Sieff, the friend of Messrs. Eden, Harold Macmillan, {69} and their fellow-socialists of all parties. Mr. Sieff is perhaps the leading Zionist in Great Britain. The organ of Political and Economic Planning stated, as we saw, its belief in the necessity for the continuation of rationing.

Mr. Israel Moses Sieff's rationing directive is elaborated in the Government's Food Shortage White Papers I. and II. At Washington, International Food congressionists agree that things will remain critical till after the harvest of 1947. Strachey succeeds Smith.

By midsummer there comes to the Western World the first reports of the abolition of bread-rationing in Sovietland since 1917.

The Communist-Zionist trek to Palestine continues and swells, and the trekkers, who set out under Soviet auspices, look as well-dressed and as well-fed as General Morgan had described them.

"The Jewish trek across Europe to Palestine is instigated and carried forward by four principal agencies, each with a different objective in mind.

1. The practising Zionist with whom it is an article of faith to redeem the captive—the Jew who escaped Hitler—to head Jews for the National Home in Palestine at a time when others can least interfere ...

2. The second driving force is Communist Russia, without whose active collaboration the present trek could never have fructified, since most of the human beings involved in it set out under Russian facilities. It is much more than just winking on the part of the Soviet Authorities. There is good reason to believe that anti-Jewish incidents are organised in the Great Russian Sphere so as to put fear into the Jews and condition them into a readiness to depart. But the number of the Jews who trek, taken beside the vastly greater total that remain, is sufficient evidence that a desire to get rid of the Jews (who, mount in the Soviet hierarchy) is not at the bottom of Russia's behaviour. Russia wishes to make things as difficult as possible for Britain in Asia Minor (later for America if it steps in) and sees to it that plenty of young Jewish Communists, militarily trained, are among the trekkers. At the same time Russia is preparing to back the Arabs, and her ultimate aim is a local Arab-Jewish settlement under Communist auspices and protection.

3. American oil interests, supported by Service Chiefs, would make sure of their hold on the Asia-Minor coast with its pipe-lines.

4. Private profit and racketeering play a large part in furthering the trek. All along the routes to the Mediterranean coast and there-after in ships, are men making a good thing out of moving the Jew on.

Ferdinand Tuohy in "The Middle East and the Jewish Trek under the Dollar and Red Star."
"The Sphere," August 24th, 1946. {70}
In the meantime there are repeated rumours of armies massing in the borderland behind the Curtain, and there are curious tales of the continued presence in Moscow of important sections of the late German General Staff, under General Von Paulus.
"When Soviet troops entered Germany, the Kremlin had in readiness the potential structure of a German government-in-exile. Its most curious characteristic was that it was composed for the most part of German army officers with a sprinkling of old-time communists. At its head was the German Junker, General Von Paulus, a thoroughly unregenerate German militarist who, before his capture, had been known as the Butcher of Karkow. These men are still being held in readiness by the Kremlin as against some unforeseen eventuality. They wear their old military uniforms, have their own orderlies and live in comparative freedom in Moscow."
William B. Ziff: "Two Worlds," New York, 1946.
"In Germany, the policy of enrolling former Nazis into the Communist Party is certainly no secret ... Another feature of Russian policy is the Bund Deutscher Offiziere, the Union of German Officers. While so many of their former enlisted men are working as slaves in Russia, these 7,000 Prussianised officers are studying Communist tactics in the special schools near Moscow. Around 1,200 of them have already returned to Germany and received important administrative posts ... The prominent Nazi writer—Arnold Bronnen—is now Burgomaster of Brandenburg."
Daniel Seligmann, in "The New Leader," 1946.
From this we gather that the 'anti-Semitic' Third Reich was but an incident in the long history of the German General Staff, alias the Prussian Junker-Masons, the descendants of the Knights Templars of East Prussia, and that a hard core of 'Junkers,' who can be relied on blindly to carry out orders from on High, are as indispensible today as they were in 1917, when General von Ludendorff was instructed by military-- headquarters (controlled by the Industrial-Financial Trust of Frankfort-on-the-Main) to send Lenin and his fellow-Bolshevists into Russia in order to further the world-embracing schemes of the Moscow-Frankfort-New York axis.

Furthermore, we learn of thousands of German technicians and much material belonging to the I.G. Farbenindustrie being transported into Soviet Russia; as a result of their efforts mysterious rocket-projectiles sent from the Baltic appear over Scandinavia; we learn of officials of the Secret Soviet Police, wearing American uniforms (see de Courcy: "Review of World Affairs"), and of UNRRA officials being in the employ of the Soviet Secret Police.

In Great Britain the Bread-rationing Campaign gathers momentum, and Mr. Strachey receives his last orders in Washington for the best method of preparing the British public for the introduction of the Leninist tactic of bread-tickets ("those who control the ration books of the proletariat control their votes").{71}

About the same time the East-End-Russo-Polish Jew Silkin, Minister of Town and Country Planning, threatens to demolish the old and well-built houses of Stevenage and to evict their occupiers; the East-End Russo-Polish Jew Emmanuel Shinwell orders bulldozers, manned by German prisoners of peace, to break through the ancient walls which shield one of the most beautiful of English Parks, Wentworth Woodhouse, in quest of that coal which British miners, as a result of 30 years of relentless sabotage-propaganda by Jewish-Communist-Zionist organisers, have failed to deliver; as Minister of Forced Labour another Jew, George Isaacs, continues in peacetime the war measure of industrial conscription. Contemporaneously, 'Communist'-directed strikes prevent the efficient distribution of food and essential services in every one of the countries which 'our' faithful Commu-Socialists have been taught to refer to as 'Capitalist-Imperialist,' and which our' Soviet leaders never tire of telling us "must be embroiled in war to further the Cause of World Revolution"; in Palestine, the Zionist-Communist Terror reaches a climax; the members of the Jewish Agency are imprisoned; British officers, kidnapped by Terrorists, are released and dumped, gagged. in the Rothschild Avenue of the all-Jewish town of Tel-Aviv. Caches of arms are found near the altar of the chief Tel-Aviv Synagogue, and the chief rabbis of the Diaspora join with secular leaders of World Jewry in accusing the British Authorities of the worst crimes of the 'Nazis'; in New York the British flag is dishonoured by processions of Protestant Zionists, whose racial cousins of the East End stage a march of their own to Parliament demanding the release of their leaders; in Ottawa is published a Government Report which reveals that the Soviet Embassy is the centre of a spy-ring, whose members, mostly Jews, are directed by Moscow to obtain access to Anglo-American Atomic secrets; over the border, in Washington, Mr. Bernard Baruch, labouring in the same cause, suggests the establishment of an Atomic Development Authority which is designed to give Mr. Baruch and his international associates the right to expropriate property, including 'Atomic Secrets,' in every country in the world, and which would go far to abolish what remains of national frontiers; Mr. Eugene Meyer, of the World Bank, enforces a universal policy of inflation thereby weakening national economies and individual enterprise everywhere.

In London, the Communists-in-the-Government introduce Bread-rationing on July 21st; simultaneously there come to hand reports of the biggest wheat crop of all time from America and Canada. In Jerusalem, the Terrorists, whose ranks are continually augmented by the arrival of the Zionist-Communist trekkers from Russo-Germany, blow sky-high the headquarters of the British Administration; General Morgan reveals that UNRRA serves as an umbrella for criminal Soviet agencies.

A British White Paper discloses that the Jewish Terror in Palestine (which continues in spite of the Administration's 'drastic' measures), is directed by Zionist headquarters in London; Lord Rothschild explains in the House of Lords that an aunt of his has been badly treated by the 'Nazis,' and the British must understand that Continental Jews are "crazed" by the horrors they have been through; encouraged, no doubt, by his words, Continental Jews of the East End, who have lived for a {72} generation in this country, and who have, of course, suffered much worse from the threat of 'Nazi' invasion than the rest of us, participate in a large-scale highly-organised attempt at housebreaking, while the Metropolitan Police and Lady Reading-Isaacs' W.V.S. organisation, do what they can to make the attempt succeed. Mr. La Guardia arrives in Europe and praises Mr. Strachey's hunger-arrangements and intones the internationalist theme-song of "bread-rationing in 'Britain' must go on till 1947." He proceeds to Trieste where he blames the British administration for the immense corruption of his UNRRA officials in that much-disputed port; arrives in Germany, dismisses General Morgan, and appoints Mr. Meyer Cohen of Washington as Chief UNRRA official in Europe. There is then established the merging of the American and British Zones, which arrangement vastly increases the field of action of the professional 'de-nazifying' wreckers of the Morgenthau scheme. Asked a question, during one of his UNRRA Press-Conferences, regarding the migrations of Jews to Palestine, Mr. La Guardia replied: "If I could answer that, the peace conference could close up."

At Paris, the 'Peace' delegates of the 'United' Nations prove the superiority of the methods of our New Open International Diplomacy over the secret National variety in vogue before 1914; with that increasing asperity which characterises the international deliberations of Common Men who don't understand each others languages, or points of view our representative Socialists of all countries, and every party, discuss, in the greatest detail, all the things that do not matter. The fact that Europe, the cradle of our Western Christian civilization, is now rent in twain, as a result of the initial Russo-German Invasion of Poland, is never referred to lest it might embarrass the delegates from the Eastern side of the Iron Curtain. Germany is not represented, but her former comrade-in-arms, Russia, plays an important part in the determining of the pattern of European Peace. Asia is conquering Europe.

At Nuremberg, in the American Zone, the leading Nazi politicians and generals (who are but the office-boys of the policymakers of the Frankfort-Industrial-Financial Trust) are being indicted by Freemasonic 'Allied' judges who have agreed (like the Peace delegates at Paris) to bury their ostrich-heads in the comforting sands of exclusive German war-guilt. No one is surprised when the International Bench declares innocent the eminent German-American financier Dr. Schacht, a high Freemason, who has played such a decisive part in the German-Imperialist Export-or-Die conspiracy since before the first World War, and who introduced Hitler and Co. to the Jewish financiers of Westphalia, and cooperated with Mr. (now Lord) Montagu Norman of the Bank of 'England' and Wall Street in adding ever more power to Hitler's elbow, while it pronounces guilty all the accused whose political activities were confined to the latest, the Nazi, episode, of 'German' aggression. Any indictment which takes us further back than 1933 would of necessity involve the innumerable key-position Monopolist Jews who were openly in control of the Weimar Republic, and this would not suit the aims for which Mr. Justice Rosenman, of New York, prevailed upon the Allied Governments to initiate a New Era of International Justice. {73}

In the meantime, other professional 'Unity' men are by no means idle. Mr. La Guardia arrives in Poland and disappears behind the Iron Curtain. Mr. Byrnes, an obedient 'Baruch-boy,' arrives in Germany and suggests at Stuttgart the establishment of the United States of Germany. Mr. Churchill, while touring Switzerland, traditional neutral 'clearing house' of International Financiers during World Wars, declares at Zurich his belief that the well-known Communist-Grand-Orient formula of a 'United States of Europe,' should meet the case of a mortally disunited Continent. Both politicians make the least possible reference to the existence of the Iron Curtain from behind which Mr. La Guardia now appears, and announces that 'Moscow' is prepared to take 'some of the 800,000 Displaced Persons still remaining in the European Camps. As most of these unfortunates are the victims of Soviet attempts at Social Engineering, this offer is not as helpful to the Displaced ones as it is revealing to outside political observers. (See "The Tablet," September 7th, 1946.)

While the 'Polish' delegates at Paris do their utmost to annoy Messrs. Bevin and Byrnes by their endeavour to obstruct any peace-decisions until their Muscovite Masters have finished their preparation for launching the Third World Revolutionary War, the financiers of Wall Street offer a vast loan to the 'Polish' Government, the director of the Bank Polska being M. Mlynarski, whose tenure of office goes back through the Hitler-Stalin occupation to the 'native' dictatorship of the half-Jewish Col. Beck.

Mr. La Guardia leaves Eastern Europe for New York to report on Communist-Zionist-UNRRA progress, and then returns by air to Copenhagen where he is joined by the other leading conspirators in the World Food Plot.

The considerable amount of National Sovereignty which the 'Food'-delegates at Copenhagen seem prepared to ask their respective Governments to yield up to the controllers of Sir John Boyd Orr's suggested Corner in World Food is such gratifying news in Washington-Wall Street that Bernard Baruch apparently indicates to his Moscow-connections that the threat of war-and-famine stunt has worked so well that the world deserves a little respite in 'Our' Everlasting War of Nerves against it: 'Generalissimo' Stalin has a faked interview in which he expresses his belief that there will be no war. In England, Mr. Eden, a faithful Unity politician whose pro-Sovietism dates back to his visit to Moscow in 1935, when, as Foreign Secretary of Mr. Baldwin's disastrous political set-up, he was received with so much kindness by the Tartar-Jewish Bureaucracy of the Kremlin, loses no time in seizing Stalin's outstretched hand. There follows the announcement of a Trade Agreement between this country and Russia, negotiated by a Director of the Electrical Trust, of which the Marconi-Isaacs Company is an important constituent.

Mr. Dalton (Eton, Cambridge, London School of Economics) is made Chief of the World Bank. Mr. Dalton who, as late as 1945, declared that the 'Labour' Party favoured-the-establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine, was formerly a Sir Ernest Cassel reader of Commerce in the University {74} of London, whose Chairs have been endowed by the leading bankers of the Anglo-Jewish community since the days of the all powerful Goldsmid family. As wartime Chief of the Board of Trade, Mr. Dalton's offices were housed in the London headquarters of the Imperial Chemical Industries (founded by the Mond-Melchetts, of Cassel, Germany), and as 'Labour' Chancellor of the Exchequer he has 'nationalised' the Bank of England, a measure which enables the officials of the Treasury (Tweedledum), and the Exchequer (Tweedledee), and their hidden controllers, to pursue in an intensified form and without any 'private' (i.e., native) interference, those ruthless policies of ever rising prices and taxes which have emanated from the Bank of England since it was founded in 1694 by members of the Henriques, or Cohen, family.

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To the Press announcement of Dr. Dalton's elevation, referred to above, we can now add these details (Whitaker's Almanack, 1947): at a meeting held in September, 1946, of the Board of Governors of the International Monetary Fund (Tweedledum) and of the International Bank of Reconstruction and Development (Tweedledee) Dr. Dalton was elected Chairman of the Board of Governors of both institutions. Mr. Camille Gutt (alias Guttenberg) is Director of the former institution, while in the latter Mr. Eugene Meyer has been succeeded as President by Mr. John M'Cloy, present U.S. Secretary of State for War, and brother-in-law of Mr. Douglas, the new U.S. Ambassador in London. Mr. M'Cloy was at length prevailed upon to ascend the throne vacated by Mr. Meyer by his colleague Mr. Snyder, who is the U.S. representative on the Board of Governors of the World Bank as well as the successor of Mr. Morgenthau, Jun., as Secretary to the U.S. Treasury.

To facilitate the work of the new Boss Banker to a still hungry world, Mr. Thomas Dewey, who is the successor of Mr. Herbert Lehman as Governor of the State of New York and is said to be the B'nai B'rith choice for the Presidency on the 'Republican' ticket, "has agreed to modify the New York State regulations to make it possible for World Bank Debentures to be taken up by insurance companies as gilt-edged securities." ("The Scotsman," February 15th, 1947.)

As prices continue to rise in every country in the world and people's money continues to buy less and less, we gather that the successors of Messrs. Meyer, Morgenthau, and Lehman are following as faithfully in their Masters' footsteps as Dr. Dalton in his: our mirthful 'Labour' Chancellor of the Exchequer has once again balanced his budget, like the good Socialist and Sir Ernest Cassel scholar he is, and has been officially praised from the highest quarters "for the courage with which he holds his people to another year of austere living." ("Wall Street journal," April, 1947).{75}

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ADVERTISEMENTS for their books.
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The Warning of 1935.
Containing Major C. H. Douglas's striking analysis of the relationship between International Finance (local agency: the Bank of England) and International Intrigue and Revolution (local agency: the 'Labour' Party) 3d. [= three old pence].

The Financier-Socialist Plot and Your Empty Larder.
A summary of the treasonable efforts of Communist-Zionist 'Labour' politicians to starve the British people into acceptance of the International World Government ... "This pamphlet," writes an ex-parachute officer, "should be in the hands of every voter." 3d.

Fuel and Power Politics: From Mond to Shinwell.
The process of 'rationalisation' of industries advocated and directed between the wars by Jewish monopolists and chain-store directors culminate in the present transfer of the control of basic British industries to a gang of professional wreckers: the 'government' who are controlled, in their turn, by the international clique of power-maniacs known amongst the Inner Circle as the Sanhedrin: the Jewish world-government. Amongst politicians of all parties this alienation of native property-rights is erroneously referred to as nationalisation.' It is a confidence trick on a national scale ... 3d.

U.N.R.R.A.: The Ramp of the Ages.
"UNRRA is being disorganised because its operations have been so filled with scandal, graft, crookedness, conspiracy, and Communist propaganda, that the administration is anxious to clean it up before a threatened Republican Congress gets a chance at its dirty operations. When the truth about UNRRA comes out, it will be so terrible and so disgraceful that it will tax the imagination of honest people." ("Nationalist News Service," Washington, August 26, 1947.) Major-General Sir Frederick Morgan, leading UNRRA official in Germany, who first revealed that UNRRA served as screen for the agents of Zionism and the Soviet Secret Police, has been compulsorily retired by the British 'Labour' Government .. 3d.
Obtainable from W. L. Richardson, Lowers, By Aberfeldy, Scotland.

The 'Palestine' Plot.
Being the sequel to the present volume. Here will be collected, from a vast variety of sources, documentary evidence in support of the thesis that one of the chief aims of World Wars I, II, and Ill is the establishment of the Zionist State in Palestine as a geographical centre of World Control, with New York as the centre of World Financial Control.

The Satanization of "Russia."
Being the third of the trilogy of booklets of which the present volume is the first. A detailed and authoritative documentation of the Judaeo-Masonic Plot to liquidate, "sovietize", the national states of the world in favour of an all-powerful supra-national world-government to be openly directed (in the fullness of time) by leading members of the Jewish Sanhedrin which (more and more openly) control and dominate both the 'Socialist' International of the Left and the 'Capitalist' International of the Right.

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