[This is an uncompromisingly revisionist piece; not for the faint-hearted or fain-headed. Apologies for gaps etc.   Some readers might care to email.
Conclusions incorporated in https://www.big-lies.org/jews/articles-on-jews.html#jeremy-corbyn   v. 11 Aug 2018

Just a few notes   (11 Aug 2018)
Below   'Labour' Shadow Chancellor; I'd guess another Jew under a false name. The caption assumes he works within the discredited format of 'left' and 'right'. Presumably he favours street thugs.
Middle   I've always been curious about Tariq Ali. He seems to accept the Holohoax fraud; Moslems have historical links with Jews, so I'd guess he's part of a crypto-elite.
Right   Cash donations to 'Tom Watson' from a Jew 'charity'. The commentator seems to think there is a Labour Party interest distinct from ZOG. Big mistake.
Corbyn Avotanyu Jewish surname index Corbyn Avotanyu Jewish surname index
Above lists from Avotaynu Jewish surnames index

Above Typical 'Labour' lies - no mention of huge borrowing of Jewish paper money, building up debt for young people. No mention of the astronomical costs of nonwhite invasion. No mention of 'red' Jewish history of mass murder.
Labour Party evasive survey
Above Note the way fake asylum is unmentioned. Nor is nonwhite invasion, drugs, knife crime, rapes of white girls.
jeremy corbyn website

Jeremy Corbyn

Revisionism and the new 'Labour' leader.   © Rae West

All quotations from jeremycorbyn.org.uk

Jeremy Corbyn has been 'Labour' MP from 1983 in Islington North, being re-elected at subsequent General Elections every 4 or 5 years.
    I'm not looking here at his work, interests, background, overt and covert supporters, or demography and its changes in Islington.
    This is a comparison of touchstone events and beliefs as represented in jeremycorbyn.org.uk, which appears to be his website. It contains writings and speeches attributed to him, Morning Star (Jewish news), and Hansard reports of debates. I've put the conclusion first, and extracts after.
    Bear in mind that MPs have staffs of 'researchers'; the failure to investigate issues is inexcusable.
    And bear in mind 'Parliamentary Privilege': anything said in Parliament is not subject to legal action, supposedly. In theory, unpopular remarks can be made. In practice, Corbyn often duets with such Jews as 'Mike Gapes' and their statements are to be regarded as propaganda, not debate, to be written into official records.
    And of course the fake ritual of arguments between the party 'leaders' in the House of Commons—between Jews Cameron and Corbyn—are shams.
    I'm not speculating here as to whether the other candidates for 'Labour' leadership (mostly July, August 2015) were chosen for their rather outstanding unimpressiveness; certainly it's one way to generate mock interest. Nor am I speculating on the extent to which media excitement is simulated by Jewish-run media. There were certainly votes bought by very recent joiners of the 'Labour' party, but I'm not speculating on them either, beyond pointing out that Miliband, the Pakistani-esque 'leader', needed to be replaced by a faux-revolutionary type; and Corbyn has a problem with the nuclear issue.
    The 'Labour' party since its foundation was heavily 'Jew' influenced; workers were not in a position to fund it fully. I expect many people still don't understand this.
    Online sound bites, show Corbyn is proud of Cable Street—part of the Jewish incitement of the Second World War. Corbyn has a Jewish surname and is no doubt just another Jewish liar. All the media quoted, New Statesman etc, are Jewish-run. So: this is just another phoney, with fake excitement spewed from the Jewish media. What has Corbyn said about WW2, the vast waste of life, Jews in the USSR and their mass-murders, the Fed and Jewish money, Jewish frauds, Jewish massacres? Nothing, of course. He's another religious and racial fanatic unworthy of any political post anywhere. Try this test: Direct me to original research by Jews condemning the Fed, condemning Jewish mass murders in the USSR, condemning the Holohoax fraud, condemning Kissinger's mass murders, condemning Jews in Palestine, condemning Jews and the slave trade, condemning Jewish media lies on black violence, condemning the Jewish 'holy books', disowning 9/11, disowning the promotion of wars (and funding both sides), promoting the Second World War just for money, causing depressions, disowning the opium wars, Jewish involvement in slavery, etc. If there are so many decent Jews you'll have no difficulty finding plenty of examples. Will you?
    So, this article explicitly separates the influence of 'Jews' and their malignity from the interests of British people, and other peoples around the world.


Corbyn is just another simple-minded tribalist, putting what he's been told are 'Jewish' interests above those of all others. Let me emphasise: it's essential to understand that Jews control all official 'Labour' dialogue: when examining the supposed differences between 'Labour' under the Jew Miliband, and Labour under the Jew Corbyn, and for that matter 'Conservatives' under the Jew Cameron, the Jewish root motives are always the same; all apparent differences between them result from manipulations in meanings, and of course the necessary lies and omissions. All this is standard 'Jewish' practice. In this summary, the items in red are my interpretation of Corbyn's presentations, presumably intended to update the 'Jewish' lies of the last few centuries—from, say, Cromwell.
    Corbyn maintains the pretence that '9/11' was not a Jewish action within New York. 9/11 was obviously planned to make new wars in the Middle East. Corbyn allows doubts about Afghanistan. But is happy that Iraq should be ruined, because it could damage 'Jews' and their oil interests and land grab in Palestine. Presumably he wants Iran destroyed, but as yet neo-cons have failed.
    Corbyn maintains the fraud of the 'Holocaust'. This of course is a major source of money, but primarily of censorship. Whether this will continue remains to be seen. Corbyn wants to deform education with lies if he thinks 'Jews' benefit.
    Corbyn maintains the fraud of nuclear weapons. This is a new issue to most members of the public. Briefly, Corbyn has to pretend to abolish nuclear weapons. It a similar problem that Obama would have faced if he knew anything about it. If you're new to the nuclear issue, try nukelies.org
    Corbyn wants immigration from Africa, both north and sub-Saharan, and maintains the fiction that these hordes are Syrians. he does not mention Israel's wars in the Middle East. 'Jews' have a policy of race replacement in white countries. (See e.g. Coudenhove-Kalergi the Barcelona Accord, Birdwood's Longest Hatred). Corbyn follows this policy on auto-pilot. HOWEVER there's evidence now that Europeans are beginning to fight back. Probably Corbyn will modify his position, perhaps under the pretence he's a 'reformer'.
    Corbyn claims to be opposed to the death penalty. The 'Jewish' purpose is obviously to damage white countries (by releasing violent criminals; 'Jews' did the same thing in the Jewish coup in the USSR). And it's to allow third-world dictatorships, and attacks from the First World. Obviously Corbyn says nothing about 'Jews' invading Palestine, and the mass murders there; the object is to retain stolen land, which he presumably, in his superstitious stupidity, imagines is 'Jewish'. He has a minimum of mock sympathy for Palestinians, to pretend he has a policy. On 'Jews' campaigning against the death penalty, except for themselves, see e.g. my book review of a 1960s book.
    Corbyn says nothing about paper money (controlled mainly by the Federal Reserve, which prints unlimited amounts). He implies the scam can continue forever, despite the inevitable inflation in years to come. Corbyn does not mention 'National Debt' which is selectively a sort of 'Jewish' tax. Most people don't realise that 'Jews' make money from loans to central government; they get interest on their junk paper! They WANT more debt. Corbyn is either too stupid or too dishonest to mention this important issue.
    Corbyn, as a parasitic 'Jew', has no idea of the realities of such things as buildings, medical education and equipment, manufacture and transport and disposal of things. This explains his ridiculous faith that unlimited immigration can automatically be housed, fed, and so on. All his life he's had paper money, and does not have the intellect to understand real costs of anything. As the expression goes, he's never done a day's work in his life.
    Corbyn, as far as I could tell, says nothing about 'private funding', a euphemism for 'Jews' buying public assets with worthless paper. He doesn't mention, or says little, about Common Purpose, the secretive 'post-democratic' group that arranges corrupt secret deals.
    Corbyn's view of 'socialism' is that of almost all 'Jews': they think the USSR was 'socialist'. When he says 'socialism works!' he means a clique of 'Jews' in an undeveloped country, supported with Jewish money from outside, can be turned into a huge slave-camp. Corbyn may have been pushed in the hope the truth of the USSR has been forgotten. He can wave his red flag, hoping people will forget 'Jews' organising mass murder, with the support of the 'west'. Whether this will work, now that Internet provides some freedom of discussion, remains to be seen, but it certainly looks as though it was part of the push behind him.
    Readers who have remained ignorant of the beliefs of so-called 'Jews' might like to read about Talmudic and other literature, which is still censored from most official narratives. Here's a link to the entire Talmud. And here's a link to my overview piece on 'Jews', including the Khazar hypothesis, the financial paper-money basis of the last century or so, and the possible genetic inbreeding of traits of deceit and violence against all non-'Jews'. This includes the ideological basis of 'race-mixing'.

My Q&A List of Corbyn Comments, With Comment and WebLinks
Q1 9/11? About 4 references; typically 9/11 was a dreadful event and an act of murder against civilians, but was it an appropriate response to invade Afghanistan? [jeremycorbyn.org.uk/articles/speech-nato/index.html] No sign Corbyn admits he is aware of the Jewish New York false flag. Miscellaneous Website Links, Mostly Mine
9/11 Jewish inside job
Q2 Holohoax and removal of money from Jews About 10 references including When we talk of genocides and holocausts, the holocaust against Jewish people in Europe in the 1930s and 1940s is paramount in everyone's thoughts. Attending Holocaust memorial day ceremonies is an important thing, as is young people understanding what the holocaust was about, but it is also important to understand that there have been other genocides around the world. [jeremycorbyn.org.uk/articles/speech-kurdish-genocide/index.html]

Corbyn (like probably all MPs) endorses the fake Holocaust, and supports propaganda against children. However, there's a broadening not just to Jews; I'd guess this is to promote immigration into white countries, and a stage in exit strategy from the holocaust fraud.
    No mention of 'pogroms'; presumably that fraud is no longer deemed necessary.
Detailed Holocaust Revisionism for novies

Long list of Jew-aware ('JADAR') sites JADAR websites

Cold War Cold War 1945-1989 including the manufacture of the 'Holocaust' fraud (and nuclear weapons fraud) to keep the Jewish-run USSR from investigation.
Q3 Hypocrisy of nominal abolition of capital punishment, while supporting war deaths? That this House is appalled at the continued use of the death penalty in many countries, including Saudi Arabia; is deeply disturbed that public executions are carried out in a country that is a major UK trading partner and regularly receives Ministerial and Royal Family visits; and calls on the Government to make the strongest possible representations to the government of Saudi Arabia expressing its abhorrence at its continued use of the death penalty.
    I do not have much time, so I shall briefly cover the other points I want to mention. I have talked about intervention and wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, and I ask the Foreign Secretary or, as he is not in his place, the Foreign Office to reply. When are we going to see the Chilcot report published? When are we going to know the truth of the Iraq war? This is the third Parliament since there was, tragically, a vote to go to war in Iraq, and we need to learn the lessons. We need to learn the lessons of the abuses of human rights in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya and of the tragedy of the victims of war—all the wars—who have fled, tried to find a place of safety and been greeted with brutal intolerance in many of the places in which they have arrived. There is a refugee crisis around the world that has to be addressed very quickly.
    My right hon. Friend the Member for Manchester, Gorton talked about the situation in Palestine. Some of those people dying in the Mediterranean are Palestinians; they are the ones who have managed to get out of Gaza or the west bank. There must be serious concern that, after all the horrors that have happened in Gaza—I have been there a number of times—there is still no real rebuilding going on. What message does that send to the poor and unemployed young people of Gaza? They sit amidst the rubble of their existence, watching the rest of the world on their television screens or computers. Surely, real pressure must be put on both Israel and Egypt to lift the blockade of Gaza so at least the rebuilding can take place and there can be some sort of process there for the future.
... my constituent, Andargachew Tsige, who was an opposition figure from Ethiopia. He was kidnapped at Sana’a airport in Yemen and taken to Addis Ababa and has been in prison ever since. He was tried in absentia, sentenced to death and is on death row in an Ethiopian prison. He could not have been extradited there because of the death penalty. No extradition process was ever sought or followed. He is an entirely peaceful person who wants to see peace, democracy and development in Ethiopia.
Two book reviews on capital punishment:
1960s Penguin: Jews promoting abolition of capital punishment—but only after Jews had hanged Germans without legal trials, and when uncontrolled invasion was threatening whites. Arthur Koestler: Hanged by the Neck

Review of a more general book, pretending the modern world was 'made' by Jews working for 'rights': Grayling: Struggles for Liberty & Rights.

On war crimes, here's a fifty-year old US invasion, started with a false flag. Shows how millions of deaths are routinely ignored by 'Jews'. Vietnam War crimes

On Eritrea, here's a 1950ish comment on Eritrea being run by Jews. Nothing Corbyn says can be assumed true. Jews have a long history of releasing criminals where this will damage local non-Jewish people.
Q4 Federal reserve, bank of England, paper money, Jews Banking. Guess what country is one of the few without a Jewish-run central bank. Syria. The 'Federal Reserve' scam of 1913 is an important plank in the Jewish power façade. 1913 - situates the fraud and gives an idea of the time continuum in which it happened about a century ago. It also gives an idea why Jews such as Corbyn and Cameron never discuss it! The importance of loans by Jews of junk money (to get interest, to fund other Jews) is outlined here.The Two-Tier Money System.
Q5 LOANS to central banks in place of taxes. any comment? CORBYN ON MACRO AMOUNTS: Four London boroughs are about to be forced to trial the £500 a week household benefit cap. In London rent levels in the private sector are so high that this will force even more families out of their homes to distant, cheaper places, disrupting schools, communities and for many their jobs and job prospects. The rest of the country is to follow later. When this move is complete it will have "saved" £275 million.

For the disabled, already suffering from the massively discredited Atos assessments, going through terrible trauma as they are "assessed," frequently wrongly, as fit for work and often having these rulings overturned after costly appeals, a whole new attack looms. The new "personal independence payments" will see 170,000 people receive less. By 2015, this will have "saved" £240m.

The bedroom tax kicked in, meaning every family in social housing deemed to "underoccupy" their home will be fined through the benefit system. Strangely neither Osborne nor Iain Duncan Smith seems remotely concerned at the large number of very expensive private houses, mainly in London, which are kept empty for their distant occupiers’ occasional visits, but the poorest with more space than the government says they need will get it in the neck. Across Britain at least 600,000 people are affected by this, David Cameron’s poll tax. On top of that the housing benefit restrictions will affect 600,000 who will lose an average £14 a week. "Saving" £490m.
Corbyn is a Jewish parasite, ignorant of real-world resources. Money at present is controlled by Jews. London has the highest rents in Britain, and a large proportion of landlords are Jews, in one form or another, as ensured by Thatcher. Corbyn is the most disgusting hypocrite imaginable.

Thatcher's role was to ignore British interests, while getting British assets into Jewish ownership, since Jews know their paper money is worthless, and want to convert it.

US equivalent? Browse Instauration 1975-2000 for Jews buying up rental property with junk paper money, so blacks are expected to work for life to pay.
Q6 USSR and Jewish mass murders? Stalin, Trotsky? Jews took over Russia in 1917, supported secretly by Jews in the USA, UK, and to some Germany. This was a result of long-term planning against Russia. All Russian regions (and there were dozens) had ethnic groups, all savaged by Jews. Corbyn fails to mention any of them, as a Jewish supremacist. Frank Britton on 'Communism' an early 1950s booklet giving a run-down of Jews notably in the Soviet Union and satellite East European countries.
Q7 media and Jewish control do you know who owns every single major news outlet in America and most of Europe? As far as I know, Corbyn has (of course) said nothing about BBC biases, for example in not reporting black crime, or excluding whites, but not Jews, from jobs. Or enforcing the supposed policy of neutrality

Video. Jews in US Media
Q8 false flags not just 9/11 It's been a terrible week. Someone on Twitter borrowed Franklin Roosevelt's remark about Pearl Harbour to describe April 1 2013: "A day that will live in infamy." It will indeed go down in history as a day our whole society went backwards. ** MY LINKS HERE** Corbyn stuff
Q9 science fraud and nuclear weapons (NASA) Last week or the week before, I was in New York for the last two days of the nuclear non-proliferation treaty review conference. It was a desperately sad occasion, as Britain and the other permanent members of the Security Council lined up together to protect their expenditure on and the holding of nuclear weapons. They did not do anything positive to bring about a good resolution of that conference, and no good resolution has come out of it. A conference on a weapons of mass destruction-free zone in the middle east, first called for more than a decade ago, still has not happened. Because it has not happened, encouragement is given to proliferation by other wealthy countries in the region that could afford to buy nuclear technology and develop it. Why is the UK not helpful on this issue? Why do we not accept that, as my right hon. Friend the Member for Manchester, Gorton (Sir Gerald Kaufman) pointed out, the non-proliferation treaty is the most supported treaty anywhere in the world? That treaty has reduced the spread of nuclear weapons. It has not completely eliminated it, as India, Pakistan, North Korea and Israel have nuclear weapons outside that treaty, but the countries that gave up nuclear weapons have some clout in the world. The respect with which South Africa was listened to at the conference because it is the most industrialised country to have specifically given up nuclear weapons was interesting. Abdul Minty, its representative at the conference, was treated with enormous respect. He pointed out that the conferences on the humanitarian effects of war held in Vienna, Mexico and Norway had all shown exactly how dangerous nuclear weapons are. So why are proposing to spend £100 billion replacing the Trident nuclear missile system when we could be doing something far more useful in the world?
Jeremy Corbyn: Under the 30-year rule, Cabinet papers for 1984 have now been published. They show that the Government at that time refused to undertake any study of the atmospheric effects of a nuclear weapon explosion or nuclear testing. As I understand it, no other study has been undertaken since then. At the conference on the humanitarian effects of nuclear weapons in Vienna, there were some disturbing—no, frightening—reports of what would happen to the world's climate if any nuclear explosion took place anywhere. Does the Minister not think it is incumbent on the Government to tell the British people exactly what the consequences of a nuclear explosion are, not just for them but for the whole planet?

This is the longest and most detailed video on the nuclear fraud, and its connection with world-wide Jew frauds, including the USSR. All you will ever need to know.

Intro to faking of 'nuclear test' films

In the unlikely event that any Jewish comrades are interested in truth, here's a piece on 30 or 40 years of science revisionism—provides an overview of scientists, frauds, and governments.
Q10 PFI and huge debt No mention of PFI. states its confidence in a government that will face down such pressures and defend the democratic choice of the people of Greece; and applauds Syriza’s immediate priorities to end the austerity programme, renegotiate the public debt so a proportion can be cancelled and link repayment or the remainder to economic growth and to address the humanitarian crisis with support for the poorest and to create a more equal, democratic and just society, supported by a sustainable economy. To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills what restrictions on future interest rates and debt collection policies were placed on the new owners of the Student Loan Book. **inflation?*** ** MY LINKS HERE** Corbyn stuff
Q11 Jews in the 'labour' party? Israel being supported by USA and not fighting itself Nothing on parasitism. Nothing on Talmud. More than 200 mentions. To ask the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs if he will direct HM ambassador to Israel to draw the attention of the Israeli Government to the possible breach of Article 76 of the fourth Geneva conventions committed by the Israeli authorities in imprisoning in Israel Palestinians charged with or convicted of offences committed in the Occupied Territories.
    ... this debate is, in a sense, the product of that. In the short time available to me, I want to draw attention to a few points. First, I was asked to give a talk last week to a group of students at City and Islington College about the history of the whole conflict in the Middle East. It was a fascinating discussion, which ranged from the First World War right up to the current situation. The students had an incredible sense of the historical importance of the vote that took place in Parliament recently, when we voted finally for the recognition of Palestine, but I argue very strongly that that is only one very small step that we need to take. A settlement has to involve an awful lot more than just the recognition of the state of Palestine. People should cast their minds back to Sabra and Shatila in 1982 and to the Nakba in 1948. The victims of those processes are still living in refugee camps in Lebanon, Jordan and Syria; the Palestinian diaspora across the world is huge. They also have rights—they also have the right to return home and a right to recognition. That is extremely important. They should never be forgotten.
    Secondly, any peace process requires Israel to say what it wishes its final borders to be.
    Another point—there are many—is that half a million people are now settlers all across the west bank. Travelling around the west bank is travelling through an occupied land where the best land and the best water are taken by the settlers, the red-roofed buildings are built increasingly over Palestinian land and the massive concrete wall snakes around the place.
Corbyn draws attention to 'a possible breach'—when of course Israel ignores Resolutions and Conventions all the time. However, he does say 'victims', presumably Palestinians, have the right to return home, when Israel has said 'what it wishes its borders to be'. Just more unspecific drivel. Note the 'Nakba' in 1948, avoiding Deir Yassin.
Q12 science fraud and medical research (inc virology, DNA, pesticides, vaccination, fluoridation)? ** MY LINKS HERE**
Q13 WW1, WW2, Vietnam War, Iraq wars Germany and Eisenhower mass deaths Mike Marquesee also wrote in his deeply honest book I Am Not For myself about life growing up in the US as a young Jewish boy, his strong opposition to the Vietnam war, which had a big effect on him, and describing his anti-zionist Jewish attitudes — all a fascinating description of how his own politics were formed.
    Among other things, Germany was the destination of hundreds of thousands of Russian and Polish Jews in the years just after WWI when native Germans were struggling to find food and dealing with those Germans who survived 4 years of famine.
    NSDAP acted decently and nobly toward those Jewish "refugees" to its crowded land. It cooperated fully with the directive of Louis Brandeis who told Rabbi Stephen Wise in early Feb. 1933, "All Jews must leave Germany." (see Wise’s autobiography, "The Challenging Years," p 242).
    According to Francis Nicosia, Irgun created and deployed in Europe the Mossad el-Aliyeh bet — the committee for illegal immigration — to "incentivize" and assist Jews to leave Germany and break the blockade to enter Palestine. Mossad worked with Gestapo.
Corbyn says nothing about World War II and the lies and atrocities, and the Holohoax fraud. Kissinger, and the Jewish links with money-making from the invasion of Vietnam. He does not mention—I have yet to find a Jew who does—the Jewish funded takeover of Russia, and the resulting mass murders. In all his efforts, there is severe selection of what to mention!
Q14 Islam is a program that advocates rape, sexual abuse, and pedophilia in addition to murdering anyone who is not a Muslim. whoever leaves the faith must be killed Muslim child groomers rotherham 12th: I was a panellist in two important discussions about Islam. The first was about Islam and democracy, in which a progressive discussion was had about the compatibility of these two ideas. The second was about the rise of Islamophobia, especially since the (Charlie Hebdo and Jewish supermarket) events in Paris. Corbyn uses the Jewish phrase 'Islamophobia'. In fact, dislike of Islam is entirely rational. Corbyn also mentions the Charlie-Hebdo false flag.

Overview article: Jews and Muslims - Similar Violent Tribal Cults
Q15 world population, future, UN, raw materials, general happiness homelessness Syria population black Africa ** MY LINKS HERE**
Q16 Europe: reform to remove ZOG? jewish greeting ** MY LINKS HERE**
Q17 Any proposals to remove legal aid from fake asylum barristers? Adding to the grief of Miserable Monday the legal aid changes also kicked in. Britain’s most senior judge Lord Neuberger has said these will "undermine the rule of law," as access to legal aid is denied for many family cases. The "saving" here is £350m. As the law came into force the Bar Council published a new guide to "litigants in person," so those with no money for a solicitor and no access to legal aid can try to represent themselves. The imbalance in case after case will be obvious as the other side hires barristers to speak for it. ** MY LINKS HERE**
Q18 Any statements on Rothschilds? Goldman? Sachs - after all his whole campaign is on money - does he understand money? **INFLATION** ** MY LINKS HERE**
Q19 'climate change' link to mason at kew
Q20 Family Law ** MY LINKS HERE**
Q21 At a time when the traitor naval commands of Europe, the unwitting or witting mercenaries of the Jewish banksters, are bringing in what will amount to millions of third-world settlers and colonists sailing from Libya, a formerly peaceful and prosperous nation, now plundered and destroyed by international Jewish finance, a nation whose leader was assassinated partly for the purpose of opening the floodgates of mass immigration to genocide the indigenous Europeans, the time when Europe becomes so swamped by dangerous aliens that the European people begin to awake is now getting nearer. Invaders who pay and are paid 1) Use the Navy to forcibly turn back all boats risking WAR with Indonesia a nation with ten times our population. 2) Pass a law precluding all boat people from EVER setting foot in Australia. 3) A deal with New Guinea and Nauru to accommodate those fearing persecution at home on their remotest tropical islands until they want to go home at which point Australia will fly them there. 4)Forbid Naval and other personnel communicating any details concerning the operation to the point of Court Marshall to deny the Leftist media oxygen. If just one country in Europe had the will to do this the immigrants stop coming. In Australia it stopped almost the day they started, where countless thousands had arrived almost every week and our Motels were used to house them, not even one ‘boat person’ has set foot on our shores in over two years. ** MY LINKS HERE** Corbyn stuff
Q22 compensation for Afghans, Iraqis, Vietnamese, Palestinians etc some of the condition of these countries was caused by US Britain and others vietnam war crimes kissinger note on genetics note on 'brainwashing' attributed to chinese
Q23 perverted sex - any policies? homosexuality note - absurd marriage paedophila links
Q24 money made by Jews from arms 09 FEB 15 Question: Unmanned Air Vehicles: Israel Jeremy Corbyn: To ask the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills, whether any licences have been granted to UAV Engines Ltd since 1 January 2010 for the export of UAV engines or components to (a) the Israeli Defence Force or (b) other elements of Israel’s security forces; and if... money made by jews from arms - LBJ piece
Q25 education no overseas fraud 'education' curriculum reform facts about blacks and uploads exams simpler paid by results so passing incompetents Jewish hate education Also in american schools... Its now illegal to IQ test students. Ironically because its considered racist. As blacks come out worse. dyslexia piece and youtube
Q26 Arab countries with Jews controlling money - investigation? ** MY LINKS HERE**
Q27 South Africa / Boer war gold / Jews/ white murders/ Mandela was financed and advised by Jews and they did not even bother to go to his funeral. Which shows that he was just a puppet, another useful goy. He went to prison because he blew up a bus full of children, but they still portray him as a saint in the media.? Belloc on boer war and gold pretences about Mandela and s african attacks jewish propaganda against apartheid
Q28 election fraud in British politics eg Muslims in conservative party ** MY LINKS HERE**
Q29 absurd interventionism by unqualified people ** MY LINKS HERE**
Q30 right left fascism Nazi etc cliché Corbyn stuff ** MY LINKS HERE**
Q31 Any feeling for Labour party history? Corbyn stuff ** MY LINKS HERE**
Q32 cruelty to animals corbyn stuff Jewish slaughter / Muslim slaughter more cruelty to animals than in victorian times
Q33 Voting systems, notably PR Corbyn PR in the EU and de Hondt System conserv voting fraud
Q34 Race and Jewish policy of forced race replacement: the Coudenhove-Kalergi Scheme Corbyn will never address the issue of Jews forcing nonwhite invasion of white societies

Jews admit that all Jewish organisations 'work for' invasion.
If this issue is new to you, as is likely in view of censorship by Jews, read On Coudenhove-Kalergi which explains how Jew funding for a Japanese-European hybrid embedded this policy into the EU. Warning: unpleasant reading.
Q35 Does Corbyn show any awareness of the need for technical competence, for example in building, food, education? No. All his speeches are typical Jewish lies, vague public relations style material, carefully-worded evasions. This can work only in controlled circumstances - Parliament, BBC studios etc. He cannot answer questions directly from the public.
    An interesting aspect of Trump's character is that he has detailed knowledge of construction techniques, and no doubt other things. This marks him out from almost all politicians, many of whom are or were lawyers.
Do Catholics or ZOG 'rule the world'?
Q36 any understanding of China: is it really an economic power? Corbyn stuff ** MY LINKS HERE**
Q37 Thatcherism So far as I've bothered to trawl Corbyn's website, Corbyn has the usual evasive attitude to Thatcher, dodging the essential link with Jewish money and Jewish Chancellors. Thatcher's role—to get the 'family silver' into Jew control Link to excellent Thatcherism piece
Q38 fraudulent charities Charities may be 'frauds' in several ways: swindling money; being funded usually by Jews for social engineering projects; or carrying out activities opposed to what their donors believe. For example, the Red Cross pays to build for nonwhite invaders into Europe; the RSPCA has difficulties with superstitious animal slaughter. There's also the issue that charities appear to be exempted from Freedom of Information Requests. This site lists 'joff' sites, but there are far too many to list.
Q39 Common Purpose / Freemasons / Bilderberg. No mentions at all 'Common Purpose' Freemason Replacement to corrupt what there is of European democracy.
Q40 blue sky nuisance emails? BBC reform? anti-white violence penalties? voice for non-Jew aristocrats? free speech? NHS payments for non residents? removal of passports? battle of Britain? Queen removal? prostitutes in Israel? civil service reform? There are various different groupings in parliament and those I am very involved with include the Socialist Campaign Group, PCS (Public Commercial Services), RMT (Rail, Maritime Transport Workers Union), Fire Brigades Union (FBU), National Union of Journalists (NUJ), Justice Unions, Family Court Union, Trade Union Group, the Performers Alliance, and last but of course not least, Defend Council Housing. BBC use just one Jewish liar in Coventry for Syria 'News'
CONCLUSIONS Hope that people forgot 'communism'? Note Lenin-style portrait, and heavy Jewish dishonesty throughout ** MY LINKS HERE** Corbyn stuff

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