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anti-illuminati Rae West is a [[British]] writer and researcher, who delves into various aspects of [[revisionist]] history, under the pseudonym rerevisionist. The nickname is intended to suggest further, detailed, implications beyond straightforward revisionism. Aged 14, he received Grade 1 'O' level English, and mathematics; his background was mostly maths (one of his subjects gaining the highest-recorded mark), physics, chemistry, then actuarial science, statistical theory and (the inevitably poor quality) economics. His interest in Bertrand Russell led him into issues of history and human power struggles.

His work covers a wide array of topics, including the Jewish Question , Shakespeare authorship , nuclear weapons and nuclear power (note: Metapedia does not yet have a policy on nuclear revisionism), 'HIV/AIDS' , false flags, Christianity and the queries over Jesus' existence , similarities between the violent cults Judaism and Islam , science revisionism including climate change , physics , NASA and 9/11, biology fundamentals , 'nuclear power' as hugely costly fraud, and other areas, including evolution, dietary salt and minerals , insecticides, popular errors, and propaganda and false flags.

His reviews section has several hundred revisionist reviews, some very detailed, mostly of books, including Mein Kampf , and the absurdly-titled Spycatcher . And magazines, such as Private Eye , now seen to be just more Jew-dominated propaganda, and films, such as Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy remake . He has helped extend revisionism back in time, including Cromwell and Jews and Ireland , Napoleon as a Jewish hired Stalin-like figure Napoleon Revisited, and the 19th/20th century intellectuals who failed to notice Jewish activities, Bertrand Russell , H G Wells, George Orwell, George Bernard Shaw, and J M Keynes. (Those names straddle English and Irish lower-middle class types, the haute bourgeosie, and aristocracy; no doubt it's significant that continentals - Hilaire Belloc , Germans, and Hungarians sounded warnings).

He attended David Irving's 2000 libel trial and wrote a detailed account David Irving vs Lipstadt as an observer at the time. Note that Rae copied the daily transcriptions onto disk at the time, uploading the files, unaltered save for removing the pagination. David Irving is of course one of the principal figures of Second World War truth revision; this is rerevisionist's video of Irving on Himmler .

He has a Jadar site , listing about 200 Jew-aware websites, with star ratings of popularity based on Alexa (I'm aware Alexa's figures are not very reliable!).

He is best known for running the website ''Big-Lies.org''. He has featured on the show of [[Deanna Spingola]]. The website includes also audios and videos he has recorded and filmed along the way: Audios include [[Steven Rose]], [[Leon Geenman]] (a professional 'holocaust survivor'], [[Martin Gilbert]], [[Eric Hobsbawm]] the 'historian', [[Christopher Hitchens]], and many videos including [[David Irving]], [[Nick Griffin]], and the biologist [[Harold Hillman]].

He also worked with computers, writing definitive works on early personal computers, notably the Commodore with its 6502 chip. His computer skills helped with his first website, in late 1997, including uploads such as Lady Birdwood's The Longest Hatred , Frank Britton's Behind Communism , and a version of Bertrand Russell's Vietnam War Crimes Tribunal , all of which he made available online for the first time.

His interest in visual art, design, photography and videography shows in many ways, such as spoofs of official satire Jack Straw and others celebrate the money-making 'Holocaust' fraud .

Like ever-increasing numbers of people exploring Internet, he found a wealth of online texts hardly available before. Combined with his loathing and contempt for the press, and the BBC with its anonymous scribblers and hosts of undeclared Jews such as the Dimbleby family, and Paxman and many politicians and journalists, his first piece Holocaust Revisionism, Free Speech and Internet surveyed Holocaust revisionism in 1997, most of the research based on Internet sources. The current version has an added survey of the next fifteen years, mostly under Blair, to about 2012.

Nuke Lies was founded by Jesse Waugh, who established the forum in 2011. Online Youtubers gave it a flying start. The original nuclear revisionist was Roger Desjardins, in Canada, but he did not contribute. The forum grew, and within a year included much information on Jews and fake science, the work of eight or so main contributors. It includes deep revisionist analysis of the entire nuclear hoax, and the Cold War and the missing key to that fraud, namely large numbers of Jews working internationally in the USA, Europe/EU, and USSR/Russia. The off-topic sections include interesting material. Jesse Waugh pulled the forum, after one year, having contributed little. Rerevisionst restored the site as far as possible from site grabs; it remains 'frozen' with no way to join and enter comments, though Rae has inserted such new material as seemed important (in red).

Recent material includes exploration of the genetics of so-called 'Jews' and their sociopathy. Their anti-white views, extreme viciousness, dishonesty, and primitively simple mind-set are in his view the greatest danger to humanity. Part of this work is separating Jewish policies from state policies, so Jews are less able to hide their crimes, and attribute them to whites or for that matter blacks . There are sections on making academic subjects Jew-aware . He invented the slogan 'Be Jew aware. Your life may depend on it'.

==External links==

The Site for Deep Revisionism at Big-Lies.org - slogan 'Fighting Lies Since 1997'
'Cold War'
Detailed file on Jews (largely Jews and Britain, 1900 to the present, but with a great deal of material including articles once on the British resistance site, and detailed consideration of making academic subjects in schools and universities take account of Jewish corruption, in particular of Jewish wars and Jewish control of money by the Bank of England and Federal Reserve.)
Audio recordings Detailed listing including tape-recorded talks by Tariq Ali, Steven Rose, Leon Geenman, Martin Gilbert (on Israel), Eric Hobsbawm on the Jewish coup ('Russian Revolution'), Christopher Hitchens in 2000, Tony Benn, Colin Wilson, Bryan Ellison on AIDS, David Horrobin of Efamol, and a three-hour biographical interview with the biologist Harold Hillman audio part 1 audio part 2 .
Rerevisionist at [[YouTube]]. Videos include Hiroshima , Lords of the Nukes (3 1/2 hours long, with many graphics and voices of Rae West, FirstClassSkeptic, and Abirato/Fakeologist), Deanna Spingola , and many short videos drawing attention to flaws in US government films. Other topics include David Irving (this is Irving in Manchester, answering questions on Himmler ), the late Jonathan Bowden 2009 speech , the Shakespeare authorship question, Jewish media control , and vox pops plumbing the sad depths of ignorance of the general public.
Account of many people involved in science revisionism in the second half of the 20th century and their successes and more frequent failures.
General interest -30 or so topics treated briefly: Astronomy and Orion; leys treated seriously; artefacts of 'rods' and 'lunar waves'; muesli and yoghurt; Diana, Elvis, George Harrison; Amen, circumcision, Taj Mahal... ...There are hints for new writers of websites. (This information pre-dates packages such as Wordpress).
Big-lies.org has interesting information on Jewish trolls, fake rationalists, fake think-tanks, sayanim and hasbarat and other liars and time-wasters. James Randi 'Educational Foundation' and the insufficiently critical work of Richard Dawkins are examples.
Vietnam War and 'American' atrocities. The Jewish connection was, still officially is, concealed.

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Note: this is more or less identical to my Metapedia entry about 7th April 2015. A comment by Jesse Waugh caused NatAll75 to remove my entire entry; rather than trying to make sense of Waugh's squabble. Maybe I'll put it back some time. Metapedia is promising and often has useful information, though it remains smaller than the heavily-jewish funded Wikipedia. (Wikipedia removed links to my Youtubes about 15th June 2015).