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History of Poland, Germany, Russia, and Jews. Historical Revisionism.

[1] Link to a comment about Russia and Poland, and Jews ending up with land ownership. Conventional unrevisionist histories are unlikely to mention any of this. If you're interested in the partitions of Poland, and the structures of their aristocracies or supposed aristocracies, bear in mind the suppression of information on Jews.
[1A] Jews and Polish Catholicism
[1B] Indrek Pringi on Jews and the destruction of Russia by the Jewish coup (So-called 'Russian Revolution')
[3] Indrek Pringi criticises David Irving's Hitler's War on Jews, Poland and the 'real reason for World War 2' —Pringi states Irving had no idea about Jews in all of eastern Europe, including released violent prisoners and the Jewish coup of Russia, details on how Jews moved around en masse, and killings of 'goyim' under Lenin and Stalin.
[Note: Indrek Pringi has a big online free book The Path of Splitness which I personally consider to be unreadable rubbish.]
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Another link: 'The Revolutionary Jews and His Impact on World History' by Eugene Michael Jones has much information on Jews and Poland, and a convincing explanation of the periods of growth and collapse of the borders, and human inhabitants of Poland: Poles and more or less separate Jews, who were granted special rights in 1251; not in Ghettoes, but in entire territories. Jones goes on to examine Spain, and the Reformation, which he calls 'the Protestant Revolt', Protestants and Jews against Catholicism. (Catholicism as mainly Roman, not Greek or Orthodox). To understand Poland's history and partitions, work in Jones's style is essential. - Added 11 April 2015 from a comment in The Occidental Observer

[1] Russia and Poland, Polish partitions, and Jews ending up with land ownership.

If you ever have a chance to see Kane & Abel (TV Mini-Series 1985) this movie (at the beginning) shows the reality of those days and how it was done. Although the snitch is not named or described anyone familiar with that period of Polish history, Tsar's terror apparatus' tactics and Jewish attitude to occupation and occupiers leaves no doubt who was behind it.

During that time tens of thousand the best and brightest patriots ended in Siberia their properties confiscated given away or sold. Some like Kosciuszko or Pulawski too recognizable to stay and fight ended up fighting for US independence.

Prior to partition in 1772, except few no Jew owned real estate property in Poland or Europe for that matter on the end of partition in 1918 they owned a large chunk and prime real estate in reborn Poland.

To add insult to injury they sent their delegation to Vienna Congress in 1815 demanding a chunk of former Poland for them as well as over 100 years later to Versailles Conference in 1919 with the same demand.

Back stabbing is their trademark.

[1A] Lucy | January 21, 2017 - 4:29 am | OccidentalObserver
Nail on the head, Rerevisionist. Since my sudden awakening two years ago, I’ve spent a lot of time on ploughing through published material on the Jewish imprint in Europe’s bastion of Catholicism, Poland. Since I was raised there, I consider myself capable enough to asses what is just the authors’ expression of anti-jewesness or their admiration for the chosenite genius, the latter much more common judging by the number. So why would Poles, people who are smeared as Jew-haters, be buying the sagas about Jewish superiority? As I have stopped practicing Catholicism, I no longer fear ending up in Hell just because of my “heresy”, I do not turn a blind eye to the fact that most of the top clergy in Poland have Jewish background. Even though I do not claim that every single of them is a traitor, I cannot ignore that Jews in Poland (with tiny exceptions) always have acted as if they had no sense of community with the Polish cattle. You might have come across the bestseller by Polish Jew (only on his father’s line) Jan Tomasz Gross, who used the word cattle as the proper name for Poles. Not quite surprisingly, many within the Christian “cattle” found reason to discuss whether or not Mr Gross should apologise for smearing the nation. As I live in Sweden since many years, I always get a bit shocked when visiting Poland, by the extremely toxic atmosphere that prevails in the public sphere. Yet, Sweden is nowadays far from the homogenous country it was once upon a time.

[1B] Partitions. A typical description of Polish partitions omits the Jewish invasion, and pretends the problems were the Poles.
Karen T [edited] | September 28, 2017 - 4:05 pm | Occidental Observer
"In the 1500s when the Jewish centre [sic] was set up in Poland, having left Spain, a Jewish population of millions came into being there. ... Such was the constitution of the Jewish state, planted on foreign soil ... it had its own Jewish law, its own priesthood, its own schools, its own social structures and its own representatives in the Polish government. [Dr. Josef Kastein]. One can see why the native Poles were offended by Jewish privilege and high-handedness.
      When Poland was partitioned in 1772 and 1774, 1775] the Jews came under Russian rule and soon thereafter the twin towers of Communism and Zionism were born, slithering their way into Prussia, the Habsburg Empire, and Russia. ... International Jewry seemed to be against the traditional society of the Russian Empire, as they seem to be against all traditional Gentile Empires, not "because of perceptions of anti-Jewish pogroms and discrimination" although it's certain they existed given native resentment against Jewish privilege and high-handedness, but because like all Empires they stood in their way of conquest.

[2] Indrek Pringi on Jews and the destruction of Russia by the Jewish coup (So-called 'Russian Revolution')

Added 1 June 2015 - comment to my one of my Youtubes on David Irving. - Rerevisionist

You fools do not think. You have no fucking brains. You don't put pieces of the puzzle together because you DON'T ASK RELEVANT QUESTIONS. You don't do your research. You don't ask the obvious question:

"What is the German Wehrmacht doing with a jewish staff running its headquarters in Latvia? They were all supposed to be in concentration camps. NOT WORKING LIKE DILIGENT LITTLE CUNNING RATS TAKING OVER THE RUNNING OF THE GERMAN ARMY@ Not in the center of German power. WHERE IS THERE ANY ANTI-SEMITIC AGENDA OR PROGRAM OR RACIST HATRED in The German Wehrmacht ? It just so happened that the only people in Latvia who were not illiterate were jews. The Germans needed people to help run their military occupation forces. Why do you think the Latvians massacred these jews? Because these were the same jews who had helped Stalin's NKVD massacred all the rich educated Latvians when his murdering thugs took over Latvia. Again the root of the evil is always JEWS. Bolshevik jews or Latvian jews or Polish jews or Russian jews etc. When you connect these facts together: then what happened is understandable. Why it happened becomes understandable.

The Germans did not massacre the Latvians. The problem was, Stalin had already massacred almost every Latvian that could read or write. As he did in his first invasions into Estonia and Lithuania and Poland, as he did with the Russian Kulaks, as he did to his own army, as he did to his own party> He killed anyone who had any intelligence, authority, education, wealth or status. By selectively massacring the best of the genetic pool he was left with a mass of dunderheaded dolts who were more easily intimidated and oppressed and terrorized and ruled. Then he was belatedly stuck with entire populations of Morons. idiots. Fools. Incompetents. All the smart people had been shot or killed or sent to death camps in Siberia. The German Wehrmacht had no choice but to hire jews to do the paperwork in their Riga headquarters. There were no literate Latvians left alive in Latvia who weren't' jewish to do the work.

Another crucial point this idiot Irving fails to cover: is that these Latvian jewish collaborators who helped the Bolshevik jews hunt down and torture the richest wealthiest most powerful Latvians WERE NOT INNOCENT VICTIMS. They had the blood of hundreds of thousands of killed, tortured raped non-jewish :Latvians on their hands. They fled into the German armed camps to escape from being killed by their own fellow countrymen. They used the decent German Wehrmacht as a human shield to save themselves from being killed for their crimes. As long as they worked in the offices of the German army they thought they were safe, that the Latvian people couldn't get at them and kill them as they so justly deserved to be killed. Jews are very good at escaping punishment. This time however was an exception: it didn't work. Irving does not connect the relevant facts together. None of you even try to make sense of it.

Another huge piece of the puzzle of the history of WW2 I discovered that has never been fully connected to all the other causal sequences which helps to explain so many many things is the historical fact that at the beginning of WW1, before the Russians suffered defeat. Again, the root source, the original origin of evil turns out to be JEWS. This is the fact: Tsarist regime forcibly deported over 1 million jews from western Russia. All the lands bordering Austria, Germany and Poland were emptied of jews because the Russian govt feared they would be a hidden 5th column. They feared these jews would help the Germans so they did what the American did to the American Japanese in WW2. They sent them all to Siberia into CONCENTRATION CAMPS, to be interred there during the prosecution of the war. As it turned out they were wrong. Just as the Austrians were wrong in assuming none of their ethnic militia and military would report to their stations when war was declared, just as the Americans were wrong in their assumptions. Many jews willingly fought in the Tsarist Russian armies of WW1

Nowhere in all the history books about the rise of Bolshevism and the Russian Revolution and civil war have I seen this fact connected to the causal sequence of events which explains WHY the Bolshevik red Party was initially made up of over 70% jews, and WHY upon Nichols's abdication, the insurrection in St .Peters bug and Moscow spread through the huge Tsarist empire so quickly....

The answer is so fucking obvious to the meanest intelligence it's disgusting With the abdication of the Tsar the entire upper bureaucracy of the Russian. What about it? They panicked and fled their posts and responsibilities. The entire govt collapsed. Nobody got paid. Everything ground to a halt. The clerks did not receive any orders from their superiors. The clerks were not paid. THE GUARDS RUNNING THE CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN SIBERIA WERE NOT PAID. No superiors to report to. No wages, no reason to stay, they just left, absconded, vamoosed. Went back to their villages. Suddenly 1 million angry JEWS who had just recently been dispossessed of all their wealth status, money etc, ... ONE MILLION OF THESE SCUM who had lost all their MONEY, PROPERTY, STATUS, LAND... plus... EVERY SINGLE MURDERING RAPIST THIEF BURGLAR CONVICT CONVICTED FELON in every Russian prison is suddenly free!@! Freed from prison, Freed from concentration camps. Free to do what? Starve? No: free to wreak bloody revenge on Russians for what they had done to them. Where did Stalin the jew come from? From SIBERIA where he had been interred as a common criminal along with all the other jews who had been living near the borders of Europe.

What happened when 1 million, evil, hate-filled RACIST genocidal jewish monsters gained power in Russia? They attracted the worst, lowest criminal scum in the Russian empire... they WERE the lowest criminal scum in the empire. .They began killing all the peasants who had taken over their land... Here is another statistic that is repeated over and over and is simply not believable... until now. In many parts of Russia 70-80% of the peasants owned their own land., That could not happen... Unless! the original landowners were deported and sent to Siberia. Where were Stalin's main killing purges? In Western Russia not in the east.

Again: the root cause for what happened during and after WW1 in Russia were jews who had tasted emancipation and had it ripped away from them and then worked themselves into positions of power to wreak their racist revenge: Which is what also happened again before WW2 began and during WW2 and after WW2..

The Mass movements of millions of jews is ignored as a cause for the Russian Revolution and the Russian civil war and the beginning of WW2.

The two missing pieces of WW1 and WW2 are the mass deportation of jews into concentration camps. Russian jews, polish jews... taking this part of their filthy hidden true past and using it to smear others with. This is where all the jewish myths,lies and distortions about concentration camps originated from. But these two historical Diasporas, forced exoduses of JEWS have been covered up and wiped out of history books and buried so deep you're lucky if you can find them.?

[3] Indrek Pringi on Hitler's War by David Irving on Jews, Poland and the 'real reason for World War 2' © Indrek Pringi 2014

I found the real reason for WW2 buried in David Irving's book: "Hitler's War" on pages 138-139. It concerns the repatriation of Jews back into Poland in 1939 and 4 years back earlier when he began to reclaim the lands lost to Germany which were stolen by the Versailles Treaty.

It turns out that what really happened to the Jews in Germany and in the land Hitler added to Germany before WW2 is a twofold story which has never to my knowledge been researched or written about. They were two entirely different stories.

For the jews living in the Germany proper that Hitler took over in 1933: A slow, systematic introduction of anti-Jewish laws and regulations spanning a period of seven years in which jews were not harmed or put into prison, but merely persecuted, ostracized and treated as outcasts.

This resulted in 90% of the jews living in Germany proper voluntarily emigrating out of Germany... They were simply squeezed out: slowly: systematically: without harming them or the society they had embedded themselves into, like squeezing the seeds out of an orange without crushing the seeds or destroying the orange. Instead of deporting them by force, The National Socialists and Germans made them leave of their own accord simply because they were not liked and not wanted.

By this over-all strategy of systematic discriminatory laws against jews: and their ostracism from all German society, Hitler and the Germans solved the jewish problem non-violently, without any brutality or physical force being used. After 7 years of this squeezing them out the only jews left were the ones who were of jewish blood but NOT jewish in their culture or beliefs or religion. They had been GERMANIZED. They had intermarried into German families and lost their Judaic religion and culture. They had been absorbed into German culture. Many of them served in the German Wehrmacht and the SS and were loyal to Hitler to the death. They did not recant; they did not go back to being jews just because Germany was losing the war.

So... the jewish problem was solved, right? It had been solved very nicely. Forced out of Germany... these Jews declared war against Germany... who cared about these social outcasts?... nobody except the international jewry of the international mafia syndicate of criminal jewish banksters, and racist hate filled jews living all over the world. At first an economic war was declared against Germany by the jews. Jews from all over the world boycotted German exports and imports. Germany's trade shrank to almost nothing... but this did not stop the rejuvenation and blossoming of German Culture and German well being! Germany was a success story in spite of the Jewish economic boycott. The jewish economic boycott was ignored by the world and treated as if it did not exist.... but it DID exist... and the jewish racist hatred against Germany and Germans existed.

All right....that's one side of the story...
Now switch over to the OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY: not the jews living in Germany proper... but the jews living in the land Hitler reclaimed for Germany. The land which had been stolen from Germany. The jews living in: The Rhineland, Hanover, Vienna, Sudetenland, Slovakia, Moravia, Bohemia, Carpatho-Ukraine; for god's sake

What happened to them? Theirs was a completely different story from the voluntary mass exodus of jews out of Germany proper...

BUT...in order to understand THEIR story....

You need to understand the true story of what happened to the German people living in these German lands From 1918 to 1939... Twenty years of systematic oppression, taxation, killing, murder, torture, terrorizing, persecution, impoverishment under jews.

This is another part of the true history of Europe which has been covered up and buried. The jews who flocked to Versailles and gained a special dispensation for an independent Polish nation to be recognized: did this because Poland had been jewified and was under total jewish control. It was the closest thing they could get to having their own land and their own jewish nation. Jews had been intermarrying into Polish high society for CENTURIES; for 100's of years until they had become thoroughly accepted into Polish culture and society: Until Poland became known worldwide as "The Land of The Jews"... And from this jewified nation: their offspring spread like lice on a rat's ass all over the diseased body of Europe: into Germany and especially into key appointments of power in the occupied territories which had been so 'generously' 'given' to various other nations by the scum who wrote the Versailles Treaty. The result of the Versailles Treaty: was a systematic racist program of discriminatory laws inflicted by the jews in power over their German victims for twenty years in every land stolen from Germany after WW2....

But to understand why this happened... You need to go even further back into European History and understand just why the jews hated the Germans so much... The reason for their racist hatred was because Germany was the last... I repeat, Germany was the LAST nation in Europe to grant emancipation to jews: the right to own property and the right to vote. Germany: the states and duchies of German speaking people kept their jews locked up in ghettos. Far longer than any other nation in Europe the Germans kept the jews apart from their society and did not allow them to infiltrate or intermarry into their society. For this: the jews invented a special vile racist hatred against all Germany and all German people. This was why when they were granted emancipation, when they did gain power over Germans: they became the most brutal, subhuman overseers of any oppressed people in Europe...

So now! jump back to the lands Hitler freed the once-German lands from Jewish control and oppression between 1935-1939. Most of the jews in these lands were of Polish origin. They were Polish jews wreaking 'revenge' on a hapless German people who had their rights taken away from them and their land taken away from them. In nearly all cases, they were jews of Polish extraction. Even the jews living in Vienna and Austria had nearly all originally come from Poland. Then suddenly the Anschluss happened. The German victims of jewish oppression were given back their rights, their land and their power!... and in every case: each land that was freed from Jewish rule: DEPORTED their jews by force: they stripped them of their titles, property and wealth and put them on trains.

Whoops!... whoops!... Nobody talks about this part of German and European history. You will see why as this untold story unfolds..

This was the unspoken, unexplained real reason why Hitler tried to get an international agreement to deport jews to Madagascar: which was blocked by the international jewish community. The Jews in Germany proper were already being gotten rid of peacefully by them leaving voluntarily. But the jews living in territories gained by the Hitler Anschluss were kicked out naked: violently: hated: despised. This was done by the Germans in the freed territories: not by Hitler or the 3rd Reich. This was the reason why Hitler made an alliance with the Zionists who wanted these jews to go to Palestine to set up a new Jewish independent nation. His anti-Jewish rhetoric and platform before he gained power gave the German people the impression that once freed of their masters they could deport them by force: not by slow regulations being inflicted on jews, and they did just that.

Whoops!... Whoops!.... But there was no independent nation of Israel yet: it had not yet been created. The move to deport these jews to Palestine was also blocked by the international jewish community. Why? To even allow the world to know that jews were being deported out of any country was a huge racial danger to their very survival! To their very existence as an evil alien culture existing secretly inside other civilized human cultures. Unless you are a jew: you will never know the unholy terror and fear they have of being kicked out of anywhere. Jews have been kicked out of lands they infiltrated for thousands of years.

Hitler tried to get rid of them but nobody wanted these homeless jews. Most of them were of Polish descent or were Polish expatriates: meaning they had originally been Polish citizens before emigrating and taking over control and the running and oppression the German people in the lands stolen from Germany a by the Versailles Treaty.

Note on Jews and Kristallnacht (dates not checked)
Early in November 1938 Hitler's uncritical loyalty to his Party henchmen was put to its most severe test - by an incident symptomatic of racial troubles that had been festering in Central Europe for many decades. The Jewish problem was at its root. In Czechoslovakia, for instance, there were ???,??? Jews; they were not popular, and the new regime steered a delicate course, pandering to its powerful neighbour. President Emil Hácha, the venerable lawyer who had succeeded Beneš, initiated a series of anti-Jewish measures, obliging Jewish industrialists to resign. The influx of Jewish refugees from the Sudeten territories led to fresh antisemitism, particularly among the Czech academics who publicly demanded the removal of these 'immigrants.' In Bohemia and Moravia there were about ??,??? Jews; in Slovakia ??,???, and in the tiny Carpatho-Ukraine no fewer than ??,??? (or ?? percent of the population.) Slovakia eagerly enacted the One Step Along a Long Path ??? anti-Jewish decrees that the Reich demanded. A wave of deportations began.

Nobody, however, wanted to house these homeless Jews. When Ribbentrop journeyed to Paris with much pomp in December to sign the joint declaration that Hitler had first suggested to François-Poncet, foreign minister Georges Bonnet begged him not to flood France with German Jews, as they already had enough Jews of their own. ('In fact,' Ribbentrop informed Hitler, 'they are considering Madagascar for this purpose.')

Poland's attitude was no more sympathetic. Ambassador Joseph Lipski had assured Hitler as recently as October 21 that if he ever succeeded in solving Europe's Jewish problem, Warsaw would happily erect a statue in honour of his achievement. The Polish government had followed developments throughout ????? most closely. Fearing, after Hitler's occupation of Austria, that he would repatriate the thousands of Polish Jews from Vienna, in March they had speedily enacted a Law of Expatriation designed to deprive such Jews of their native Polish citizenship. The Munich agreement panicked Warsaw into the further ruling that after October ?? no expatriate Poles would be allowed back into their country without a special entry visa. The last days of October thus saw frenzied scenes on the frontier. While Polish frontier officials slept, the Nazis quietly shunted unscheduled trains loaded with Jews across the line into Poland.

From Hanover alone, ??? Polish Jews were 'repatriated' in this demeaning manner. Among them were the parents and sisters of a Jewish youth of seventeen then living in Paris, Herschel Grynszpan. On November ?, as Hitler was subsequently told, Grynszpan received a postcard from his sister briefly describing the family's 'repatriation' to Poland. He swore revenge - and decided to murder the German ambassador in Paris, Count von Welczek. Welczek being not available, on November ? Grynszpan shot at Counsellor Ernst vom Rath instead. At first the incident had not unduly aroused Hitler's temper. He made no mention at all of it in his speeches of the next few days. On the ninth, the March on the Feldherrnhalle was solemnly re-enacted in the annual ceremony at noon. Wreaths were laid in the temples of honour, where Hitler had decreed that his own body was one day to rest.

That evening he was in his modestly furnished Munich apartment in Prinzregenten Strasse when word arrived that Counsellor vom Rath had now died of his gunshot injury. According to Goebbels, he told Hitler that there had been anti-Jewish demonstrations in two provinces. His diary ??? i: Approach to Absolute Power records: 'The condition of the diplomat Rath shot by the Jew in Paris is still very grave,' and 'The German press opens up with a will.' Then he added that the Jews 'have a few things coming their way.' He received word of demonstrations in Kassel and Dessau, and of synagogues being set on fire.

At five P.M. the official press agency announced that the diplomat Rath had died of his injuries. As Goebbels and Hitler left to attend the Nazi festivities in the old city hall, news arrived that the Munich police were cracking down on anti-Jewish demonstrations. Hitler ruled, said Goebbels later, that the Party was not to organise any such demonstrations - but under the circumstances it was not to quell them if they should occur spontaneously.

We have only Goebbels's word for this, quoted at a subsequent internal Party inquiry; in his diary he wrote, 'Colossal activity. I brief the Führer on the affair. He decides: Allow the demonstrations to continue. Hold back the police. The Jews must be given a taste of the public anger for a change.'

So what did the Nazis do with these jews?...

Here's the crucial part of the story... which explains all that happened afterwards.

The Nazi regime secretly ran unscheduled trains at night secretly into Poland at night while the border officials were asleep and dumped then illegally into Poland....

Whooops! I forgot to mention Poland didn't want these expatriate Poles either! In fact they enacted a Law designed to deprive jews of their native Polish citizenship!

Now the plot thickens.. Because for 20 years; between 1918 and 1939, since Germany lost West Prussia to the newly created nation of Poland... the German city of Danzig was cut off from Germany proper... Germany and Poland had been squabbling and bickering over this for 20 years. In conventional history books the reason for Hitler invading Poland was the quarrel over the Danzig Corridor. All diplomatic attempts to come to an agreement over this issue for 20 years had failed. The issue could have been settled... it COULD have been settled... except for one thing that destroyed all diplomatic efforts between the two nations and set both of them to making war plans to invade their neighbor... Yes: both Germany AND Poland began preparing for war against each other not just Germany! This fact is mostly carefully hidden in conventional history books or never mentioned at all.

Why did this happen?

Why did Poland begin to mobilize for war against Germany and slogans of "Berlin in 2 weeks!" appear in Polish newspapers?

The reason is simple. The fact that in 1939... Hitler and the Nazis dumped over 500,000 homeless jews illegally into Poland is the hidden, unspoken, real reason WHY the Polish-German war began.

When this happened the Poles cut off all diplomatic relations and became very nasty towards the Germans and began preparing to invade Germany.

ALSO... when this happened: it triggered a jewish genocidal wave of racial hatred against Germans living in Poland. (You need to remember that more than 1/2 of Poland was originally German 20 years ago, and had been German for centuries.)
In retaliation for more than 1/2 a million homeless jews being dumped into Poland illegally: the Poles and jews in Poland took their anger out on the only Germans that were available: the ones living in Poland. who had been stripped of all their rights and property... as the jews had done in every other German land stolen from Germany by the Versailles treaty. Jews and Poles in Poland began massacring Germans on a mass scale of butchery, sadism, brutality and horror NEVER BEFORE SEEN in European history.

This part of the story has been completely covered up by the jewish media. But it is a crucial part of the true story and cannot be omitted if you want to understand the real story just how and why WW2 began: the untold story.. the covered up truth that all history books hide and lie about.

What happened was a series of reactions. Dominoes fell one by one. Hitler's diplomatic attempt to solve the Danzig corridor failed because he dumped more than half a million homeless deported Jews into Poland. When he did that the Poles broke off all diplomatic relations and became distinctly hostile towards Hitler and Germany. When that happened: The Jews of England arranged a treaty. between England and Poland which was strategically and politically bullshit: It was a racist document: One tribe of jews coming together with another tribe against a common enemy of the jews.

The massacring of Germans in Poland made Hitler react quickly... BEFORE Poland could mobilize its forces Germany invaded Poland first. The Germans of West Prussia were saved from extinction and the sadistic horror of jews massacring Christians was covered up and buried as deep as possible.... Just as the massacring of Christians by jews in Russia has been covered up as much as possible and never mentioned in jewish media.

Now we have to look at the repercussion of the Nazi regime dumping 600,000 homeless penniless jews illegally into Poland in 1939. Poland was a land of 9 million people. [This may be a typo for 39M - rerev]. What do you do with an almost 20% increase of your population?!! 5-600,000 homeless jews Who had No Money! Half of one tenth of the entire nation former expatriate Polish jews! Dumped illegally at night into Poland by the trainload! The outrage! the racial hatred! of... jews against Germans. Not the other way around. The reason for WW2 starting was jewish racist hatred against Germans. Not German racist hatred against jews. What is the difference between these two racist hatreds? One was justified: the other was not. As in Palestine: jewish genocide of Palestinians is unsupportable and unjustifiable. As in Stalin the jew his genocidal killing of 20 million Christians was complete unsupportable and unjustifiable. jews have no justifiable reason to hate anyone. On the other hand> Non-jews have good reason to hate jews and jewish culture and international judaism.

Now! On with the real story of why WW2 began...Back to Poland and what to do with more than half a million penniless homeless jews...

What did the Poles do with these 600,000 = 500,000 jews??? EH?

Hint.... can you spell 'concentrations camps'?

Now you have the crucial untold, covered up historical FACT which you will not find in any history book... the fact which explains everything that happened AFTER Hitler invaded Poland to stop the racist massacring of Germans by Polish jews.

All the unwanted jews deported out of: The Rhineland, Hanover, Vienna, Sudetenland, Slovakia, Moravia, Bohemia, Carpatho-Ukraine; for god's sake

Hurrah! Now the German people are one united nation! Now all the nasty jews have been gotten rid of! Not the good jews: they are allowed to serve the Fatherland: The nasty ones were deported!

Then...? Hitler invades Poland and conquers only half of it. Hitler is acting out the English country gentlemen. He want to be included in the secret private exclusive club of western civilized industrialized powers. He doesn't understand that the British Empire is a Jewish fiefdom: secretly under the control of the Rothschild family jewish international mafia criminal syndicate.

Hitler wants to be magnanimous. He wants the entire world to appreciate and understand how truly civilized and gentle and honest and upright the German people and German culture is.

He does not understand that he is dealing with hate-filled monsters who secretly rule the western world behind closed doors: monsters who are so evil: they leak poison out of their pores like a snake sheds scales off its reptilian hide. He does not understand that you cannot be gentle with brutes. Thugs do not understand gentility. They only understand brutality. He has no idea of the mass anti-Nazi anti-Hitler brainwashing campaign that has been going on in the west for over 9 years. He has no idea of how completely the jewish press have control over public opinion in the west.

Enter the victors into Poland... Whoops!!! Mein Gott in Himmel!!! Ach Der Lieber!

There before there very eyes... are the 600,000 jews they thought they had gotten rid of... all being housed and fed in Polish concentration camps built for them by the Polish jew-controlled government. Like a pack of crows sitting in a nest of filth saying: 'Feed me! Clothe me! protect me from mine enemies!" "We are helpless jews! We are not the brutal sadists who killed and tortured our human victims! er... that was last year!... not now!"

What to do?

As Churchill: the paid goon controlled by Rothschild who controls the Bank of England escalated the fake war into an actual war: The Germans found a use for these jews. They put them to work in munitions factories and kept their woman OUT of munitions factories in the home raising their children where they belonged. Moreover the women were not put to work and their children were taken care of. They were used as laborers but nothing near the horror and inhumanity of the English concentration camps of the Boer war or the death camps of Stalin's Gulag Archipelago.

The record for historical accuracy must state that at first in the beginning there were very few anti-Jewish atrocities committed by the Germans: as compared to what the Polish jews had done to their German victims... But as the WW2 progressed: its level of brutality, its level of subhuman atrocities rose... globally all over the world.... Millions of people suddenly became insane murdering raping torturing monsters. Compared to all the other races, nations and cultures involved in WW2: the German people committed the LEAST number of atrocities and caused the least number of deaths. The racist anti-German media owned by jews has tried to reverse this historical fact around; it has failed. Except as a myth which has no historical facts to back up its lies.

Now you know where the concentration camps originally came from. They were built by the Polish government. Not by the German 3rd Reich. They were built to house deported jews: who had been dumped into Poland. It was only after Hitler conquered France and other lands; only after the war was escalated and Germany was attacked from all sides that jews began to be deported to the East because Hitler regarded them as a dangerous 5th column inside Germany who could not be trusted when Germany was fighting for its very Life.

The system of prison camps and concentration camps: the IDEA came from the Polish government: not from the Nazi regime. The Germans just expanded on what was already built, and expanded on the Polish government's solution to the jewish problem: housing them in camps instead of liquidating them or deporting them. Putting them to work. The last years of the war and Himmler's documented killing sprees in 4 of the camps is a German exception to the rule. Generally the Germans were more civilized and more decent than their enemies. Especially the Bolshevik jewish run by the jew Stalin which is not his real name. Just as Rothschild is not the true name of the evil ones who control the Bank of England.

Now you know the real story: The awful German concentration camps... oops sorry: the awful Polish concentration camp system taken over by the Germans. The deporting of jews out of the Anschluss occupation-expansion reclamation of German land! DESERVED. They should have all been shot and killed for what they did to the German people for 20 years.

The atrocities committed by Poles and Polish jews against Germans: Never Addressed. Never exposed. Covered up:

The atrocities of the Jew Stalin against Germany: NEVER ADDRESSED COVERED UP NEVER ATTACKED as it should be as the most inhuman butchery ever by evil Russian jews.

The conclusion: evil jews: whitewashed, covered up, hidden facts buried deep.

Innocent Germans pilloried, demonized. Hitler demonized, Nazis demonized. National Socialism Demonized.

Black painted as white.
White painted as black.
All truths reversed.
Good is evil
evil is GOOD

Now we come to another explanation which has its origin in the half million jews that were deported into Poland just before WW2 began.... the Warsaw Jewish ghetto.

The reason why this jewish ghetto was so overcrowded was not because of any Nazi policy after the war began: it was overcrowded because of their policy of deporting jews before the war began. It was overcrowded with the filthiest jews; the homeless subhuman ones who had once been the top ruling elite in the German territory Hitler reclaimed... Many of the deported jews still had relatives and family living in that ghetto... They had no visa, no passport. If they were caught: the Polish government would have put them into the concentration camps where they dumped all the other illegal aliens they could find. Many of the deported jews escaped being locked up in the Polish concentration camps by running to Warsaw and living with their relatives or family. Remember... 90% of the jews living in Austria lived in Vienna. The deported jews who escaped being rounded up fled to the capital. The Polish government didn't inspect every jew in Warsaw to see if they were legal Polish citizens; they couldn't. The result was: the Jewish ghetto in Warsaw became an inhuman overpopulated den of the lowest most subhuman scum who had no money and were homeless... living like rats 12-16 in a room. The deported jews hiding in that ghetto had NO money! They had no job, no business. Some were supported by their relatives and other jews: many were not. The jewish media tries to portray that it was the Nazis who did this; they didn't: Unless you want to blame them for deporting the worst jewish scum on earth instead of killing them. If the Nazis had executed the criminals in the territories they reclaimed there would not have been any war. Instead they were too humane, too civilized, too tolerant of these jewish scum.

The entire city knew what was going on. This created a revulsion against all poor jews. Rich jews you must understand hate all poor people including poor jews. Rich jews hate poor jews. The Polish people began to despise and hate the entire jewish race because of jews sneaking into the Warsaw ghetto who were the lowest most evil deported, homeless jewish filth in Europe.

The atmosphere of racial hatred against jews in Poland existed before any German soldier set foot onto Polish soil. The atmosphere of racial hatred spread like a bubonic plague. Like in Rwanda... Jews hating the deported homeless jews who came begging to be hidden in basements and tenements to escape being sent to prison.. er I mean 'concentration camps'... with guilty consciences from what they had done to German people... suddenly they have a chance to revenge what had been done to them; this is where the massacring of Germans began.

Remember Krystal Nacht? It was set off by a young jew: who become angry and insulted at how his family had been treated by being illegally deported back into Poland. Assassins have given many reasons for killing a political figure like an ambassador: but never for a familial reason: They are usually political reasons: This underlines how racially evil these jewish pricks actually were: (the ones who had been deported) and how much their anger against being stripped of their filthy money and prestige and power...made them react on a personal level of hatred... and then transmuting that hatred against all Germans and the National Socialist government of Hitler. You can't understand jews unless you understand how racist many of them are. They are taught to hate non-jews, especially Christians, on a racist basis from day one.

Poles and Jews massacring Germans... Poles hating Jews... Germans despising and hating Jews and Poles for what they did to the German people in West Prussia... Jews hating poor deported jews. The Polish government disowning jews who had been born in Poland... Poland was a mass of racial discrimination and hatred before any German soldier crossed the border and the Warsaw ghetto was the eye of that racist storm of hate. At first the Germans rounded up all the jews living outside that ghetto and stuffed them into that rats nest of jewish filth, making the overcrowding even worse; then they began sending them to labor camps and concentration camps..

It was not just the German Wehrmacht that came to despise and dislike the jews in that ghetto. The Polish people came to despise them also. Why? Because so many of them were so evil. So many of them had been torturers, embezzlers, elite scum; many of them had dispossessed Germans of their property and taxed them into penury. They had been in the drivers seat in the Rhineland, in Vienna, in Slovakia, Moravia, etc... They had shown their rat teeth of jewish racist brutality: they had shown what subhuman scum they really were... now they were scurrying for cover with guilty consciences: beating their breasts , wailing, in terror, skulking in corners: seeking to any way get back into power.

What most people don't know is that it was the Jewish elders and rabbi's who made jews in that ghetto meekly allow themselves to be shipped off to the concentration camps in order to save their own hides. When they were shipped off too, it was too late to protest: they were guilty of sending their own brethren to these camps. How that ghetto was depopulated is a perfect example of jewish rats betraying their fellow jews for their own personal gain and survival... until only the filthiest most cunning evil rats were left... they tried to escape but the ghetto was sealed off. Finally they were exterminated by the SS. Finally a few evil jews were killed. Finally a few evil jews met their just deserts... But in order for that to happen: thousands of innocent jews were sent to concentration camps and many of them of them died of Typhus, were killed, shot, executed, worked to death, and died of disease and malnutrition; which the Allies were mostly responsible for; by declaring war, escalating the war and prosecuting that war as inhumanly as possible. The great majority of jews in the Nazi labor camps survived, changed their names and fled from Europe.

Indrek Pringi on evidence and sources
Years: 30 years, 50 years of reading about WW2 and living with and personally knowing jews, Germans, Italians, Greeks, Armenians, Blacks, Jamaicans, Trinidadians, Poles, Czechs, South Africans. Australians, Haitians, Filipinos, Koreans, Japanese, Americans, Scots, Irish, Canadians, English, Chinese, Arabs, Lebanese, Congolese, Russians, Estonians, Finns, Swedes, Norwegians, Hungarians, Latvians, Mexicans, Columbians, Brazilians, French Canadians, French people from France,...

Years of reading books and watching films and documentaries.

David Irving's book Hitler's War mentions the illegal deportation of over 1/2 a million jews into Poland before WW2 began.

When you fit this piece of the puzzle into all of the other pieces: then the entire story becomes understandable... but you have to know all the other pieces of the puzzle first.

That means you have to sift the lies from the truth.

That means you have to develop your critical thinking skills.

That means you have to read more than one version of history and compare it to another version of history and find out who is lying and who isn't.

That means you will have to search for films and books that explain certain parts of the puzzle. Then you have to start putting the pieces of the puzzle together. That means you will have to do a lot of work reading and researching and writing. That means you have to be able to read a 1,000 page book. That means your reading and comprehension skills have to be developed to the level of a professional historian. That means you have to educate yourself. That means you have to know what you're looking for. That means doing your own research.

One thing will amaze you: I didn't spend all my time reading books and looking at documentaries just so I could give other people a list of what films I've watched and what books I've read for 50 years. I spent that time because I was curious and interested in history and wanted to understand history.

PS: Indrek Pringi on David Irving's books:

One thing for anyone who watches these videos of Irving and would like to buy his books... his books are the complete opposite of his public appearances. They are horribly disorganized, They have no timetable so the reader can understand the complicated sequence of events and put them into the larger context of the war. In his books he always attributes the most negative, cynical, evil, cunning motives to everything Hitler did and said. In his books he badmouths Hitler as much as possible. In his books he casts Hitler in the worst light possible.

Another thing about Irving's books is that he does not give any sources, any bibliography, any footnotes on where he gets his facts from. He does not give the reader any sources of his research. Nobody can cross-check his facts. This is a red flag for any historian or any book about history. When you can't check on what a historian writes: how can you verify his facts?

Another thing about Irving's books is that he attributes things to the people in his books which are impossible to know. He writes his books as fiction mixed up with fact: He writes as if he knows every secret thought Hitler had and every secret motive and secret emotion which he never told anybody... except to Irving... through the magic of contacting the ghost of Hitler?. Please... this continual sticking into the facts what Hitler thought or felt or was secretly planning is not only insulting the intelligence of every student of history; it is a deliberate demonizing of Hitler.

He gives no rational explanation for attributing these secret motives and thoughts and emotions to his characters. He does not bother to justify or support his attributing these fictional things to Hitler, or anybody else he writes about. He just blatantly states that they are SECRETLY feeling or thinking or planning certain things: and stinks these fictional statements into the factual narrative like poison pills: designed to make anyone who reads his book about Hitler to see Hitler as an evil monster, as a cunning, sly, hypocrite with hidden agendas, a two-faced power mad, devious, conniving figure of pure evil.

What Irving writes and what Irving says in his speeches and lectures are as different as black and white. From his lectures you would think Irving sees Hitler as a gifted brilliant leader and a good decent person. While in his book "Hitler's War", Irving paints Hitler as the devil incarnate..?

HTML Rae West. I uploaded this as an example of the way revisionism is and presumably will be applied to jews. The Khazars; medieval Slav slaves; Polish partitions; the Polish liberum veto; Poland re-invented at the Treaty of Versailles; the Federal reserve in the USA; Jews in the USSR, mass killings, and relations with e.g. Russia and Lithuania and Latvia will no doubt push revisionist processes back in time. This was put in sequence and slightly edited from comments by Indrek Pringi to rerevisionist's Youtube video Did Hitler Aim For World War? (Video uploaded Oct 2009; commented in Jan 2014. With permission of Indrek Pringi. May be edited if Indrek Pringi requests). 2014-01-27. 2015-06-01 Another shorter comment on the collapse of the Tsar in the entire Russian Empire, and Jews. 2017-04-18 Added note by 'Lucy' on Poles and Jew/Catholics. 2017-05-26 correction to Pringi. 2017-09-30 [1B] on partitions.